Sewer clogged? The cause and the solution of the sewer blockage!

All the information you want to know about a clogged sewer

Sewer clogged: what does that mean exactly?

Is a sewer clogged? Then the consequences are noticeable for everyone who has to deal with it. The water does not drain properly in the sewer pipe and eventually rises again, resulting in a flood.

sewer is clogged

Everyone will have to deal with sewer congestion sooner or later. The risk of a clogged sewer can only be limited by, for example, periodic maintenance. A family with small children runs a higher risk of sewer congestion because children sometimes want to throw objects in the toilet that do not belong there. As a result, you will be confronted with surprises, even if you think you are handling the sewer so well.

For companies, the risks of sewer congestion are very high. Sewer clogging is very common in the hospitality industry. The sewer pipe there is intensively loaded by the kitchen and moreover, not all guests work equally carefully in the toilet. We regularly find glassware and plastic during sewer inspections.

The annoying consequences this has are numerous. For example, there may be feces in the wastewater that spreads through the room, which moreover entails a terrible sewer smell.

It goes without saying that a solution cannot be delayed in such a situation. On this page, we are happy to help you on your way to tell you all the information that is needed to be able to act adequately in the event of a sewer blockage. For example, this article describes various causes of a sewer blockage in combination with a (possible) solution to the problem.

The most frequently asked questions are listed and have an answer from a sewer expert. The aim is to expand this question and answer section on a regular basis because we like to be able to reassure as many people as possible.

In a number of cases, you can solve the problem yourself, but with complex congestion, there is no other option than to engage a professional sewer company. This way you know for sure that the blockage will be remedied quickly and sustainably.

The possibilities and benefits that our unclogging company can offer in the event of sewer blockage are described in detail. Sewer clogging is not fun for anyone to experience, but you should be aware that we deal with this on a daily basis and have the best possible equipment to be able to perform emergency services. A solution for sewer clogging is always available.

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Table of contents

General information about a blocked sewer pipe

The emergence of a sewer blockage

Nobody wants to be confronted with a sewer blockage, but it will happen that there is a blockage in the pipeline. That is a matter of time. Sometimes it is inevitable because something is accidentally thrown into the pipe that does not belong there. Not everyone knows how the sewer pipe can best be used and therefore a number of things are described below to help you on your way. With this information, we try to minimize the occurrence of congestion for individuals and companies.

sewer outside is clogged

Our general advice is: put waste in the trash bin as much as possible! That way you considerably reduce the chance of a sewer clogging.

Sewer clogged by fat

Fat is a persistent substance that occurs in food scraps. There are many fat residues in the pans in particular. Most of the fat can be scooped away in the waste bin. A portion will always remain in the pan and when washing the pan, these fat residues end up in the soapy water. At first glance, it will seem that all fat residues have disappeared for good, but when you could see the inside of the pipe, it appears that some of the fat residues have stuck to the inside of the pipe. Over time, the layer of accumulated fat residues becomes increasingly thicker and attracts other waste residues. The basis for sewer congestion has been laid.

Sewer clogged by toilet paper

It is thought that toilet paper is always completely drained into the sewer system, but that is not always the case. Too much or too thick toilet paper cannot pass through pipes with a narrow diameter. In such situations, the risk of a blockage is very high. Not everyone realizes the state of the sewer system.

sewer is clogged by toilet paper

By using two-layer toilet paper you considerably reduce the risk of a sewer blockage. If you regularly have to deal with blockage due to toilet paper, a grinder, such as a Sanibroyeur, can offer a solution.

Sewer clogged by wet toilet wipes

The advice on wet toilet towels is simple: they do not belong in the sewer pipe, but in the waste bin. Wet toilet wipes are thicker than toilet paper and are not or hardly degradable, so the sewer pipe cannot handle it. It is asking for problems when you or your guests throw this type of toilet tissue in the pipeline. It doesn’t hurt to put a warning in the toilet so that everyone knows that this cannot be flushed. This will prevent the clogging of toilet towels in the future.

Sewer clogged by the toilet block

If the toilet block has fallen into the drain, it usually locks at the beginning of the drain so that you can easily pick it up. However, it happens sometimes that the toilet block ends up a little further in the pipe. The block is then no longer within reach and there is no other option than to engage a professional company to remedy the blockage.

Sewer hidden by sanitary pads or tampons

Sanitary towels and tampons can sometimes accidentally end up in the toilet drain and be flushed. This does not end well in most cases. Your sewer system becomes clogged and must be professionally unblocked so that the pipe can flow through the water again without any problems.

Sewer clogged by plastic

Plastic should never be drained into the sewer pipe. In most cases, sewerage caused by plastic is created by accident. It is not known to everyone that plastic does not belong there. By placing a warning sticker and a waste bin you minimize the risk of plastic in the sewer pipe.

Sewer clogged by candle wax

In general, it is thought that the sewer pipe is more suitable for the removal of waste residues than a drain pipe. This is a misconception because these types of waste residues can attach to the inside of the sewer pipe just as well as is the case with a drain pipe. Candle wax is one of the stubbornest substances there is. It solidifies quickly in contact with water and it will definitely float on the water. It is therefore difficult to wash away and therefore candle wax should always be deposited in the waste bin.

Sewer clogged by cement

During construction work, the sewer pipe is not always handled with care. It is best to protect the pipe against waste residues such as cement by tensioning plastic over it as long as the work is ongoing. This prevents cement particles from ending up in the pipe. Clogging by cement is usually not easy to remedy.

Sewer clogged by sand

The sewer pipe is not suitable for discharging sand. However, we regularly experience that a sewer blockage has been created by sand, while the owner knows for sure that no sand has been thrown into the sewer pipe. This can happen when sewerage has occurred somewhere in the pipeline, causing sand to enter.

Sewer clogged by frying fat

Deep-frying fat is the most persistent of all types of fat. This type of fat is stickier than fat as we know it from pans. If you are dealing with a sewer blockage due to frying fat, there is no other option than to have the pipe flushed with a high-pressure cleaner.

sewer is clogged by deep frying fat

Deep-frying fat is best disposed of in an empty bottle of detergent. We regularly experience that people have thrown frying fat into the toilet drain on the assumption that it could do no harm. This is a misconception because deep-frying fat always remains behind on the inside of a pipe and therefore ensures a less good flow.

Sewer clogged by soap residues

Soap is known to dissolve in water and is ideal for cleaning. Nevertheless, soap residues always remain in the pipeline and after a while, they start to clump together. The consequence of this is that the pipeline flows less and less efficiently through the main drainage system. To prevent clogging due to soap residues, it is advisable to have the sewer pipe cleaned every now and then, preferably with a high-pressure cleaner.

Sewer clogged by washing powder

Have you ever looked at the baked-on residues in the box where you put the washing powder? Then you can imagine what is left on the inside of the pipe. Anyone who uses washing powder will have to deal with it. To keep the flow of water optimal, it is best to run the washing machine once a month at 90 degrees without the use of detergents. The pipe can be cleaned in this way.

Sewer clogged by lime

Lime is always present in the water, although this cannot be seen with the naked eye. The presence of lime in the water only becomes clear to most people when the taps are not cleaned regularly. There is then a white layer of limescale on the tap that makes the tap look dull.

After a number of years, the scale deposits on the inside of the pipe will have considerably reduced the original diameter of the pipe, with the result that you often suffer from wastewater that cannot drain properly. A blockage is lurking if you do not have the pipe cleaned by an expert on time.

Sewer clogged by tree roots

Tree roots are very powerful and grow through everything. It does not matter which material is used. On the street, this phenomenon is best visible through stones that rise and are crooked. Even asphalt can crack due to root growth.

Unfortunately, with a sewer pipe, there is no escaping when there is a tree nearby. Sooner or later you will have to deal with the sewer pipe sagging or cracking. In such situations, it is advisable to call in a sewer expert who analyzes the situation for you and then performs a repair in a professional manner. By getting help on time, you prevent the problems from getting worse and the financial damage increasing.

Since trees can lead to many sewer problems, we often experience that people want to cut down a tree. To ensure that you can remove the tree, it is advisable to call the municipality first.

Sewer clogged by drought

Drought can lead to sewer clogging in various ways. If it has not rained for a long time, the groundwater level is low, which means that subsidence can occur, with all its consequences.

Have you not used the sewer pipe for a while? Then the remains on the inside of the pipe have become even more stubbornly clogged and there is a high chance that the sewer pipe will become clogged in the short term.

Sewer clogged by coffee grounds

There are various theories about coffee grounds. For example, it could be used effectively against sewer blockages due to the abrasive effect. Although there is quite some truth in this, we do not recommend this method. Simply because it is unnecessarily burdening the environment. When cleaning the wastewater, all that coffee grime has to be filtered out again and that costs a lot of energy. It is, therefore, best to throw coffee grounds in the waste bin.

Sewer clogged by the dishwasher

The dishwasher causes wastewater that can contain all kinds of residues and substances. It is therefore very common that a sewer blockage is caused by a dishwasher. A blockage by the dishwasher often results in a leak from the dishwasher itself and the water in the kitchen drain can also rise. There are special cleaning blocks that allow the lime to dissolve in the drain pipe. This can already result in fewer blockages occurring from the dishwasher.

Sewer clogged by an object

The entrance to a sewer pipe is often freely accessible. This is useful if, for example, you want to flush toilet paper, but the pipeline is also vulnerable to objects. Every year, many objects disappear in the pipeline that actually does not belong there. You often do not even notice it, but when, for example, a toilet block falls into the pipeline, there is no alternative but to call an expert to solve the problem. Nowadays the telephone is often used when people are present in the toilet. We regularly experience that a sewer blockage has occurred due to a telephone that has fallen into the toilet.

Sewer clogged by cat gravel

Not everyone is aware that cat gravel is unsuitable for being thrown into the sewer pipe. Cat gravel does not dissolve in water and it is therefore disastrous when cat gravel is in the sewer pipe. We are regularly called by people who have put cat gravel in the toilet. There is no other option than to have the pipe sprayed or sucked out.

sewer clogged by cat gravel

The symptoms of a sewer congestion

The water that hardly flows away

Sewer congestion often occurs gradually. This means that if you pay attention, in most cases you can have the pipe cleaned in a timely manner, which means that blockage problems are a thing of the past. In this case, the consequences are manageable. However, a sewer blockage that occurs out of the blue requires an acute solution. In this way, you limit the risk of flooding and other forms of sewerage.

One of the most feared sewer blockages is a blockage caused in the toilet. The stools then float to the surface again and may even start to overflow. Do you notice that when the toilet is pulled through, the water first rises and only then flows away? Then those are the first symptoms of a sewer blockage. This is the time to have a sewer specialist come on site. The costs for remedying the sewer problem are lower at this stage and the consequences for your situation in the building remain under control.

A terrible sewer tank

Because the wastewater cannot flow optimally or even at all in the event of sewer congestion, the nasty air rises to the surface again and spreads throughout the entire building. An air in which you do not like to live, work and certainly do not want to receive visitors. Sewer smell does not necessarily mean that the sewer is clogged, but it is certainly advisable to have a sewer specialist come to the site to find out the underlying cause.

Leakage from the sewer pipe

When a blockage is going on, the pressure in the sewer pipe rises because it is not designed to cope with high water pressure for a long time. Weak spots in the sewer pipe can cause the wastewater to leak or even worse: the cracks in the pipe will increase due to the pressure. As soon as you notice that sewage from the pipeline is leaking, do not wait too long and get help. In this way, you prevent further damage to the floor and mold and sewer flies.

Bubbling sound from the sewer pipe

This indicates an irregular flow of wastewater into the sewer system. The cause can be a sewer blockage. However, an investigation must first be carried out on-site to obtain certainty, because it can also mean that there is a problem with the sewer aerator.

Determine the location of the sewer congestion

Most people have no idea where exactly the blockage is in the pipe. That is not surprising, because the sewer pipe is tens of meters long and without advanced equipment, it is not possible to determine the exact location of the blockage. A sewer expert solves blockages every day and can determine where the sewage blockage occurs by counting the number of meters of the unclogging spring. This is the method of almost all sewerage companies.

determine the location of the sewer congestion

If you have thought about the cause of the sewer blockage, it is best to report this to the on-site expert, because if, for example, an object has ended up in the pipeline, it is obvious that the blockage will occur on a number of meters from the pipe entrance.

If it is also not clear to a sewer specialist where the blockage is exactly in the pipe, a sewer camera can be used. The advantage of a sewer camera is that the cause of the blockage is always determined and other defects of the pipe become visible. Moreover, you can watch on the screen and with that, you can be a lot more reassured that a suitable solution is chosen.

Sewer clogging with private individuals

Sewer clogging can occur in many ways, as you can read above. The impact that sewer congestion has on daily life should not be underestimated. When the toilet is unusable due to a sewer blockage, it is not possible to stay in the building. This also applies when there is sewage smell due to a blockage. A sewer blockage can ensure that multiple drain pipes can no longer be used. Most people like to have sewer congestion solved the same day. Nobody is waiting for sewer congestion and that is why we see an increase in the number of requests from private individuals for periodic maintenance of the sewer pipes.

Sewer congestion at companies

The consequences of sewage congestion at companies can be even more far-reaching than among private individuals. For example, it is better to keep a catering facility closed when the toilet is clogged. The guests must be able to serve optimally and that is not possible when there is a flood and there is a terrible sewage smell in the building. Moreover, that can result in bad reviews that the company will always continue to pursue on the internet.

For companies, we offer emergency service, so that the inconvenience for you and your guests is minimal. As soon as you notice that there is sewage congestion, do not wait any longer and call the telephone number below immediately. This prevents the sewer problems from increasing.

The available unclogging methods for a sewer blockage


When someone is confronted with sewer congestion, the first thing that comes to mind is to grab the plopper from the kitchen cupboard. The plopper is a simple tool that is present in most households. Even professional unblocking services have a plopper in the work bus and that says a lot. The plopper is capable of remedying sewer clogs. You should think of small blockages, such as a build-up of toilet paper.

Tension spring

A tension spring (also known as a handspring) consists of a spiral-shaped spring that is several meters long. Carefully lowering this spring into the sewer pipe makes it possible to use the spring by making small movements and slowly pulling the spring up. Be careful not to force anything. It is better to repeat a number of times than to use the spring hard once.

High-pressure cleaning machine

The high-pressure cleaner is excellent for heavier blockages. You should think of sewer clogs that are caused by fat. With an unclogging spring, it is almost impossible to effectively remedy a blockage due to fat.

high-pressure cleaner for remedying heavy sewer clogs

Not every unblocking company has a high-pressure machine because the purchase price is high. If you want to engage a company to solve a complex blockage, it is best to ask in advance if they have access to this machine.


Those who have soda at their disposal can try to dissolve soda in hot water and pour this mixture into the sewer pipe. Before attempting this, it is advisable to put on safety glasses. It is possible that vapors will rise and that is harmful to your eyes.


Dirt can dissolve in chlorine. If you know that a sewer blockage is caused by accumulated food residues such as fat, you can try to unblock the sewer pipe with chlorine. For this unblocking method, you must first put on safety glasses. You never know what substances are in the pipeline that can cause a chemical reaction in contact with chlorine.

Feather machine

This unclogging method consists of a spiral-shaped spring with a length of 12 meters and longer. The machine ensures that the spring starts turning hard so that the blockage breaks up into loose pieces that can be flushed through the pipe.

the unclogging springs with which the clogging can be remedied

The spring machine is present at all professional unblocking companies. Various types of specimens are available, but the effect is the same. Because of the purchase price, most private individuals do not have such a machine, because the machine is usually not needed enough to be able to call it an interesting investment.

Frequently asked questions about a clogged sewer

  1. How do I know for sure that my sewer is blocked?

    It is quite difficult to determine this for sure because you most likely do not have the equipment required to perform a sewer inspection. In addition, a sewer inspection requires a certain level of experience that is not sufficiently available for most private individuals. There are, however, a number of symptoms that may indicate that there is a sewer blockage. In this way, you can check whether the sewer pipes in other areas of your building still work properly. Doesn’t the water drain well there? Then there is a very big chance that a sewer blockage is going on.

  2. Can it do any harm if I wait for a while to resolve the sewage congestion?

    That, of course, differs per situation. The degree of nuisance and danger that sewer congestion causes must be clear to be able to give a specific answer to this question. It goes without saying that when there is a toilet blockage and you have two toilets in your house, a solution is not as necessary if the other toilet functions properly. As mentioned earlier in this article, a blockage is often accompanied by a flood where wastewater comes up. Although this is not necessarily the case, you should certainly not underestimate the risk of this, as it is obvious that the water level will increase more and more.

  3. I live in a rental house, do I have to pay for the costs of unclogging the sewer?

    That just depends on what you have contractually agreed with the landlord. It is best to first contact the landlord in this case, because it may be that he has a partnership with a specialized sewer company in your area.

  4. How long does it take before a sewer blockage is remedied?

    We know from experience that this varies per assignment. The time required varies between 10 minutes and 1.5 hours, in the event of a complex blockage. Keep in mind that someone has to be available at the building for a few hours as soon as a sewer expert comes on site.

  5. My neighbors also have a sewer blockage on the same pipeline, is it possible to share the costs?

    It often happens that we are called in to remedy a sewer blockage that also occurs at the neighbors. If an order has been jointly provided by both of you to us, this may turn out to be more advantageous, since the travel costs are then distributed. However, for the other costs, it is not always obvious that the costs are shared on an equal basis with the neighbors. Imagine that the sewer problem was solved in just 10 minutes and that the neighbors worked for an hour and even a camera inspection was carried out. In that case, it is not smart to share the costs for the work, because then you will pay for the misery of the neighbors. The aforementioned advantage of call-out costs remains an interesting aspect.

  6. Does the age of the sewer pipe affect the number of sewer clogs that I can experience?

    Yes, old sewer pipes usually contain many caked up residues. Certainly, when these pipes are not cleaned regularly, blockage problems continue to recur on a regular basis. In this case, you would be wise to have a sewer specialist come to the site to have a plan of approach drawn up for periodic maintenance.

  7. Is sewage congestion solved by private individuals in a different way than by companies?

    Yes, because where individuals can usually work with an unclogging machine, we notice that companies use the high-pressure spray more often. The pipes at companies generally have to endure more and that requires a more powerful and sustainable solution. Fortunately, our equipment is optimized for all situations.

  8. Is a sewer blockage less common in new construction?

    Experience shows that sewerage problems occur less frequently with new construction. However, new construction is certainly no guarantee for a perfect sewer system. For example, construction errors may occur, which means that people are constantly inconvenienced by poor flow of wastewater, with all its consequences. In fact, there is nothing left to do but to re-install the pipes and that is a task that is costly and therefore often postponed.

  9. Is a sewage block covered by the insurance?

    That depends on what is stated in the policy conditions. In a number of cases, a sewer blockage will definitely not be reimbursed. For example, when there is intent or gross negligence. Before calling in a sewer company, it is best to first call the insurance company to submit your question.

  10. Will the sewer smell disappear when remedying a sewer blockage?

    That varies from case to case. If the flow in a sewer pipe is not good, the nasty smells can rise again. However, sewage smell can also have a different cause than a blockage. A problem with the aerator or a break in the sewer pipe may also arise. An on-site expert can best determine that for you.

  11. What is the best way to remedy a sewer blockage?

    When the situation permits, a high-pressure cleaner is the most effective. This machine is especially useful for heavy blockages. The caked up residues on the inside of the sewer pipe are better removed under high pressure than with a spiral-clogging machine.

  12. Is the result of unclogging the sewer pipe permanent?

    Yes, but that only applies to the specific blockage that has been resolved. A sewer pipe can become clogged in a different way in the future and that is inevitable in a number of cases. If you want to limit the risk of blockages, then it is best to have periodic maintenance carried out.

  13. Is it advisable to use an unclogging agent to unclog the sewer?

    We are not in favor of the use of an unblocking agent. We regularly experience that glue and fixing materials have been damaged by unblocking agents. The result of the unclogging agent, therefore, leaves much to be desired. The unclogging agent may be cheap to purchase, but the consequences of damage to the sewer pipe are usually much higher than if you had the blockage remedied by a specialized company. Such a leak can cause havoc in your building or that of the neighbors.

  14. Can a sewer blockage be remedied at any location?

    In principle, yes, as long as there are sufficient access points (inspection pits, etc.). With a sewer pipe of 100 meters and longer, it is advisable that you inform the sewer expert in advance. In this situation, it is impossible to unclog the pipe with a spiral, because they are too short (50 to 60 meters). Piping through the pipeline is, therefore, the most obvious solution for long sewer pipes.

  15. My sewer pipe is always clogged, what can I do best?

    This can have two causes: 1. The sewer pipe is not being used properly. 2. There is a structural problem in the pipe that needs to be solved. Call in a sewer expert to have a thorough sewer inspection carried out. Having a sewer camera inspection carried out can provide insight into the cause of the sewer blockage in a short time. It is possible that a break or a construction fault will cause blockages that recur.

  16. Can a sewer blockage be caused by subsidence?

    That is certainly possible because through subsidence of the sewer pipe the flow is limited. In that case, there is no other option than to dig up the pipeline and carry out a sewer repair.

  17. What does it cost to unclog a sewer?

    The price for unblocking a sewer system is determined at most companies on the basis of the amount of time or meters required to make the sewer system clog-free. On average, the total amount for unblocking a sewer system is around € 250 (including VAT). A quotation can usually be provided in advance, but in a number of situations, a sewer expert must first come to the site to gain more insight into the sewer problem.

  18. Is it customary for a warranty to be provided on performing unblocking work?

    In almost all cases there is a standard warranty on the work. If there are external factors, such as root growth, subsidence or other situation that a sewer expert has no influence on, it may be that it is not possible to offer a guarantee. In that case, you will be informed and this is clearly described on the invoice.

  19. Can I call on the municipality to unclog the sewer?

    The municipality will only help if it appears that the blockage is in the part of the sewer pipe that falls under the responsibility of the municipality. An on-site sewer expert can determine where the problem is in the pipeline by means of an inspection.

  20. Can I use the sewer pipe the same day when there is an expert on-site?

    If the blockage can be solved with an unclogging machine or a high-pressure cleaner, you can assume that the sewer pipe can be used again without problems the same day.

  21. Is it possible to watch during the unclogging work?

    That depends on whether you get permission from the sewer specialist who carries out the work for you. We find it no problem that you watch and ask questions, but you can certainly imagine that there are also plumbers who experience increased pressure when the customer watches during the work.

  22. Is it harmful to the environment to unclog the sewer pipe?

    If unclogging agents are avoided, it is not harmful to the environment to unclog the sewer pipe. If it is true that you know that chemicals have entered the pipeline, then it is advisable to report this to the sewer expert. It is possible that the pipe will be drained before the blockage is remedied. You can assume that you call on us to carry out unblocking work to ensure that environmental concerns are always central. As soon as we find harmful substances, they are disposed of in a responsible manner.

  23. Is it safe to unclog a sewer pipe?

    A sewer specialist resolves hundreds of congestions every year and knows how to estimate the situation like no other. You will be notified as soon as a risk is present when the sewer pipe is unblocked. Is the sewer pipe not properly laid or are the connections no longer in good condition? Then there is a risk of leakage as soon as a pipe cleaner or high-pressure cleaner is used in the pipeline. The pipe must then be repaired before the blockage can be remedied.

  24. What are the consequences for the location where the blockage is being remedied?

    Fixing a sewer blockage is usually accompanied by a lot of dirt. Unfortunately, there is no escaping that. Everything that is in the sewer pipe can reach the surface in parts, so that not only bad odors are created, but also the floor (covering) comes into contact with waste. The consequence is that cleaning work must be carried out to remove all traces of the sewer blockage.

  25. Is it safe for the pipework to unclog the sewer?

    Yes, as long as this is done by someone with knowledge. Unblocking a sewer pipe must be done with policy. Forcing the coil (unclogging spring) into the pipe can cause damage. For example, coupling pieces can become loose, which can cause it to leak. As stated earlier, the use of an unclogging agent is not conducive to glue and fixing material. The method used for unblocking is therefore essential in the pursuit of maximum safety.

  26. Can any sewer blockage be solved?

    Yes, when an expert has access to the necessary equipment, every sewer blockage can be remedied. It should be noted that this only relates to the part of the sewerage that falls under your own responsibility since it is not permitted to work in the part that belongs to the municipality. If it falls under the responsibility of the municipality, you must also immediately inform the municipality. They will certainly act appropriately in that case.

  27. Can the damage be caused by unblocking the sewer pipe?

    In principle, no direct damage can be caused as a result of the unblocking work. Problems that can occur are often related to defects that were already present in the management before the work started. If a pipe has weak spots or is loose somewhere near a coupling piece, the pressure may increase as a result of the unclogging work, which will increase the seriousness of the defects. As soon as there is doubt about the state of a pipe, a camera inspection is often carried out.

  28. What should I do if the paint has clogged a sewer?

    In the case of a sewer clogged by paint, it is important to know whether the paint is water-based. If this is the case, the sewer pipe can best be sprayed through. If the paint is not water-based, the blockage can be so persistent that part of the pipe needs to be replaced.

  29. Are there any tips that I can follow to prevent a sewer blockage?

    A general rule applies to sewer pipes: only flush out washing water and the water from the toilet. A sewer pipe is not suitable for flushing out substances. Prevention is better than cure, so it is very wise to put residual material in the waste bin. To reduce the risk of clogging, you can opt for occasional preventive maintenance. The sewer pipe is then professionally cleaned. Any defects can also be identified and resolved in a timely manner.

  30. To what extent does slope play a role in sewer congestion?

    If there is not enough slope in the sewer pipe, the wastewater cannot drain properly. One consequence is that sewer clogging is more frequent. The fact that there is little or no slope does not necessarily mean that there is a construction fault because the slope can be influenced by the sinking of the sewer pipe. To ensure that there is sufficient slope, you can have a sewer camera inspection carried out. As soon as it has been established that there is an insufficient slope, the sewer pipe must be dug up so that the slope problem can be solved.

  31. Are there permanent solutions for sewer clogs?

    Unfortunately, not. As long as a sewer pipe is used, there is a risk of blockage. We do not exclude the possibility that in the future there will be techniques that allow a robot to inspect and clean the pipeline, for example. This would make it easier to perform preventive maintenance.

  32. Can a sewer blockage be caused by the neighbors?

    That’s certainly possible. After the sewer pipe has been inspected, it is established whether the blockage is in your part of the pipe or whether the problem is in the pipe that falls under the responsibility of the neighbors. We know from experience that in consultation with the neighbors the pipeline is usually blocked in the short term.

  33. The sewer pipe is blocked after heavy rainfall, what should I do?

    It is best to call in a sewer specialist so that he can check so that the water no longer runs away. If the well is clogged, the high-pressure cleaner can be used to remove the blockage. If several people in the neighborhood suffer from sewerage congestion, the emergency service of the municipality may have to come by to remedy the blockage problem.

  34. The sewer well is full of leaves, what should I do?

    In this case, it is also important to know whether the sewer well falls under your own responsibility. It is not possible for most individuals to clean a well that is full of leaves, because they do not have the necessary equipment. For a quick solution, it is best to have a sewer expert come on site.

  35. Can any kind of sewer pipe be unblocked?

    This is possible as long as the sewer pipe is in good condition. It is not advisable to unclog the sewer pipe as soon as it is clear that there are cracks or other defects in the pipe.

Have a sewer plug repaired by a professional company

An unclogging company for individuals and companies

With our advanced equipment, we are able to help everyone in solving the sewage congestion. We understand better than anyone that a sewer blockage requires an effective approach and you can, therefore, assume that most blockages can be remedied within two hours.

sewer specialist who remedies the blockage

The environmental interest is always central

A clogged sewer can in some cases lead to damage to the environment. This damage occurs, for example, when chemicals overflow from the sewer pipe. As soon as these chemicals end up in the soil, this soil must be excavated as quickly as possible to prevent further serious consequences.

When carrying out the unblocking work, we always take the environment into account. Both in the technology that is used for unblocking the pipe and for the possible consequences of the substances present, we opt for a sustainable solution. It regularly happens that we remove harmful substances and have them destroyed.

Safe and reliable equipment

Developments in the sewer industry never standstill. Every year improvements appear in the area of unblocking machines. Given the volume of the number of clogs that we remedy every year, a new machine is added to the equipment every two years. You will find unclogging machines and high-pressure cleaners with us.

Our expertise offers you certainty

With more than 15 years of experience, we have valuable insights that ensure that every sewer blockage can be effectively remedied. From analysis to offering a sustainable solution, your sewer pipe is in safe hands with us.

24/7 availability

A solution for a sewer congestion can never take too long. We are very aware of this and for that reason, we try to help everyone within two hours. It is of course also possible to schedule an appointment on a day and time that suits you best.


Everyone in the Netherlands can use our services. Service employees are active everywhere who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to execute urgent orders.

We always find a solution

There is always a solution for every sewer block. In a number of situations, the solution to a sewer block is outside our sphere of influence. In that case, the municipality must come by to remedy the blockade.

Do you still have a question about something?

We would like to invite you to ask us your question. It is our passion to be able to help private individuals and companies with unclogging the sewer pipe. It is possible that we add your question, together with our answer, to the questionnaire that is visible on this page, so that other people can also be helped on their way.

Want to contact us directly to make an appointment?

As soon as you call the telephone number below you will notice that you will immediately speak to an expert who can schedule an appointment with you.

work bus is equipped with a high-pressure cleaner


When you contact us, we would appreciate it very much that you have analyzed the clogging problems yourself as much as possible. Do you have an idea that caused the sewer blockage? Then notify us so that we can work towards a suitable solution faster. Once the sewer problems have been identified, an appointment can be made at your location.

Call: 06-28791793