Toilet clogged? 20 tips to fix the problem! Plumber needed?

Toilet clogged: the cause and solution

Toilet clogged:

One of the things that can ruin your joy after using the restroom is to have your toilet clogged. Most of the people have experienced issues after using the toilet. Once you get your toilet clogged the first thing you do is trying to find a way to sort this out. Since the toilet is clogged that means that you will be not able to use it. Even if you are not planning to use the toilet because you are a guest, it would be quite embarrassing leaving poop floating in there. In any case, you better find a way to unclog that toilet, so you will have one less thing to worry about.

toilet clogged

Below you will find an index with reasons why the toilet was clogged and how you will be able to do it by yourself. Of course, if you are not able to do it, feel free to contact us.

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Clogged toilet landlord or tenant:

So you are renting a house and at some point, your toilet is clogged. You are wondering who should fix that problem. Of course, this is not something that you should bother the landlord with. Most of the times, the clog in the toilet is only temporary so you can do it yourself. But when you will be not able to do something about it, you are thinking of getting some professional help. With this happening, you are wondering who will pay for the repair. Once again, toilet clogs are something that shouldn’t be the landlord’s problem. Unless of course, you have the problem right from the start. In any case, you can check your tenant agreement. There must be a paragraph regarding the drainage problems caused during your tenancy.

toilet clogged in the netherlands

Toilet clogged in The Netherlands

A very clogged toilet:

Having a clogged toilet is not something that would make you happy about. Most of the times, you can easily fix the problem. But regarding what is in there and is causing the toilet to be clogged, you may need to put more effort into it. In harder cases, you may need to use different tools and different methods in order to unclog your toilet.

Toilet clogged reasons:

Every time after using the toilet, different things can go in there. Those things will cause your toilet to get clogged. Some of the main reasons your toilet may get clogged with are:

  • Poop
  • Baby wipes
  • Tampons
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Toys
  • Cat litter

Depending on what it is causing the clog in your toilet, you may need a different way to deal with it.

Toilet clogged from poop:

Is it possible to have your toilet clogged because you had to make poop? Well, it always depends on its nature. If you were not able to use the toilet for a few days and finally you are going to make poop, getting the toilet clogged is very possible. Being busy, under stress or taking special medication can cause your poop to come out very hard so they would get stuck halfway through.

Toilet clogged from baby wipes:

Are you throwing used baby wipes down the toilet? Well, you better consider what is written below before you do that again. A lot of people think that baby wipes are the same size as toilet paper, so they throw them down the toilet. Another reason for doing that is the number of wipes used was just a couple. The baby wipes are made of different material. Therefore, baby wipes are not getting dissolved just like the paper. With that happening, baby wipes are likely to get stuck easily on the first hazard they will find inside the pipes and will get eventually your toilet clogged.

Toilet clogged from tampons:

Because it is more comfortable for the women during their period, they are throwing their used tampons and sanitary towels in the toilet. Tampons and sanitary towels are made of different material than normal paper, so it can not be dissolved. However, tampons are working like liquid absorbers. Once they get soaked, they can grow 4 times their size. Although is small, when you put it down the toilet it will grow and will cause your toilet to get clogged.

Toilet clogged by paper towels:

Paper towels, also known as kitchen rolls, are very useful in wiping down surfaces. They are specially designed in order to absorb the water, without them getting destroyed. For that reason, throwing a paper towel down the toilet would be the same as throwing a thin kitchen towel. The size of and the quality of the paper towel can be reasons why the toilet would get clogged. Therefore, it would be wise of you throwing the paper towels in the waste bin instead of throwing down the toilet.

Toilet clogged from toilet paper:

Everybody is throwing toilet paper when they visit the toilet. However, paper thrown in the toilet can cause a clog. Of course, those may be the cases where you used an excessive amount of toilet paper. It may be also a naughty kid or a naughty animal at home who caused the big amount of paper in the toilet. You better remove as much as you can from the toilet. Doing so, you will be able to avoid an upcoming clog. If you can’t and the toilet will get clogged will be nothing else, you can do apart from dealing with it.

Toilet clogged by toy:

Has your kid dropped a toy by mistake in the toilet? At this time you have no other option apart from dealing with it. Not only because the child will be very upset for his toy that is down in the toilet but in order to avoid possible clogs. A toy is a solid object which depending on the size of it can easily get stuck inside the pipes. Once it will get stuck, brim will be not able to go down the main pipes and your toilet will get clogged. The clog caused by a will be not an easy issue to deal with.

Toilet clogged cat litter:

Another thing that can cause your toilet to get clogged is by throwing the cat litter in it. Of course, nobody wants to keep cat litter at home because it is smelly and dangerous for your health. However, throwing in the toilet is not the best option. The sand that contains the cat litter is having an effect to stay at the bottom of the pipe. Even if your toilet looks clean, the sand will not go to the final destination. It will slowly pile up and will cause your toilet to get clogged. The best thing to avoid it is by putting it in a bag and throwing straight away in the bins outside your house.

Toilet clogged after peeing:

People are visiting many times per day the toilet doing pee. You ever thought that pee can clog the toilet? It would be like the water would be causing the clog. Having a clogged toilet after peeing, means that there is something in there already that is causing the clog. It may be baby wipes or toilet paper that was already inside the pipes. With the extra water that is used once making pee, they finally got together and caused your toilet to clog.

Toilet clogged vomit:

Did you have a rough night? The last thing you want to deal with when you have a hangover and you vomited is a clogged toilet. Usually, the vomit is small pieces of food gone down to your stomach. Since it was food or liquids before, this is not something that can cause your toilet clogged. Once again, the problem was already taking place. The drains were starting to get clogged and it was waiting for the right moment when you were weakened to punish you. That was pretty nasty coming from a toilet.

Fixing a clogged toilet:

Having a clogged toilet can be challenging to deal with. In some cases, it may be easy and fast to unclog it. But there can be cases where you going to need to use different methods and more time in order to fix it. In any case, this is something that you can’t ignore and you need to have it sorted as soon as possible. The clogged toilet would mean that you wouldn’t be able using it. Well, if you can’t use the toilet what are you going to do when the need would come for you using it?

Toilet clogged diy:

Having the toilet clogged it may be not something that you want to share it to people around. Just by looking at it can make you sick, so you do want to share to other people what just came out from you. The best thing to do it by trying to fix it yourself before anyone else notices. The unclogging toilet level challenge can be from easy and fast to hard and impossible. So, you may start from the easiest ways to get it sorted and if it doesn’t work, go to more complicated ways of unclogging the toilet.

Clogged toilet quick fix:

Everybody would want the toilet to get unclogged by itself. Well, is not always possible. The most common part that gets clogged in the toilet is the hose right after the visual part in the toilet. Before you get your hands dirty, try to apply water pressure on it. Fill up the toilet bowl with water from the tank as much as possible. The water would give extra pressure and can cause whatever is in there clogging it to go on one way trip down the drains.

Toilet clogged home remedies:

When you have decided to fix the clogged toilet by yourself, you may need some ”tools”. That stuff can be found inside your home and will help you get rid of the clog you are having. Some examples of what you can easily use are:

  • A plunger.
  • Baking soda and vinegar.
  • Water snake.
  • Boiling water.

Further, you will find how you can use those stuff in order to get rid of the clog in your toilet.

Toilet clogged plunger:

The most common way to unclog a toilet is by using a plunger. It is very easy to use and you can very fast unclog your toilet. In order to use a plunger, you have to apply pressure. You need to fit the whole hole with the plunger. By pressing it and pulling it up whatever is in there stuck and is causing the clog, will change position. Once whatever was causing the clogging has changed position, the water flow will be able to come back to normal and will take it down the sewers.

Toilet clogged vinegar baking soda:

A different way to deal with a clogged toilet is by using baking soda and vinegar. In order to use it properly, the water level in the toilet should be normal. Otherwise, this method will be not efficient. What you need to do is pouring baking soda down the toilet. After doing that pour down in the hole vinegar. The baking soda and the vinegar can make whatever is in there clogging it to get dissolved with a result to get rid of the clog.

Toilet clogged boiling water:

Have you ever thought of pouring down the clogged toilet boiling water? Boiling water has a very good cleaning effect on the pipes. It can be very effective when you have cat litter clog problems. In order to make good use of the boiling water, try on combing with washing up liquid. Pour some washing up liquid down the hole and around 3-4 litres of boiling water. It will be able to go deep in your pipes and remove from the pipe walls whatever was in there clogging them.

Clogged toilet use snake:

One of the most effective ways of dealing with a clogged toilet is by using a snake. Not a lot of people are fans of using it because they know what is in there clogging the toilet. On the other hand you will be able to remove whatever is in there causing the clog. With that done, you know that it will just move deeper and will cause in a short time your toilet to get clogged again.

Unclog toilet garden hose:

Have you ever thought of using a garden hose to unclog your toilet? There are a few ways to unclog your toilet with a garden hose. Some examples are:

  • Using it as a snake. Once fitted in the hole move it inside to remove whatever is there clogging your toilet.
  • By pumping inside using water. Connect it with water supply once you fitted in the hole.
  • By Pumping inside using air. Once you have applied the hose in the hole, use your mouth or a compressor to blow inside the pipes.

In any way of using the garden hose, you need to be careful with overflowing water from the bowl.

Toilet clogged bleach:

One of the strongest chemicals you are using at home may be bleach. Bleach can be used to unclog your toilet. In order to make full use of it, you need to use it when you notice that a clog is starting building up. Pour down the toilet bleach and leave it for a few hours to work before flushing it down with water. It should have fixed the problem you are having with the clog in your toilet.

Toilet clogged coke (cola):

Most of the people love drinking coke. But have you ever thought about how effective it can be for your clogged toilet? Coke has a function that can dissolve whatever is in the wall pipes causing the toilet to get clogged often. However, because of the width of the pipes in the toilet, you may need to use a larger amount. In order to get a good result of the coke in the toilet, leave it overnight before flushing the toilet.

Clogged toilet muriatic acid:

Have you heard of the muriatic acid? It is a very strong chemical that can be dangerous for your skin and your life. A lot of people think that since is so strong chemical and good for cleaning, it may unclog the toilet. However, we do not recommend you to try that. When the muriatic acid is mixed up with other chemicals or be poured in the toilet a lot of things can go wrong. For example:

  • It can be dangerous when somebody will use the toilet without knowing what is in there.
  • It can destroy the surfaces in the toilet if you are not careful.
  • Inhaling it can cause you even death.

With that said you have down to the conclusion that there are safer and effective ways to unclog your toilet.

Toilet clogged keep flushing:

How by keep flushing the toilet can help you to make sure that you got rid of the clog for good? Well, the more water you used the more likely is for whatever was in there that was causing the clog is gone now down the sewers. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to waster so much water just to be sure. Once you have unclogged the toilet you need to flush the water maximum two more times just to make sure that the water is being drained properly from the toilet bowl.

How to unclog a toilet clogged with poop:

Having the toilet clogged with poop is the most common problem with the toilet. However, it is not nice to deal with. In order to unclog your toilet fast and without getting your hands dirty, pour down water from the tank or a bucket of water. Be careful not to overflow. If this doesn’t work, then you need to use a plunger. Once applying in the hole and moving it up and down the clog should have been removed.

Toilet clogged don’t have a plunger:

There may be the case that you moved recently in and you do not have a plunger. You are facing a clogged toilet. The best thing to use then is a snake. With the metal cable fitted inside, you can remove whatever was in there causing the clog. If you also do not have a snake, then make one. Take a metal coat hanger and make it long as a cable. Put it inside the hole in order to move whatever is in there clogging your toilet.

Toilet clogged even after snaking:

So you tried to remove the clog in the toilet by using a snake. However, it had no effect and the problem still occurs. With that happening means that the problem is deeper and out of reach from your snake. If you insist on fixing it by yourself, you may need to rent a longer snake of more professional use. You may find to rent one at a local plumbing supplier.

Toilet clogged nothing works:

Have you tried everything we suggested you do in order to fix your clogged toilet? If yes, that means the problem lies beyond your reach. It is more likely that the clog has moved deep in the drains. The only thing you can do in this case is hiring a professional. He will be able to have a deeper look inside your drains and more likely to sort out your problem.

Toilet clogged for days:

Having the toilet clogged even once can be annoying. But you may not be able to unclog the toilet properly. You need to remember that the longer the issue stays the harder to deal with it after will be. On a daily basis, a lot of things are going down the drains in the toilet. With that happening, it will be harder to deal with afterwards. So, there is not really a point on waiting to fix it. If the problem will become more complicated, you going to need to hire a professional. So, it will be not worthy for your time and your money leaving the problem ignored.

Toilet clogged for no reason:

So, you are claiming that your toilet is clogged out of nowhere. Before you get to that conclusion you need to think that is always a problem behind a drainage issue. It can be caused by the air vent or with something that has been piled up and is causing the clogging. It may be also just your septic tank that needs pumping. If you are unable to identify the problem by yourself, seek professional assistance.

Toilet clogged frequently:

Are you experiencing your toilet getting clogged frequently? Then that must be something wrong with it. It can be caused by what kind of things are gone down the toilet. However, it can be caused because the pipes or the corners are too narrow. The poop and the toilet paper will not have a proper way of getting down the sewers with a result you having often the toilet clogged.

Clogged toilet sound effect:

When can you get a sound on a clogged toilet? It would be when the toilet is finally unclogged. When the bowl is filled up with water and you finally manage to unclog the toilet, the water will go away. The sound effect at this moment will be like somebody is sucking the water from inside the pipes. Of course, nobody is there doing that. And we do not recommend you trying to clog your toilet in purpose just to experience that since you do not know what the final results will be.

Toilet clogged and gurgling:

Is your toilet clogged and gurgling? Are there bubbles coming out of the toilet bowl and the water flow is low? That means that your air vent is clogged. With that happening, the air inside the pipes is not able to go anywhere so is backing up in the toilet. For this reason, it can be very messy around. It may be quite challenging to get this one sorted, depending on how high your house is.

Toilet clogged after rain:

Have you ever thought that your toilet would get clogged after it rained? It is very possible for this to happen at some point. The problem is not caused by the rain itself, but the leaves and rubbish that were already inside your air vent. With the rain’s help they can be piled up together and after some time you will have problems with your toilet.

Toilet clogged cold weather:

The cold weather is very unlikely to cause your toilet clogged. However, in freezing conditions, the water in the pipes outside the house may freeze and can cause you a clog. When this happens you will have a problem in the whole house’s drains. Boiling water is the only thing that may help you in this situation.

Toilet clogged tree roots:

Is it even possible for tree roots to cause you a clog in the toilet? The trees you have planted in the backyard have grown quite a lot, so you consider that this may be the issue there. If this will be the problem, that means you have something else to worry about than a simple clogged toilet. There may be leaking sewage pipes that can cause a much bigger problem than you anticipated. But in order to have this problem identified, you need a professional with cameras to do that for you.

Toilet clogged vent pipe:

Having a vent pipe clogged can be something that is not easy to deal with. When this has happened that means that leaves have gone in the air vent pipe. What you need to do is to remove them from the roof. Some people may think that by pressing them downwards may fix the problem, but they are wrong. It will just get worse and harder to deal with it. If you think that you will be not able to do it because you have not the right tools, hiring a professional may be the best option.

Clogged toilet keeps filling with water:

The most common way of finding out your toilet clogged is when it gets filled with water. For that reason, the tanks are designed in a way that will not make the water overflow in the bowl when a clog in the toilet will occur. Otherwise, you would have dirty water from the toilet’s bowl all over your bathroom. In this case, grab a plunger, apply on the hole and by moving it up and down should have your clogging issue fixed.

Toilet clogged between tank and bowl:

It is very rare to have the toilet clogged between the tank and the bowl. How you will notice that? When you are flushing the toilet, the water will not go fast into the bowl. There may be something dropped inside the pipe that the water is going through blocking it. You can use a thin metal wire in order to unclog the pipe by applying from the hole inside the tank.

Toilet clogged no water in bowl:

Having no water in the bowl is a usual effect after unclogging the toilet. The water was drained too fast, leaving the bowl empty. However, the bowl needs to have water inside. It will be easier to clean after using the toilet and the poop will not get stuck in the bottom of the tank. In order to bring the water level in the toilet back to normal, you need to flush the toilet once again.

Toilet clogged no water in tank:

Does the tank in the toilet have no water inside? If I no water entering the tank you have a problem with your water supply. The tank is filling automatically once is emptied. However, there can be cases that the valve at the bottom of the tank is not closing. With that happening, the tank will be not able to get filled up with water.

Toilet clogged slow drain:

Does the water gets drained slowly in the toilet bowl? That means that a clog is starting to build up. You need to deal with it as soon as you can. Otherwise, when you may use the toilet next time it will be harder to deal with it. The best thing to do is using a snake in order to remove whatever is inside there.

Clogged toilet keeps overflowing:

Having the toilet bowl in a clogged toilet overflowing, it means that you have used excess water from the tank. The toilet tanks are designed in order to hold no more water than can be contained inside the bowl. That means that your tank is getting filled with a few pints of water more than it should. Inside the tank and right under the lid is a special plastic thing that floats and stops the water supply automatically when it reaches the right level.

Clogged toilet leaking celling:

Having a toilet leaking from the celling when your toilet is clogged is not something that you can ignore. When the toilet is clogged excess water will be leaking from the pipes. That means that there is a problem with the connection of the pipes. The pressure and the vibration from often having your toilet clogged may have caused you the problem. It needs to be disconnected and once again properly isolated.

Clogged toilet on septic system:

So you have a septic system at home and you are wondering if you will damage the septic tank. Damaging the septic tank can cause possible leaks. That means that you will make the minor clogging problem, major and harder to fix. The only way of damaging the septic tank is when you will use a snake. However, the septic tank isn’t located a couple of feet after the toilet bowl. It is located outside of your house at a certain distance. In order to find out if you can use the snake without a fear, you can have a look at the sewage plans of the house. You will be able to calculate how long you may enter the snake inside the pipes without a fear.

Toilet clogged coming out bathtub:

So you have a clogging issue that the water is backing up from the bathtub. That means that the clog is where the pipes from the toilet are getting together. Because the bathtub hole is located in the lowest position of the bathroom, this is where the water will be coming out. Depending on how big your bathroom may be harder and more challenging to deal with.

Toilet clogged and bathtub:

If the clogging you are experiencing in your toilet is also affecting your bathtub, you need to sort it out as soon as possible. In this case, using a plunger may not help you. This is because when you will use the plunger, the water will be backing up from the hole in the bathtub. What you can to sort it out is using a snake. With the snake used, you will be able to go deeper inside the pipes and remove whatever is in there causing the clog.

Toilet clogged deep in pipe:

There can be cases when you will have the toilet clogged deeper in the pipes. This can cause clogging problem in your whole house regarding where the clogging is located. Once again, a snake may help you with your clogging issue. However, regarding how deep the clogging is located, the snake might not reach the spot where is the clog.

Toilet clogged but sink drains:

There can be a case where your toilet is clogged but you sink is draining. In this case, the problem is in the toilet drain itself. That means that you are lucky because the problem is just in the toilet, so you will not have to go deeper into the pipes in order to fix the problem. Using a plunger will be able to fix your problem.

Toilet clogged main line:

If your main line is your sewage system is clogged, it means that you are facing a major problem with your drains at home. It will be hard for you to identify the exact location of the clog. In this case, hiring a professional may be the best option. Professionals are having better tools and can easier have a look inside your pipes.

Toilet p trap clogged:

What is the p trap in your toilet? The p trap is the area at the bottom of the toilet bowl which holds the water inside. Because is located right under your area of vision in the toilet, it would be a piece of cake to deal with it. This part is more likely to get clogged because the turn of the pipe is too sudden. Once you have unclogged that area, whatever was there will move deeper in the pipes, which may not worry you about it.

Toilet clogged rim jet holes:

Having clogged the toilet jet holes clogged can cause a slow flush. Therefore, you may not be able to remove effectively whatever is in the toilet. In order to sort it out, you need to unclog the pipe between the tank and the bowl.

Toilet clogged in trailer:

Are you facing clogging issues with your toilet in your trailer? There may be just a minor problem with the pipes right under the trailer. Using a plunger may do the job. If you are still having problems, you can use a snake without fear in order to fix the problem.

Toilet clogged in rv:

Having the toilet clogged in your rv should be not an issue to worry about. The pipes in your rv are too short before they enter the central sewage system in the area you camped. Once again, the plunger will fix your clogging issue in no time. If you are not able to fix the problem using a plunger, using a snake will for sure help you out. You will be able to remove whatever is in there, causing your toilet to be clogged.

Toilet clogged in apartment:

The main pipes in an apartment are much larger than is a normal house. Therefore, you may not need much effort to unclog your toilet. The problem may be just in the p trap, so you can fix it fast and easily. However, if the problem is deeper than means the rest apartments will have problems as well. This is not something that you should try to do by yourself since it may be not your fault.

Toilet clogged at hotel:

So you are staying a few days in the hotel and you got the toilet clogged. The only thing you can do at the moment is using the brush or by pouring more water in the bowl to try to unclog it. If the clogging is still on you need to inform the problem at the hotel’s reception.

Clogged toilet on airplane:

Getting the toilet clogged on a plane can be very hard. Once flushing the toilet, a lot of air pressure will also be applied, so everything inside will be removed. However, you may drop something by mistake and will clog the toilet. Well, the best thing to do at the moment is to inform the steward of the problem.

Clogged European toilet:

So you are in Europe and you are having a clogged toilet issue. In most of the European countries, the pipes in the sewage system are wide enough to not cause further problem. However, in the Mediterranean countries, you may see a notice ” Please, do not throw the paper down the toilet”. That means that by throwing papers inside can cause a serious problem in the sewage system. If you ignore that notice and a problem will happen, you may not be able to deal with it. That would be for the reason that the problem would be very deep inside the pipes. Unclogging the toilet at this time may be also hard for a plumber to fix.

Japanese toilet clogged:

Getting the toilet clogged in Japan can be challenging. That would be because when your toilet will get clogged, it will get clogged where the pipes from the bathroom will get together. With that happening, it is more likely for the water will be backing up in the bathtub. Since it will be deeper, it may be harder to fix it just by using a plunger.

Korean toilet clogged:

Just like in Mediterranean countries throwing papers down the toilet can cause a serious problem, also in Korean toilet, you may face the same problem. This is more likely to occur in public toilets, where the pipes are more narrow. Throwing even paper down the toilet can easily cause a clog, where it will be hard to deal with.

Toilet clogged repair service:

So, you end up not being able to fix the problem you are having with your toilet. In this case, hiring a plumber may be the best for you. Plumbing services are able to respond to you as fast as possible, regarding the emergency of your situation. They will be able to identify the cause and fix the issue you are having. They have better tools and cameras, so they can have a deeper look at your problem. Also, they will give you tips about how to avoid future clogging issues.

unclogging a clogged toilet

If you have a clogged toilet, please contact our plumbing service.

Toilet clogged youtube:

If you want to see a video guide on how to unclog your toilet, you can always visit youtube. There you can see different ways of how to unclog the toilet fast and effectively. Depending on the problem you are facing at the moment with your toilet, you may find a similar video on the same topic. A lot of professionals and amateurs are uploading their videos and they are explaining step by step how to unclog your toilet.

Was this article of help to you? If you are having problems with your clogged toilet or any questions on this matter, feel free to contact us. We will be glad of assistance to you.

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