Basement flooded? All you need to know about emptying the basement!

All information you want to know about a flooded basement

Emptying the basement: what exactly does that mean?

Is your basement flooded? Then it is necessary to empty your basement. Most people who have to deal with water in the basement have no idea how to make the basement water-free again as soon as possible and which authority they can use for this.


On this page, you will find all information about pumping out basement rooms. Here you will find general information about the cause of flooding in the basement. In addition, it is possible to contact our plumbing company via this page so that your basement can be made water-free the same day.

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How to navigate on this page?

This page uses a table of contents which you will find below. We are happy to explain how this table of contents works and how you can get to the information about pumping out cellars you are looking for as quickly as possible.

The titles under the heading general information are intended to provide general information about flooding in the basement. In addition, you will find pages here about the consequences and the possibilities that exist to pump the water mass from your basement space. Clicking on one of the links below will automatically take you to that section of the page where you will find more information on this topic.

Table of contents

General information about pumping out the basement

The cause of a flooded cellar


A basement does not just get underwater. We are often called with a request to empty the basement and when we ask how the basement has become full, it is not clear to most people. That is why we always propose to come on-site first, after which an inspection can be carried out. If you have an impression of what could have caused the water in the basement, please let us know. As simple as it may seem, but any additional information you provide to us can lead to a better solution.

Increased groundwater

Pumping out water: does it make sense?

When a basement is filled with groundwater, the basement can be pumped out, but you must realize that the water will be back in the basement after a short time. When performing work in the basement where a low water level has to be pumped temporarily, the use of pumping machines can be a solution. A submersible pump offers a permanent solution for preventing too much groundwater in the basement. A submersible pump ensures that at a certain height of the water, water is automatically pumped out of the basement. This prevents your belongings from coming into contact with the water.

Keep in mind that the groundwater level will rise as soon as it rains. Especially in heavy rain showers, the rise in groundwater should not be underestimated.

By an adapting to the sewage system

Groundwater may have arisen as a result of sewage adaptation. You may not be aware of this yourself, as the municipality may have carried out work on the main sewer affecting the groundwater level. In a number of cases, increased groundwater can lead to flooding in the basement. The water remains and must always be pumped out as long as the cause is not identified and resolved.


In this situation, it is advisable to call in a sewer expert, so that it becomes clear what the cause is. The municipality may then be responsible for the work and the costs involved.

The municipality may have decided to replace old sewer pipes without informing you. Not every cellar is waterproof and therefore resistant to an increase in groundwater. A rise in groundwater then has catastrophic consequences for your basement space.

The old situation meant that groundwater was drained away via the main sewer, which requires a lot of capacity from the sewage treatment plant. It often happens that the municipality adjusts this so that the groundwater can no longer be drained in this way. Usually, there is no other option than to have the basement completely waterproofed.

Tip: check with your neighbors whether they also suffer from increased groundwater and flooding in the basement.

Sewerage problems

If your sewer drain no longer functions correctly, this can lead to flooding of your basement space. Sewage problems can include blockages and cracks. Both cases can be solved with the right knowledge and materials.

In case the sewerage has to be unclogged

If after an inspection it appears that the sewage system is clogged, our service employee can remove any type of blockage from the sewer system with a cleaning machine on site. This is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed in a short time. Then we can proceed to dry the basement space.

In case the sewage system breaks

A break usually comes to light as soon as we perform a sewer camera inspection. Repairing a sewage system requires more expertise, as we have to replace a part of the pipe in this situation. With our professional knowledge, we will ensure that the sewage system is restored to its original state and tested for efficiency so that the sewage system is able to process large amounts of water again.

Heavy rainfall

The vast majority of flooding in the basement is caused by heavy rainfall. The amount of water that arises in such a situation cannot be drained in time through the sewers, resulting in flooding. The water searches for the lowest point and it is inevitable that the water will end up in your basement. The water is often not even found in the basement on the same day, causing the water to damage the wall, the floor and the items present.

A burst water pipe


It goes without saying that when a water pipe has burst it can cause a huge mass of water in the basement. In this case, the solution is obvious. The water pipe can be repaired by a plumber, after which the basement space is made anhydrous with pumping machines.

A leak from the neighbors

In some cases, it can happen that basement space is filled up because a leak has occurred at the neighbors. Sometimes the neighbors themselves are not even aware of this, but they may have recently carried out work that could be the cause of this. When you determine that there is water in the basement, always ask the neighbors if they also have flooding.

Consequences for individuals

For your property: rot

The water present in your basement space is very detrimental to your building. The water spreads quickly between your joints and behind your walls with all its consequences. If the water is not removed in time, this can lead to rotting of your property. Your construction will be weakened and this can also lead to odor nuisance.

To get the water out of your walls requires specialist knowledge. The cellar space can be heated with special drying machines so that the water behind the walls evaporates.

For your household effects: permanent damage

Individuals generally do not think about what to do as soon as there is water in the basement. Let alone thinking about ways to prevent water in the basement at all. In the basement, people usually store things that are not quickly needed for daily use. However, it can contain valuable and precious items that cannot tolerate contact with water at all. As soon as disaster strikes, misery can often not be repaired. Your items have damp spots (sometimes even with mold on them) and restoration is not always an option.

If it is your own stuff that has been damaged, that is bad enough. But how annoying is it if you had temporarily stored some stuff for a friend? Not everyone will be able to understand your – unprofessional – way of storing because you thought “it was possible”.

For your floor: repair / replace

Once the water is in your space, your floor will be directly affected. Any type of floor covering will be damaged as long as it comes into contact with water long enough. Repairing your floor can be very expensive. We know from experience that the damage will be limited if you call a specialist in time to remove the water from this space.

For your health: fungi and vermin

The water has even more disadvantages. How about fungi that can arise in the basement? Even pests can easily settle as soon as there is water in the room. Both cases lead to adverse situations. Fungi are harmful to health and can make you very ill. The pests that can settle in the basement can also cause all kinds of diseases and lead to the spread of bacteria.

Each of the aforementioned consequences is serious enough in itself to ensure that the chance of this happening is as small as possible. We regularly encounter a combination of one or more consequences. Let a specialist bring the situation under control for you today and you will save a lot of trouble.

The consequences for companies

Stock can be damaged

Companies that have to deal with a flooded basement can experience major problems as a result. Often there is stock stored in the basement, because that space is normally ideal for this. Although it is advised to always place items on an elevation in the basement, this advice is by no means followed by all parties. The result may be that stocks are damaged to such an extent that they lose value or can no longer be sold at all. You can imagine what kind of trade contact with water can have disastrous consequences for the value of the product.

In most cases, companies have good insurance. However, financial damage usually occurs elsewhere, because as long as you do not have sufficient trade that is in good condition, you cannot turn over the turnover that you are used to with your company. It is not without reason that companies invest heavily in risk reduction. Buying a pump and good insulation material prevents a lot of trouble. In addition, the following applies: use your common sense. Place items on a platform as much as possible. Shelves and cabinets are ideal for storing most goods.

Your company’s good name can be damaged

If you do not know where to start or if you are unsure whether you have taken sufficient precautions, you can always contact us for tailor-made advice and an on-site inspection. An inspection usually costs between € 100 and € 200, which means that you get the expertise you need to save thousands of euros. Not only is money at stake for your company, but you certainly do not want to lose your reputation because, for example, a product damaged by water damage is sold to your customers.


Remove the cause

Before we can start pumping out the basement, it is essential that we find out the cause of the flooding. If a defect in the sewerage is the cause, we can professionally fix it for you. Unclogging the sewage system is usually sufficient, but sometimes complex repairs are also required to repair the sewage system.

Pump and dry the basement space

As soon as the cause has been removed and our expert is sure that the risk of return is as minimal as possible or even nil, we proceed to pumping the basement dry. For this work, we have access to very powerful equipment with which every space can be made usable again in a short time.

Preventive measures

To prevent flooding in the basement as much as possible, you can decide to have the sewer drain checked and cleaned regularly by a professional company. This minimizes the risk of flooding in your basement.

You can also decide to have the basement room checked for leaks so that when the groundwater rises you will not be bothered by water in the basement quickly.

Periodic maintenance

It is possible to use our maintenance service once in a while. We will then check your sewage system and your basement space for any defects. This limits the risk of flooding the basement space. If you use the basement as storage space, we recommend using this service. Please do not hesitate to inquire about the possibilities we offer.

After observation

As soon as you notice that the water is in the basement, it is highly recommended to immediately call an expert to solve these problems. The basement is a space that not everyone visits every day. It may well be that the water has been in the basement for a long time without you noticing. It is difficult to determine how long the water has been in the cellar. Prevent the water from causing further damage to the room and to your household contents. Do not wait any longer and use our sewer service. We ensure that this space can be used again as soon as possible.

The benefits if you take measures in time

  • The flood will then be limited as much as possible.
  • The damage that the water mass can cause is stopped as much as possible.
  • The costs for the recovery in the broadest sense of the word are kept to a minimum.
  • In most cases, you can use the basement space the same day.

Frequently asked questions about pumping out the basement

  1. How long does it take to empty the basement?

    This depends on the amount of water and the capacity of the pumps that are used. On average, pumping out a basement takes 2 to 3 hours. In addition, it is important that there are sufficient drainage options so that the water can be pumped out at maximum power.

  2. Is it possible to prevent a flooded basement in the future?

    In order to estimate the risk of flooding, it is important that an inspection takes place in the basement. A number of matters are examined during an inspection, including the condition of the pipes and the presence of a submersible pump. If the risk of water in the basement is considered high, it is advisable to install a submersible pump. This submersible pump ensures that at a certain height of the water, a pump is automatically activated that drains the water for you. The insulation of the basement is also important because with good insulation most of the water is kept out of the basement.

  3. Can fungus be caused by water in the basement?

    Mold develops in damp places with poor air circulation. The cellar is therefore ideal for mold formation. As soon as you notice that there is water in the basement, don’t wait too long. The sooner you take action, the greater the chance that an expert on-site can limit the risk of mold formation for you. Fungi can have harmful effects on health. Although they will mainly be visible in the basement, they also spread through the air. The fungi can move very quickly via the ventilation system in your building.

  4. Is it dangerous to have water in the basement?

    Water in the basement can certainly have dangerous consequences. Not only for your present items but also for your floor and walls. As soon as electricity wires also run through the basement, there is even a risk of fire. The water in your basement area can also cause a nuisance to the neighbors (where you also have to pay for the damage). In short: every reason not to sit still, but to take immediate action to have the water removed from your basement as quickly as possible.

  5. Is the cellar completely water-free after pumping it out?

    There is always a little bit of water left after the pumps have done their job. This residue can be mopped up or removed with a hydrogen vacuum cleaner. It is best to let the moisture, that is still in the room, dry by placing heaters in the room. This will minimize the risk of consequential damage and mold.

  6. Is it possible to insure me for the costs of pumping out a flooded basement?

    There are certain types of insurance that also cover this type of damage. To obtain certainty about this, it is best to call your insurance company to ask if you are already insured and if this is not the case, you can immediately ask what it would cost to be insured for this in the future.

  7. My neighbor’s basement is also flooded, can you help there?

    In that situation, we also need an order confirmation from the neighbors to carry out work. As long as the planning allows, this can also be done on-site, since we are already present. When you place the order with us jointly (and arrange it financially with your neighbor), this may be more advantageous because of the call-out costs that are only calculated once.

  8. Is a flooded basement harmful to health?

    It is never good to have moisture in the house. In combination with poor airflow, moisture can become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. In addition, there may be pests in the water that cause all kinds of diseases. Rats and mice go through everything effortlessly and spread everything in your building. That is not only an unsavory idea but also very dangerous for your health.

  9. To what extent can the water in the basement damage the building?

    The water not only remains in the basement but also goes between the joints and cracks in the floor and walls. The water can cause certain material to rot. As a result, over time there is no other option than to have repairs carried out. The costs for the recovery can be significant (thousands of euros). When the water has been pumped out, it does not mean that all the water in the wall and floor is also completely gone. After the basement has been pumped out, it is, therefore, necessary to work with a hydrogen vacuum cleaner that can effectively suck up the remaining water. Do not forget to heat the room at a high temperature for a few days so that the moisture in the room can evaporate. Once you have completed these steps, you can make an inventory of the damage that the water in the basement has caused.

  10. Can I have the basement pumped out when the groundwater has risen?

    Pumping the basement empty in this case will not lead to a long-term result. If you have always had a layer of water in the basement and temporarily need to make the basement water-free for certain activities, pumping out the basement can have the intended result. In order to effectively keep the groundwater out, a targeted approach is needed that will consist of insulating the space and installing one or more submersible pumps. These pumps start automatically when the water level is at a certain height.

  11. Can the fire brigade be called in to empty the basement?

    For private purposes, the fire brigade will not come by, but if the public interest is at stake and there is a nuisance for society, it is likely (differs per municipality) that the fire brigade can help you pump out the basement.

  12. Can the neighbors hold me liable for the flooding that has arisen from my basement?

    As soon as it can be determined that you are responsible for the damage that has occurred, a claim can be successful. Legally there can, of course, be anything that varies per situation. If you have any questions about liability, it is best to contact a lawyer or your insurance company.

  13. The water continues to flow into the basement in large quantities, is pumping out the basement effective enough?

    We are a specialized company in sewer and pump techniques. If the water constantly flows into the basement, this is a sign that the cause must first be addressed. A break in the sewer line can be the cause and fortunately, we have the necessary material to be able to carry out a repair. All expertise is ready for you so that you can assume that the pumping work will actually bring the intended result.

Have your basement pumped out by a professional

Draining the basement is a task that you better leave to a specialized company. The equipment needed to pump out the basement can be very expensive. In addition, it is important to determine where exactly the water comes from. The underlying cause must always be traced.


Since we have the necessary expertise to repair pipe breaks, it can be assumed that the basement will not only be pumped out but will also be professionally inspected and repaired where necessary. This way you limit the risk of consequential damage and you can assume that any flooding will be less serious in the future.

The advantages of having the basement pumped out by an expert

  1. Have you noticed that the basement is flooded? Then there is no time to waste because the longer you wait the more annoying the consequences will be. Without the necessary knowledge and equipment, it is impossible to make the basement water-free. Even with the equipment, it can still take an unnecessarily long time because you have not previously carried out these activities, with all the consequences that entail.
  2. Our team is always available to perform urgent work. This way you can assume that the basement will be water-free again in the shortest possible time. In addition, we provide you with the necessary advice so that the risk of a flooded basement remains limited in the future.
  3. Since we are also able to determine the underlying cause, you have come to the right place for a total solution for a water-free basement in the future. You can also call on us to replace existing pump systems.
  4. Everyone in the Netherlands can use our services. Both individuals and companies can contact us by calling or by sending a message via the contact form. For specific quotes, we request that you send some photos of the basement by email.

We take the environment into account

The work we perform is done in a responsible manner. Our team is trained to work in an environmentally conscious manner. For example, no harmful substances will be used and the environment will not be unnecessarily burdened. If it is the case that we find certain residues in the water present, one of our service employees will dispose of these residues in a safe manner.

We proudly report that the machines we use during our work are very energy efficient. We try in every possible way to do our bit to protect the environment as much as possible. We are always open to any tips and improvements regarding our environmentally responsible working method. You can pass on your feedback by telephone, email, or to our on-site service representative. Together we keep the environment livable.

24/7 accessibility for everyone in the Netherlands

Our sewer service is known for its good accessibility at any time. When your basement space is affected by water, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to carry out emergency work so that the basement space can be used again soon.

Have the basement pumped out today?

Draining the basement is a service that is not nearly as much in demand every day as, for example, unclogging the drain. In fact, it is an emergency service as the number of applications on certain days is extreme. In general, it can be said that as soon as there has been an above-average amount of rain somewhere in the Netherlands, there is a lot of flooding in that area and the applications for pumping out the basement can no longer be counted on one hand.

Once you have determined that there is water in the basement that needs to be pumped out, do not wait too long but call our emergency center immediately so that an employee can come to your location as soon as possible. We understand that you want to have a water-free basement again the same day and it takes several hours to carry out the work (depending on the amount of water in the basement).

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