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Sewer flies

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General information about sewer flies:

What are sewer flies?

Sewer flies are an insect species belonging to the family of moth mosquitoes (Psychodidae) and are also known as latrine flies. Whoever sees them for the first time characterizes them as small moths, but who studies them more closely, sees that they resemble butterflies best, because of the resemblance in the wings.

Where do they live?

They occur almost everywhere in the world. They are usually found in man-made structures such as: sewers, bathrooms, toilets and kitchens.

What do they feed on?

They belong to the clearing service of nature. They feed on all kinds of decaying things such as: bacteria and fungi. You can imagine that this power source may be present in all types of households (in places where cleaning is not often done).

How do they reproduce?

They reproduce by laying eggs in nutrient-rich water. In the case of sewer flies, this is therefore water that is highly contaminated with bacteria and fungi. This allows the larvae to quickly develop into sewer flies.

It takes + – 3 weeks for an egg to become a fly. Hundreds of eggs can be laid at once by one such a fly. The flies can become a real pest.

How do they get in?

Because they are very small, they can go anywhere and enter the most inaccessible places for humans. They usually enter via sewers and end up on rotting remains. They ensure that odor nuisance is limited, due to the fact that they feed on the waste they encounter.

What are the consequences for your health?

As you have already read above what the food of sewer flies consists of, you can assume that the presence of these types of flies indicates an unhealthy living situation. Fungi and bacteria can be very harmful to humans. While the flies cannot in themselves cause direct damage to health, they are responsible for the spread of fungi and bacteria, with all possible consequences.

Would you like to read more general information about these flies? Then you can take a look at the Wikipedia page about sewer flies.

Fighting sewer flies

Find out the cause

Most sewer flies are close to the food source. The presence of many sewer flies is therefore a sign that a sewer pipe is leaking somewhere near.

Once you have identified the source of the sewer flies, it will be easier for the sewer specialist you hire to fight the sewer flies. If you are unable to determine the cause of the sewer flies, a specialized company can offer a solution.

Locations where they can be found

Sewer flies are located in all places where living conditions are optimal. As soon as wastewater leaks from a torn sewer pipe somewhere, you will see that sewer flies quickly get to this.

When the leaking pipe has a temperature that is at least equal to the room temperature, sewer flies can reproduce more easily and the problem can no longer be overlooked in no time.

The video below is an example of nuisance from sewer flies in the house:


In the kitchen, there are numerous food sources in the wastewater. This attracts sewer flies and once they have discovered the kitchen you will see the nuisance increasing rapidly. The sewer flies find in many places in the kitchen, in addition to the location of the leaking pipe, sources of food such as: dishes, pans with caked food remains and dirt on the counter.

In this way, fungi and bacteria spread very quickly where you want to see them the least. Hygiene in the kitchen is the most important thing for your health.


The sewage system under a bathroom is an ideal place for sewer flies. Moisture can form quickly due to a combination of moisture and poor ventilation. In places where fungus occurs, you can easily fight it yourself with the right means, but especially in places where you can reach it the least, this offers an opportunity for sewer flies to settle and reproduce.

Other places in the house

If a leak occurs in a spot and it is not remedied quickly enough, you run the risk of sewage flies settling. Sewer flies are able to survive in places with little oxygen.

The sewer flies do not always have to be the result of leakage in your building. It often happens that a plague of sewer flies arises, because the neighbors are lax in solving the sewer problem.

It is recommended that the cause of the sewer flies in this situation be determined by a specialized company. This way you know exactly whether you can do something about the problem yourself or whether your neighbors are responsible for it.


The sewerage is of course still far outside and in the event of a leak, it is quite possible that you will find the sewer flies in your garden or against the facade. When you are often out in the garden and enjoy eating your meals outdoors, you run the risk of sewage flies transmitting fungi and bacteria to your food. The need to combat the sewer flies remains unabated here.

Have the problem solved by a professional company

It is very important for your health that you hire an expert as soon as possible who can expertly analyze the situation for you and repair the sewer system in a sustainable manner. We can assist you in this situation.

the equipment inside the work bus

What is our approach to combat?

We would like to get in touch with you, preferably by telephone. You then tell the symptoms in as much detail as possible and when (approximately) they first became visible.

Then we schedule an appointment with you and our service employee comes to your place to repair the sewer system.

The work vans are equipped with all the necessary equipment

We can carry out sewer repairs for you in a short time, because there is often enough material available to be able to replace pipes. The cause of the sewer flies quickly becomes clear when our advanced sewer camera is used.

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