Sewage installation

Have you ever thought about how important the sewage system is? What is the role of sewage installation services? You ever thought what could happen if all the water that is being used in a property it doesn’t go away? These are some questions that people may ask themselves about sewage installation services. The sewage system is a system since the ancient times, that is able to remove the water that has been used in a property for safety reasons, will be moved usually through pipes or channels to the underground. What is the whole purpose of that? Once the dirty water is being used for washing something over and over again, then dangerous bacteria are getting produced. They can damage people’s health, and in some cases to be fatal. This is the one thing that is well known since many years ago, so people know how important is to have good sewage installed.

Have you ever seen a house or a building with without water supply? If the building has a water supply, then it must have also a sewage system. Of course, not everywhere the sewage system is the same. It will be different in single houses, different in semi-detached houses and different in an apartments building. In the apartment building, for example, they are all connected with larger sewage pipes from the top of the building to the bottom. However, there is a single main sewage pipe that goes down the ground, once the water will leave the apartment. In this way, it will save space that is being used for the pipes to go through the walls down the ground. In an apartment’s building, it is very rare to have sewage issues, because the pipes that have been used for its sewage installation are usually much wider than the ones of a single house.

Once everything that will go out from your house through the sewage system, it will connect with the city’s central sewage. A city’s sewage system it collects everything that goes out from every single building in the city and takes to specific places. In those places, is happening what is called biologic cleaning of wastewater. Biological cleaning of wastewater is a process that all the water that went down the sewers will get cleaned up and all the harmful bacteria will be killed, so will be biologically friendly and with no danger of serious disease to people or to the animals around that area. But is really the reason of that biological cleaning? Just imagine all the wastewater from the whole city to be collected down in a single spot. Day by day, it will pile more and more with more bacteria to be created. The first thing that will be infected will be the animals around the area. Even if is far out of the city, many people will get serious diseases from the birds that will carry them over. So, what is happening at this point? It goes back to the people.

It doesn’t matter if you are having an individual septic field or your sewage is connected to the city’s sewers. A sewage system must be installed right from the beginning in a new house. The installation is not something that you can do it by yourself. In most of the times, the ground must be dug a few yards deep. Special machines need to be used for this job. The pipes need to have a special angle also, so all the wastewater will go downwards and will not stay inside the pipes or go backwards into the house.

After many years of researches, with a lot of different ways that have been tested and different materials that have been used through the time, sewage installation services have come to a level, where they are able to get the best solution for the job you are looking them for. Every house’s wastewater, once it leaves the house, it goes first to a septic tank. The septic tank collects all the sludge in the bottom of it, whatever will go to the septic field or down the city’s sewers, will be just water. Imagine what could happen if septic tanks were not invented. All the sludge in the water from human’s and food’s disposals would be collected down the sewers and most of the times it would cause problems of blocking the water flow. Once this would happen, especially in a big city’s sewers, that would be a very serious problem to have it fixed. Down the sewers water from the rain is also getting collected. So, what would happen if the sewers are filled with sludge, and it is raining more than usual? It would cause a clog that area would overflow. In the worst case scenario, it would destroy the road by lifting it up because of the pressure underground.

Health and safety regarding sewage issues:

Since the time when you were a small kid, you were taught to always wash your hands after going to the toilet or before eating something. This was in order to get rid of harmful bacteria and small parasites, are not visual to you, but they were there. Collected in the most areas of the house, especially in the toilet, and your body. They can cause you serious health problems. You can have a fever, stomach-ache or diarrhoea, which you can very easy away from that. But are other cases where you can get salmonella or other infections caused by parasites in the intestines that can cause you serious problems with your health. This is one of the main reasons why the sewage in your house and in the city is so important. If that wouldn’t be able to get sorted, then the people would be sick one after another and it would be epidemic.

Sometimes you do not have to get on direct contact with the source of the infection. Pests at home like rats and cockroaches can be a source of an indirect infection. Cockroaches can enter your home through the drains. A lot of people are scared of them and they should be. Not for the reason how they look like, or they are afraid that it will attack them and biting off a piece from their body, but for what they are caring with them. They are coming from the sewers into your house, so they are carrying on them a very large amount of harmful bacteria and parasites. If you have indeed a pest problem in your house, you better call for pest control. He will be able to identify, whether or not you should call for sewage service to fix the issue you are having. For example, something is not how it should be with the sewage pipes outside of the house and you had not a clue about it. The pests may be coming from there before they will go into your house area.

A problematic pipe in the sewage in your house can cause serious health problems and need to be fixed as soon as possible. If you have a leaking pipe in your sewage system, then you need to get a sewage installation service. Do not try to fix it yourself, since most of the times you will be not able to identify the problem. How you will find out that something is not right with the sewage pipes? Well, you may see right outside of the house water coming off the ground, or that area is soaked in a sunny day. That is definitely a leaking sewage pipe and must be fixed as soon as possible. You think to yourself what thing has possibly caused the pipe to start leaking? In order to find out the answer to the question, you need to look back at the pipe and the wastewater flow. So, what do you see when the water goes down the drains? You can see vibration from the washing machine, the dishwasher and the garbage disposal in the kitchen. You can see the pressure from all the water that goes down the toilet and the papers every time you used it. And also you can see a few times when you had the drains in your house clogged. All those things can make the sewage pipe to dislocate causing the leaking. This is the visual identification of the sewage problem you are having. So you have identified the leaking issue you are having in your garden. Would you leave your kids or your dog to play there, ignoring the fact that you have a sewage pipe there, or you would try to get it sorted straight away since you know how dangerous can be for their health?

Another problem you may have can be with gas from the sewage. It usually can be felt during the hot days in the summer. If you can feel a horrible smell coming that means you have a problem with your septic tank. The septic tank is almost full and needs to be pumped. The problem that can cause you at home is for the water to be drained slower. Also, inhaling the sewer gas is dangerous for your own health. Of course, the sewer gas is so horrible that is hard to even withstand it, but it contains large amounts of ammonia that can cause you dizziness and headache. Ammonia and other gas coming from the sewers are very flammable. So, you need to keep that in mind when you can smell sewer gas. So, how is caused exactly by the septic tank? The sludge is no letting more water to go through the septic tank so you cannot ignore it. If you let it continues the water will be not able to go away from the sewage, with the result the water returning to your house. So you do not really want that to happen, do you? After all, this is the whole point of the sewage system in a property. To keep in clean and safe for you and your family.

Services provided by companies:

What is this that you are looking a sewer company for? Is this a new sewer installation in your house? Are you making a complete makeover at your house, so you thought you may need to change the sewer pipes? Or you have noticed a leak and you want the problem to be sorted? In any case, you need to hire a sewer company. Usually, sewage installation companies are more limited than plumbing companies, so is harder to find one available to do your job at the desired time. Depending on the emergence of the problem you may have at the moment, you need to wait for a while. Just think how hard is to replace the old pipes with the new ones. First of all, they need to be located. Sewage pipe is not something that is visual to the eye. They are buried deep in the ground, with each part pointing deeper and deeper, so the water will be able to go downwards by itself. Every house plan has all the sewage pipes included with them. Even if they are missing, because it is an old house with an individual septic field, sewage installation companies they do have special tools that are able to identify the exact place and the depth of the sewage pipes. Once the pipes have been found then they are able to work on them. The old pipes need to be excavated from the ground and removed. Imagine since you have a basement at home. The basement is around seven feet under the surface. That means that the pipes are lying minimum eight feet under the ground. Do you think you will be able to do it without an excavator?

Even when you install a brand new sewage system. You are building a new house so you will need a drain system. The sewage pipes need to go in the foundation of the house. So when it would be the best to place pipes from sewage? The best option would be right when the house’s foundation will be placed. In this way, digging up on the new concrete in order to place the sewer pipes will be able to be avoided. Otherwise it would be like making the same thing twice, with the difference that when you do it on the second time would be much harder. Doesn’t make much of a sense, does it?

Or have you noticed an issue in your pipes that is possible a leak? A leaking sewage pipe cannot be ignored by any means. It can cause serious health problems to you and the people living in the area. Depending on how deep is the pipe installed in the ground, it can be visible or not. In any case, a leak must be fixed as soon as possible. Sewage installation services will be able to identify the exact location of the leak. Once it has been identified, the leaking pipes will be fixed or replaced. You can possibly think that a sewage main pipe is like any other water drain pipe. They may be similar because they do the exact same thing, but they are not the same. First of all, sewage pipes are not the kind of pipes that can be easily fixed or replaced. They are usually much bigger and more stabilized than normal drain pipes. This is the reason why it should be able to cause you as fewer problems in the future as possible. For example, if the ground is not pressed properly, with the help of the water rain the ground will get soaked and with the pressure applied from the surface, it can dislocate the pipes. A sewage installation company is able to examine and place your sewer pipes in the best way possible.

Another reason which may differ a normal drain pipe from a sewer pipe is how has been isolated. When connecting two pipes in the bathroom or in the kitchen you need to screw a special ring around them and use Teflon tape between them. On the sewer main pipe, all that needs to be done is putting one inside the other. This is much easier to get connected since they are much bigger than normal ones and much more difficult to handle them. However, they cannot be left like that. Strong isolation must be applied between the pipes. If the isolation will be applied incorrectly or not at all, wastewater will be leaking from the pipes.

In order to prevent possible future leaks, a specific amount of silicone must be applied where the pipes are getting connected. Silicone is a liquid looking material, which once it gets exposed on the air it materializes and sticks the connected parts together, is it elastic and waterproof. Sometimes, you may face leaking issues from old silicone that was not applied correctly and after years it has been removed from the place causing a leak. A plumbing installation company will be able to remove the old silicone and apply the new one. Once they will finish their job, and the leaking has been fixed, then the pipes must be tested in case they didn’t the job properly, or they missed a spot.

Emergency cases:

Do you think that a sewage problem must be immediately reported? You must report the issue you are having with the sewers straight away. There is your health and safety depending on. Not only yours but the people around you also. And we do not mean in the house you are living. Your neighbours’ next door that the wastewater from your own house will go to his garden, or the wild animals’ that may get in contact with your problem. So in those cases, you need professional immediate assistance. The best thing that you will be able to do is do not use any water that will go down the sewers. If you are smelling sewer gas at home, open the windows straight away so fresh air will enter the house and the dangerous gas won’t stay. The gas coming from the sewer can be dangerous if you inhale them and they are also very flammable. Many kids when they are young and they are discovering the world, they did a trick with a lighter’s flame while farting, so they will make the fire grow cause of the gas coming out from the body anus. So imagine gas from years of human disposals, collected in one spot. So do not want to try it out at home, since it will not end up nicely.

So once you have reported, the issue you are having to the sewage installation service, depending on the emergence of the issue you are having they will respond to your house. First thing before they will start doing anything, they will empty the pipes and the septic tank. Once they do that they will identify the issue you just reported and will look if is something else around that may cause the problems. They will be able to fix the problem you are having are they will make it once again safe for you. They will give you also tips how you will be able to maintain the sewer pipes clean and how often you should pump your septic tank, in order to avoid clogging in your septic field or the water to going backwards in your house. What you need to remember, is that you are not the first one who may be facing a problem with the sewer installation and neither the last. The sewage installation services, are experts on this subject, so your sewage system is in good hands.

Sewage installation

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