Bathroom clogged? All you need to know! (tip)

Bathroom clogged

Clogged bathroom:

Almost everybody had experienced their bathroom clogged. It could be just disturbing the water flow, with the water not being drained properly. It would leave a lot of times a big mess in the sink or the bathtub from water that was not drained properly. Other times, could be very nasty where the water doesn’t drain almost at all. You could see a big pile of hair on the top of the hole that was blocking the water from draining. In any case, you can not ignore a clog in your bathroom. You need to prevent worse draining problems by maintaining your drains. Read further and you will find what can cause your toilet to get clogged, identifying the location of the problem and how to repair by yourself.

bathroom clogged

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Bathroom clogged sink:

The most common part that gets clogged in the bathroom is the sink. This is happening because a lot of things are going down the drains, which most of the times you cannot control them. On an everyday basis, people are washing their hands, their face, making shaving or brushing hair. Sometimes people even vomit in them because they do not want to use the toilet bowl for this job. Slowly all those things are piling up and they are causing your bathroom sink to get clogged. In other words, the things that can cause your bathroom sink to get clogged are:

  • Hair.
  • Vomit.
  • Dirt.

Further, you will find out how each one can clog your toilet sink.

bathroom sink clogged

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Bathroom sink clogged by hair:

One of the most annoying and hard to deal with is your bathroom sink t get clogged by hair. How hair can pile up? Well, very often men are shaving their faces and they are rinsing the razors in the sink. The grease from face combined with the beard and shaving foam, can’t easily find their way down the drains. It is more likely to stick on the pipe’s ceiling and slowly pile up. You need to use very hot water, which in most cases is not very practical. Another reason is with having a person with long hair at home. Every time when they brushing their hair, they will just put them in the sink. Hair is not getting dissolved and they are more likely getting stuck one with the other, creating hairballs. In order to avoid a clog, you need to throw the hair in the toilet bowl or in the general waste.

Bathroom sink clogged vomit:

A lot of people when they get sick, they vomit in the bathroom sink. It is easier because you do not have to bend and put your face in the toilet, which will make you even sicker. However, vomit is not always in liquid form. Pieces of food that have been not properly digested are contained in the vomit. Together with grease from your food, it will clog your toilet sink for good. It will be harder to deal with, and you will have to face with the vomit that made you sick. The best thing to do in order to avoid that is by using your toilet for this job. Anyway, you are sick at this moment, so you can’t get worse. Your stomach will be faster empty as well.

Bathroom sink clogged with dirt:

Every time when you get home, you need to wash your hands. That is in order to clean them and get rid of harmful bacteria. However, a clog by dirt in the sink will at some point occur. The dirt is more likely to stay at the bottom of the pipes and will clog your bathroom sink. However, not always you have a large amount of dirt in you. Therefore, a clog caused by dirt will take some time to happen. The best thing to do is trying to avoid it by maintaining your sink drains. A few pints of boiling water poured down the pipes once in a while, will be able to remove whatever amount of dirt is slowly getting piled in the pipes.

Bathroom sink clogged fix:

So, your bathroom sink is clogged and you need to fix it. However, not always is easy to deal with it. It can be harder to sort it out and it may cost more than you anticipated. The location of the clog can be deep inside the pipes which will cause you bigger problems in your drainage system. You may be facing problems with the drain in your whole bathroom. Sometimes, you will be not able to sort it out by yourself and ask for professional help. Before you do that, you need to identify where the clog is located. It may be a small issue that you can do it by yourself easy and fast.

Bathroom sink clogged DIY:

So, you have decided to give a go on fixing the bathroom sink by yourself. After all, what you have to lose? A few minutes from your time which will probably save you money from hiring somebody. The clog in the bathroom sink can be located right under the hole, so you do not need much effort on getting rid of the clog. In order to get rid of the clog in the bathroom sink you can:

  • Pour down the drains special products.
  • Pour down the drains baking soda and vinegar.
  • Remove the stopper in the sink.
  • Open the pipes under the sink and have a deeper look.

Keep reading further for more information on each one.

Bathroom sink clogged products:

In a lot of shops, you can find strong chemicals that can be poured down the drains in order to unclog the bathroom sink. They are being sold in most of the supermarkets. Before you decide on using them, make sure you read very well the instructions. They can be quite strong, which means you need to have a good air supply in your bathroom and remove the stopper when pouring. Also, do not miss the hole. They were cases with strong chemicals poured in the sink which damaged the sink’s surface. Plus, make sure you wear gloves before using the chemical. This way may look the easiest, but it the most dangerous, especially when you have not good air supply in the bathroom.

Clogged bathroom drain baking soda:

Another chemical reaction which can unclog the sink in the bathroom and is much safer for you is by using baking soda. By pouring down the drains baking soda and vinegar right after that, a chemical reaction will occur. The reaction will dissolve whatever has been piled up in the sink and caused the clog. It is very effective on clogs by dirt or grease. However, hair is not so easily be dissolved. For that reason, this method may be not fully effective on hair. What you can do is try to remove as much hair as you can from the bathroom sink first and then pour down baking soda and vinegar. In this way, you will be able to have a cleared bathroom sink.

Bathroom sink clogged remove stopper:

How can you fix the bathroom sink by simply removing the stopper? Well, this is nothing complicated. The bathroom’s sink stopper is specially designed in order to stop the water. However, the cross design is more likely to collect all the hair on it. So, when you are facing a clogging problem in the sink, the first thing to do is look inside the stopper. You can remove the stopper by unscrewing it reverse-clockwise. If you are lucky you will see a massive hairball on the stopper. This is the cause of your clog. Take a pair of scissors and remove the hair from it. Before you put it back, make sure you clean it properly and then pour a couple of pints boiling water down the drains. The problem should have been fixed.

Bathroom sink is clogged and filled with water:

Is your bathroom’s sink clogged and filled with water? If you removed the stopper and the problem still occurs, that means the problem may be deeper. However, another usual part where the clogging may be located is under the hole. What you need to do is have a look in the drains under the sink. There are placed inside the cabinet. The first pipe you need to have a look on is the trap right under the sink. Is easy to identify it by the bowl-shaped and another pipe that goes down the drains connected on the side of it. What you need to do is disconnect it, so you can remove whatever is in there. Make sure you place a plastic bowl under the sink to collect the water that will come out. Otherwise, you will have to collect it from the floor. Once you remove that part, pull out all the hair that is trapped inside and causing the clog. Make sure you clean it properly and reassemble it back.

Bathroom sink clogged and leaking:

Sometimes, when you are having a clogging issue you may face a leaking problem as well. This is happening because the water is pressing the connections and they became slightly loose. But this is not something that you should worry about it. When leaking and clogging are happening at the same time, it means that the clog is right after the leaking area. What you need to do is unscrew the ring of the pipe by twisting reverse-clockwise. Disconnect the pipes gently and remove whatever is in there causing the clog. In order to get rid of the leaking, you can apply slightly Teflon tape on the connection of the ring. The ring will be able to hold better and be more isolated.

Bathroom sink clogged and smells:

Sometimes you can feel a stinky smell coming right from the sink. This is not only happening because the sink is clogged. It can be because the water is backing up in the sink. That would mean that the clog is deeper in the pipes and is backing up when you pour water from any sink. However, this may be not such a big problem. It can be just from piled stuff inside the drains under the sink. Of course, if somebody has vomited earlier in it the stinky odours shouldn’t be a big surprise for you. In order to get rid of the smell and the clogging problem at the same time, using baking soda and vinegar may be the best option.

Clean a clogged bathroom sink:

Having a cleaned sink in the bathroom all the time doesn’t mean that you will have no clogging problems. However, it is a good way of maintaining the drains in the sink. By pouring better chemicals in order to clean the sink, they are going down the sink combined with hot water. This is a good way of removing dirt and grease from the ceiling in the pipes. Nobody is using very hot water from the tap, especially washing your face with it. This leads to a result that a clog may occur. Once you have identified the clogging area and you got rid of the clog, you need to clean the pipes as much as you can. This will prevent your sink from clogging in a short time.

Bathroom faucet clogged:

Are you having problems with the water pressure in your faucet in the bathroom? One of the main reasons is because the faucet is clogged. This can be caused because of few different cases:

  1. The faucet’s valve is broken and needs replacing. You can do it easily by removing the screw in the back of the faucet and lift it up. Look for an identical valve to replace it.
  2. The water supply is low. Well, before you end up in fast conclusions, check the rest faucets in the house.
  3. The faucet’s aerator is clogged.

Bathroom faucet clogged aerator:

Just like mentioned earlier, when the faucet aerator is clogged you will notice a slower water flow. The facet’s aerator is the ending part of the sprout. This can happen sometimes after works were done in the water supply system. Maybe some dirt is stuck in the aerator and needs removing. What you need to do in order to unclog your facet is to remove the aerator from the faucet. By using a pair of pliers, you can unscrew the aerator. However, you need to be gentle in order to avoid damaging the whole faucet. Once you removed the aerator, clean it properly and use a needle remove whatever is between the holes. Screw the aerator back on the faucet and the water flow should be back to normal.

Bathroom sink aerator clogged:

There are a few cases where the bathroom’s sink aerator is clogged. How can you identify that? You will see that the water doesn’t drain properly and bubbles are coming from the hole of the sink. This is because the water that goes down the drains doesn’t get a proper air supply. In order to fix it, have a look under the sink. You will see a thinner pipe connected to the side of the pipe going downwards and is connected higher on the side of the sink. The best thing to do is unscrewing from both sides. Once unscrewed, take it and remove whatever is inside. Before putting it back, make sure you wash it as much as you can from inside. It will be looking like brand new when you put it back on.

Bathroom sink clogged black stuff:

So, you have opened the trap under the sink and you see a lot of black stuff and black water. This is dirt, grease and whatever you put inside the sink. Grease and dirt from the human’s body is getting dissolved after time. Together with soap and hair, it makes it look like that. If it doesn’t contain pieces of food or past vomit, you should not worry much about the smell. If you had previous experience with removing the trap under a kitchen sink, this will be a piece of cake for you. The only hard part that you will find challenging, is removing the hair, especially if you have a long hair person living at home.

Bathroom sink clogged not the p trap:

So, you have removed the stopper in the bathroom sink and the p trap. You have them cleaned and reassembled them and the sink is still clogged. That means that the problem is deeper in the pipes. What you need to do is trying to unclog the drains with a snake. You can apply it easily from the pipe that goes inside the wall. Those parts are having turns and corners, so it is more likely to get clogged. By using a snake you should be able to remove whatever is in there causing a clog in your bathroom sink.

Bathroom sink clogged after snaking:

Well, it is not always certain that after snaking you can get rid of the clog. There are a few cases that even after snaking you will be having a problem. But when this happens, it means that the clog is located in the main line. The snake you have at home maybe is not long enough to reach the area of the issue. When you are having problems like that, you should have also drainage problems with other drains in the house. In this case, it may be more complicated for you and you may need to get professional assistance.

Bathroom sink constantly clogged:

Are you having very often the bathroom’s sink clogged? There is one thing about the sink for sure. That the pipes are quite narrow. When the pipes are too narrow, the bathroom’s sink will more often get clogged. Also, some people do the same mistakes of the past. A small example is that they still keep on rinsing their hands with brushed hair down the sink. Well, the best thing you can do is trying to maintain the sink as much as you can. A few tips of maintaining the sink are:

  • Avoid putting hair in the sink.
  • Keep it clean on a daily basis.
  • Pour hot water in the hole every a couple of days.

Clogged bathroom double sink:

Do you have a double sink in your bathroom? You need to remember that the double sink’s pipes are connected. The connection is right under the holes and the pipes are having a T-shape. Before you take further actions, you need to identify where the clog is located. If both sides are clogged that means the problem is right after the connection and it will cause the water backing up in the second side of the sink. If just one of them is clogged, it means the clog in right under the hole and before the connection. Once you identified the location, you can unscrew that part where the problem is and fix it.

Two clogged bathroom sinks that sit back:

Having two clogged sinks in the bathroom that sit back can be quite an issue. When both of them have water staying inside that means that the problem is located where both of them are connected. If both of them are completely clogged, you need to get rid of the water inside of them. Once you have unscrewed the pipes right before the connection, make sure you have an empty bowl underneath in order to collect the water from the pipes. Once the pipes are empty, you can work on unclogging the drain. In this case, it will be a good choice using a snake in order to do the job.

Bathroom sink clogged kitchen:

So, you have for a while the bathroom’s sink clogged and at some point, the kitchen is getting clogged as well. The first thing that comes to your mind is that the clog is caused by the toilet. It was the drains paying you back for having ignored the clog in the bathroom’s sink for quite a while. Well, this may be not the case so you do not have to worry. What you need to remember is that the kitchen drains and the bathroom drains are taking a while before they join. With that happening, you will have faster drainage problems in your bathtub and your toilet, that the sink in the kitchen. Of course, if you do have already serious problems in the whole bathroom and the kitchen that means that you are having serious clogging problems in your whole house.

Bathroom sink clogged tried everything:

So you tried everything we suggested to you and you are still having problems with the bathroom sink. What you need to keep in mind is that we are always talking about possibilities. Possibilities where the clog may be, what may have caused it and how you can fix it. Also, those possibilities are based on years of experience and what in most cases is causing the problems. However, there are cases where you need a lot of effort or you do not have the right tools to fix your problem. The clog may be so deep that is out of your reach. What you need to do in this case is hiring a professional. He can have a deeper look at something that you have missed and wasn’t able to fix it.

Clogged bathroom sink youtube:

Reading step by step about how to unclog the sink in the bathroom, may seems tiring. It is not the same when you are reading a theory about unclogging the sink and when you are able to see the same thing in action. A lot of people prefer to see a video about how is done and how is fixed, rather than reading a whole article about a way to unclog the sink which may not work. For that reason, professionals and amateurs are sharing their experiences in youtube. By uploading what they have already captured in camera, viewers are able to find what they are looking for. So, if you are not sure and you want to see with your own eyes about how easy to fix a clogged bathroom sink is, have a look in youtube. You will be able to see step by step, experiences of different people when they try to unclog their bathroom’s sink.

Bathroom clogged drain:

In your bathroom, you have different drains for each part individually.  You can have different drains in your bathroom for:

  1. The sink.
  2. The bathtub.
  3. The toilet.
  4. The washing machine.

However, you need to remember that all of them are connected. Of course, the toilet is draining straight to the sewers with larger pipes, for health reasons. You may be facing clogging problems with each one individual or a few of them at the same time. Ignoring a small clogging issue for a while will not get it fixed by itself but it will just make it worse. At some point, you may think that is was removed by itself, but the fact is that was just moved deeper. By having it moved deeper, it will be harder to deal with it.

Bathroom clogged pipes:

Most of the pipes in the bathroom are located inside the wall. However, there are a few located under the sink. This is making it easier to get rid of a clogging problem that may happen. Therefore, disconnecting the pipes inside the wall in order to unclog them will be impossible for you. The only thing you can do to unclog them is by using a snake. The only cases where you need to replace clogged pipes is only when they are destroyed and the leaking. The leaking will be inside the walls and will probably damage the bathroom’s tiles. In this case, when you are facing a clogging problem deep in the pipes and possible leaking at the same time, the best thing to do is hire a professional.

Bathroom clogged toilet:

The toilet is most often clogged fixture in the bathroom. On an everyday basis, a lot of things are going down the toilet. The reasons how the toilet can get clogged are:

  • Hard poop.
  • Sanitary towels.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Tampons.
  • Baby wipes.

What you need to in order to avoid possible clogs in the toilet is by throwing as fewer things down the toilet as possible. Of course, some of them are unavoidable but other like sanitary towels, tampons and baby wipes are better to throw them in the general waste.

Bathroom commode clogged:

Having the bathroom’s commode clogged, it is something that you need to sort it out as soon as possible. This is because the toilet will be out of order. In order to unclog the toilet, you can use a few different methods. Some of them are:

  • A plunger. You need to apply the plunger to the hole in the toilet. By moving the plunger up and down, the bathroom’s pot should be unclogged.
  • A garden hose. You can use the garden hose by blowing air in it or moving it around in order to move whatever in the p trap stuck. You can also use it as a water pump. You can connect it with a water supply. However, you need to be careful of possible overflows.
  • A bucket with water. By pouring extra water in the toilet until the top, extra pressure will be applied. It may take everything down the sewers after a few seconds.
  • A snake. If you tried the above and nothing worked, you should go for the snake. It means that the problem is slightly deeper and you may not have other option.

There is a case where you tried all the above and nothing worked. With that happening, there may be nothing else you can do and you need to seek professional assistance.

Bathroom flush clogged:

Are you having a problem with flushing the water in the toilet? That means that something is not right with the tank. There are two areas where you need to have a look:

  • First, at the bottom of the tank. The bottom of the can sometimes get stuck and not be lifted properly. This can be caused by the water’s hardness. This would make you get a feeling the flushing in the bathroom is clogged.
  • Second, in the line between the tank and the pot. In this one, you may need to have a deeper look. Before you start anything make sure you cut off the water supply in the tank. With a pair of pliers, you can unscrew the bottom ring. The top ring you do not have to unscrew. You can use a zip tie in order to get rid of whatever is clogging. Screw the pipe back on and fill the tank with water. The problem should have been fixed.

Bathroom tub clogged:

What can you do when you have your bathtub clogged? When you are taking a shower or having a bath, dirt hair and soap will come off from you and will go down the hole. At some point, it may get clogged. Most of the bathtubs have pipes underneath them, so is not easy to reach to them. However, you can remove the cover of the hole. This is where most of the hair is getting trapped. All you need is a screwdriver and you will be able to remove the metal cover. Try to remove as much hair as possible and if the clog insists, use a snake inside the drains.

Bathroom sink and toilet clogged:

There are some cases where your bathroom’s sink and the toilet is clogged. It is not necessary to be a joint clog. The reason is that you need to have also the bathtub clogged in order to be facing a bigger problem. The clog can be placed on each of them individually. It may be right under the sink the bathroom’s sink problem and at the same time in the p trap in the toilet. Those two are completely different areas which they do not have anything common. You gonna need to deal with each clogging problem separately.

Clogged bathroom sink and tub:

Having the bathroom’s sink and tub clogged at the same time is not something that should surprise you. A problem like that may happen at some point. When both of them are clogged, you are having the problem where the drains from the sink and the bathtub join. Therefore, you may notice that water poured down from the sink, will be backing up from the hole in the bathtub. In this case, the clog may be beyond your reach. But do not give up before you try. The closest place to the clogged area is by the hole in the bathtub. You can remove the cover of the hole with a screwdriver. Also, the best tool for you will be to use a snake.

Bathroom drain completely clogged:

Do you have the drains in the bathroom completely clogged? That means that something is not right in the main drains. Since it is the whole bathroom affected, it means that the clog is deeper in the sewage system. What you can do is try unclogging it by yourself. However, there is not a guaranty that your effort will take place. The area you should be looking for is on the floor. You will see a metal cover for the water left on the floor. This is also the usual spot where the drains meet. You can use a snake in order to remove whatever is there and causing a possible problem.

Bathroom hole clogged:

Just like mentioned earlier, the drains from the bathroom are meeting up on a hole placed on the bathroom’s floor. However, it is not always necessary to have the whole bathroom clogged in order for this to be clogged. You can have slower water drain from the bathtub and the sink. Another problem that may occur is that the water will be backing up from the hole. It is made in a special way in order to show you that something is not right with the drainage. Once you remove the covering lid from the hole you will be able to have a better look. You may see a lot of mess on the top. So, before you get further, make sure you remove that. A good and easy way to clean inside that hole is by using a wet vacuum cleaner. Once you have cleared the most of them and the excess water, you can use a snake. By using the snake you will be able to remove whatever is still left inside after using the wet vacuum cleaner.

Bathroom fan clogged:

Is the fan in your bathroom clogged? Having a fan in the bathroom is something necessary. The fan is being used while you are inside the bathroom and having a bath or taking a shower. The air inside the bathroom needs to be circulated, otherwise, you can get dizzy because you do not have a good air supply. The whole bathroom will be filled with steam and an accident can very easily happen. That is why in most of the bathrooms when switching on the light, the fan starts working at the same time. But after some time, when the steam gets stuck together with dust, it can cause your fan starting working slower or out of order. You will have a less fresh air supply in the toilet. In order to unclog it, you need to remove it first. Before you start, make sure that you cut off the electric supply. Usually, the fan has a plastic cover which you need to remove. This is the part where most of the dust is being collected. You need to use some strong degreasers in order to clean it properly. Make sure you rinse the cover well before you put it back on. If the problem still occurs, you may need to change the fan. We wouldn’t recommend you to do it yourself unless you are very comfortable with electrics. It needs to be properly isolated from water, so you shouldn’t be playing with it. You may need to hire an electrician in order to replace the fan.

Bathroom roof vent clogged:

What is happening when the roof vent is clogged? It is easy to identify this problem. When you pour water down the drains you will notice a slower water flow. Also, you will notice that bubbles are being made. The bubbles are a sign that the air vent in the roof is clogged. Something like that can happen at some point after autumn. In autumn a lot of leaves are falling down from the trees and some may end up inside the air vent. With the help of the rain they will pile up and the vent will eventually get clogged. In order to unclog the air vent you need to get on the roof. What you need to do is tying to pull them out. Otherwise, by pushing them downwards it will just worsen the situation. What you can do is use a special snake for clearing air vents. Of course, depending on how high your house is, you may need that length of a snake. If you do not have one or you do not want to worsen the situation, hiring a professional will be the best option for you.

Bathroom water line clogged:

Are you having problems with the water lines? The water flow in your faucets is really low. There are freezing temperatures outside. You are wondering if the central water supply is clogged. In freezing temperatures, this may be the case. The central pipes are usually deep in the ground, so it is very rare for them to get frozen. Even if they do it is only temporary. If you are not facing something like that but only that the water flows slower from the faucet, it may be because of its aerator. What you need to do before you take any further actions, is compare the water flow in the rest house. Maybe they are doing some works on the main water pipes, so it will take a while for the water to come. What is still coming out is a bit of water that was left in the lines.

Upstairs bathroom clogged:

It doesn’t make much of a difference if your bathroom is located on the 1st floor or on the ground floor. When a clog will occur you are going to deal with each one in the same way. However, the only benefit from having the bathroom upstairs is that when it gets clogged, the water will not back up into the kitchen downstairs. In this way, you will be able to identify where you are having a problem. Another minus at the same time is that, since the bathroom is closer to the roof, it is easier to have its air vent clogged.

Clear a clogged bathroom drain:

So, you have got finally rid of the clogging problem in your bathroom. In order to make sure that a clogging problem will not happen soon enough, you need to clear the drains as much as you can. That means that even if you got rid of the clog by using a snake, nothing will hurt by working it through a couple more times. You may end up removing more things that you expected. Also, in order to maintain them well pouring down the drains baking soda and vinegar overnight will be able to clear the pipes as much as possible. In the end, you can rinse it by pouring down boiling water.

Clogged hotel bathroom:

Are you having a clogged bathroom in the hotel which you are staying? The first thing that comes to your mind is blaming them for what they gave you for your money. This is not always their fault. You may be the lucky one who is facing clogging problems in the bathroom. In any case, this is not something that you should do. You need to report that issue to the reception that something is not right with the bathroom in your room. They will send their plumber in order to have a look and fix the problem you are having.

Clogged bathroom cost:

Depending on the problem you are having in your clogged bathroom, the price of repairing it may vary. If you would like to know more information about how much the clogged bathroom will cost, contact us and we will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Was this article helpful for you? If you have any kind of questions regarding a clogged bathroom, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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