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Clear your drainage from €87,75(incl.vat)

tap (70pro)


We can help consumers and businesses to clear their drainage from € 87,75 (incl.vat). For exact pricing, we need more insight into the nature of the clogging. For this we would like to contact you first, preferably by telephone, to discuss the symptoms of clogging. After that we will analyze the issue at your location.

Boiler inspection from €145 (incl. vat). This inspection includes a diagnostics- and health check. Prices for boiler maintenance, repair or replacement can only be specified after the inspection.


On all our work, one month warranty applies as a standard. In some situations, there may be no warranty. This occurs in situations where clogging is caused by root growth or breakage, without the pipes being replaced by us. The chance that the clogging will return will then be too big. If you have let us replace your pipes, the warranty will apply.

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