Bathtub clogged?

Bathtub clogged: the cause and the solution

Having your bathtub clogged can ruin your time when you are about to take a bath. You will be upset every time when you will release the stopper and waiting for the water to be drained. It is going to take a while for it to happen and the dirt will be still left at the bottom of the bathtub.

Bathtub clogged

Therefore, you need to have it fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid any further problems. The clogging issue will just keep getting worse and you may end up having standing water in there. Below you will find a full list of what can cause your bathtub to get clogged and how to unclog it effectively.

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The cause of a clogged bathtub:

What causes a clogged bathtub:

There can be many different reasons why your bathtub is clogged. On an everyday basis, after taking a bath, dirt and soap from your body will go down the drains. Also, hair from your body that they are going to fall will possibly cause you facing a clogging issue. Therefore, the most common reasons why your bathtub will get clogged are:

  • Clogged with hair.
  • Clogged with cat litter.
  • Clogged with dirt.
  • Clogged with grout.

Keep reading to find out how these factors can damage your drains in your bathtub.

Bathtub clogged with hair:

Having your bathtub clogged with hair is the most common cause. This is because people are taking a bath or having a shower on an everyday basis. It is natural that hair will come off the body and the head and will go down the drains. They are more likely to get stuck somewhere on their trip to the sewers and you will be having slower water draining.

Bathtub clogged with cat litter:

You may think that you can empty the cat litter in the bathtub without a problem, but you are wrong. The cat litter is very heavy and will not get down the sewers easily. It will more likely get stuck right under the hole and will cause you a serious problem with your drainage in your bathtub. Therefore, it is always better to throw the cat litter in the bins than risking your own drain to get seriously clogged.

Bathtub clogged with dirt:

Another reason to get your bathtub clogged is with dirt. This is most often caused when you will clean your shoes that are filled up with dirt in your bathtub. The dirt that will get down the drains is most likely to stay in the bottom of them. It will slowly build up and reduce the water flow when it will be drained. When you will ignore that fact you may get standing water in your bathtub with the only salvation to get a professional to pump the drain through for you.

Bathtub drain clogged with grout:

Have you made renovation recently and you have some cement left? Then do not make the mistake and pour it in the bathtub. This is something that is going to cause you some very serious problems in your pipes. The grout is going to get solidified and you will be not able to remove it. In this case, all that is going to be left for you to do is replacing the pipes in your bathtub. So, is it really worth to try taking the risk of pouring the grout in the bathtub?

The symptoms of a clogged bathtub:

Bathtub clogged drain:

So you have noticed that the water is not able to get drained properly. Then what you are facing is a clogging problem. In order to have the water being drained properly once again, you need to have it fixed. There may be quite simple to do that and will only require a few minutes of your time. However, it may be harder to do and you not being able to have it fixed. In those cases, you are going to need to look for professional assistance to help you with your clogged bathtub.

what to do when your bathtub drain is clogged

Bathtub clogged but no hair:

When the bathtub is getting clogged it is most likely for hair to be collected on the top of the hole. However, if there is no hair over there, that means that the problem is inside the pipes. In this case, you are going to put some effort in order to unclog your bathtub and having it draining the water once again properly.

Clogged bathtub boiling water:

Did you think that pouring boiling water down the bathtub is going to help you with your clogging problem? If you did not, then you can try it out by boiling a couple of pints of water and pour it in the bathtub hole. However, this method is not going to be effective if you will have standing water in your bathtub. This is because the boiling water will be not able to get into your drains because it will be blocked from the water that is already in your bathtub.

Bathtub clogged nothing works:

So have you tried every single method of the above in your clogged bathtub with no effect? Then perhaps, the clogging issue you are having may be located much deeper inside the pipes and out of your reach. In this case, you will be out of options and you will have to get professional help. A plumber will be able to come to your place and have it fixed for you.

Bathtub and toilet clogged:

If you have your bathtub and your toilet clogged at the same time, you may consider it a coincidence. This is because the drains of the toilet are joining the bathtub much deeper inside the pipes. This is done for health reasons and in order to avoid often clogging issues with your bathtub. So, unless you have the rest appliances in your bathroom clogged up, you may need to unclog each of them individually.

Bathtub clogged sink:

You were having problems with your clogged bathtub in the past and you are considering that this is the cause of your clogged sink. In order to make your theory certain, you will need to have a look in the drains under your sink. If everything looks fine in there then you were right. The clogging issue is in the area where the drains of your bathtub and your sink are getting joint.

Only bathtub clogged:

So you have checked the rest drains in your house and the water is being drained fine? In this case, this is very good news for you because it will be an easy fix. With that taking place, you will be having to look for the clogging issue right under the hole in your bathtub until maximum two feet deep into your pipes. In this case, removing the hair that has been gathered there should be your first priority.

Bathtub clogged deep:

If you do have checked in the area close to the bathtub hole and everything looks fine, then the clogging problem may be deeper in the pipes. At the same time, you may be having clogging problems in different areas in your house like your sinks. At this point, using a snake will be the only option to have your bathtub unclogged. If you will be not able to get anything out, then you may need to get a plumber and do it for you.

Bathtub clogged completely:

When you will be having your bathtub clogged completely, you will be having standing water in there. This is happening because a clogging issue was taking place earlier and you had ignored it. So, unless you will be having your bathtub filled up with water on a permanent basis, you will need to have it fixed.

Bathtub clogged and full of water:

When you will be having your bathtub filled with water and clogged, you need to have it sorted. Otherwise, it will be harmful to you if you will try on using it again. In this case, you can use a plunger to unclog your bathtub and get the water to be drained once again. However, by using a plunger the problem may not go completely and will just move slightly deeper. Therefore, you need to have the drained cleared properly otherwise, you will be having the same problem soon.

Bathtub clogged frozen:

Have you considered that your bathroom is frozen and you are having a clogging issue? Under freezing conditions outside you may think this is the case. However, when something like that is going to take place, you will be having clogging problems in your whole house. What you can do at this point, is pouring some boiling water down in every drain you have at home.

Bathtub constantly clogged:

Are you sick and tired of having your bathroom clogged all the time? Well, unless you will be pouring down the drains all the time stuff that can cause you a clog, you may consider the cause from the drains that are too narrow. With your drains narrow, you may have a clogging problem appearing quite often in your bathtub.

Bathtub won’t drain not clogged:

Does your water in your bathtub not willing to get drained and is not clogged? You checked the drains and you have them cleared as much as possible. When you will be having something like that happening, you should look for a professional to come and have a look at it. There may be a clogging issue that you have missed and you were not able to identify.

Bathtub faucet is clogged:

Having your bathtub faucet clogged can be really annoying. You will be not able to get the right amount of water coming out of it and it is going to take ages for it to be filled. In this case, you need to have a look at the faucet’s aerator. You can use a pair of pliers and have it removed from its place. Once you will have this done, clean it properly and put it back on its place.

Bathtub overflow clogged:

If you have your bathtub overflow clogged, you may be not happy when you will leave the bathtub to be filled and you will get back to it. You will be having water coming out from the bathtub and all over your floor. To have it unclogged, you can use a metal thin cable inserted through the hole and push everything to the drains.

Bathtub trap clogged:

In order to avoid clogging problems with your bathtub, you are having a metal tap cover on the hole. This is going to block most of the hair from going down the drains. When will be filled, you will notice that the water will be getting drained slower than normal. What you need to do at this point is to have the hair removed and thrown to the bins.

Clogged bathtub moen drain:

If you do have a Moen drain in your bathtub, it will be harder to get your drains clogged. However, you may be having more often clogging issues from hair that has been gathered in there. In order to have it unclogged, you need to use a screwdriver and remove the central screw from your Moen drain. Once you have done that, you will be able to remove all the hair easily and have your drain clogged free.

Clogged upstairs bathtub drain:

Having your bathtub clogged upstairs, you may be having problems with the air vent. Because the bathtub will be located closer to the roof, leaves that have come inside the air vent may be causing a clogging issue. You will notice bubbles coming out of the hole and slower water drainage. What you need to do at this point is going on the roof and removing whatever is in there causing you clogging problems.

Clogged bathtub jets:

Do you have a jacuzzi at home but the jets are clogged? This may be happening because limescale has been created on the jet holes. The hard water is the most common cause of this problem to appear. In this case, what you need to do is taking a needle and have your jet holes cleared up. Make sure you will not pull the needle too deep because it may fall inside the water supply line.

Bathtub clogged apartment:

If you are living in an apartment, it is less likely that you will be having clogging issues in your bathtub. Even if you do, the clogging problem is located under the hole to a maximum of two feet deep in the pipes. Therefore, it will be much easier to have it fixed and not being worried about clogs located very deep in the pipes.

Old bathtub clogged:

Having an old bathtub can cause you many clogging and leaking problems. This is because the drains are old and they have filled up after many years of being used. However, unless you will be planning a renovation it may be not a good option for you to have them replaced.

Possible solutions to restore a clogged bathtub drain:

Bathtub clogged fix:

So you have decided that you are going to have your bathtub fixed. In most of the cases, unclogging your bathtub is pretty simple. It may take you a few minutes of your time and you will be able to save money and time. However, there can be some cases where the problem is very hard to fix, so you have no other choice apart from hiring a professional. A plumber has better tools and is more experienced on this subject. In the end, you will be able to have your clogged bathtub fixed and the water getting drained properly.

bathtub clogged possible solutions to unclog the drain

Bathtub clogged drain home remedy:

In order to have your bathtub unclogged effectively, you need to use the right tools. You will be surprised what you have already at home that you do not know how easy they can get your bathtub unclogged. The most common ways that you can get your bathtub unclogged are:

  • Using soda and vinegar.
  • Using a plunger.
  • Using bleach.
  • Using boiling water.

Keep reading to find out how you can use those stuff easily and effectively for your clogged bathtub.

Clogged bathtub baking soda and vinegar:

Have you thought that using baking soda and vinegar on your clogged bathtub can help? If you didn’t know that, then you may wanna try this out. You may get surprised from the result on your clogged bathtub. All you need to do is pour some baking soda down the drains. Then add vinegar and you will notice bubbles coming out from the hole. This will make a chemical reaction that will unstick whatever is on the walls. In order to get the full effect of this method, it would be better to leave it overnight. The next morning pour some hot water in the drains and the clogging problem should have been fixed.

Bathtub clogged chemical:

An easy and fast way to have your bathtub unclogged is by pouring special unclogging chemicals down the drains. However, you may wanna read the instructions of the product very well before using it. This is because by using it in a wrong way can harm you and your bathtub. Therefore, make sure you will read very well the instructions before using it.

Bathtub clogged plunger:

The fastest way to have your bathtub unclogged is by using a plunger. In order to get proper use of it, you need to use it on standing water. You need to properly cover the hole with the plunger and move it up and down. This movement will apply air pressure and will make whatever is inside the pipe causing you a clogging issue to move position. However, this may be just a temporary fix, with the pipes still having stuff on the walls.

Bathtub clogged snake:

Having a snake at home can be always useful when you are having clogging issues. In order to use a snake in your clogged bathtub, you need to remove the covering metal part on the hole. You can use a screwdriver to remove the screw from the centre, so you can put the snake in there. With the snake, you will be able to pull out everything that can be causing you a clogging problem in your bathtub.

Clogged bathtub bleach:

Have you ever tried pouring bleach in your bathtub in order to unclog it? If you haven’t because you didn’t know, you may wanna try it out. You will be surprised by how the bleach is able to take off most of the things that are stuck on the walls and take them down the drains. Also, using bleach for you clogged bathtub is going to kill all the bacteria that have been gathered in there.

Contact a specialized plumber to unclog your bathtub drain:

Bathtub clogged help:

If you are not able to have your clogged bathtub fixed by yourself, then it will be time to get help. What you need to look for is a plumber to come and have a look at the problem you are having. He will be able to have it fixed for you and get the water being drained again normally. Also, he is going to give you a few tips on how you are going to better maintain your drains in your bathtub.

Was this article helpful with the problem you are having on your clogged bathtub? If you still have questions on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with your problem.

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