My kitchen drain is clogged:

What to do when your kitchen drain is clogged?

What is worse than having a kitchen drain clogged when you are trying to do the pots? It doesn’t matter if is draining slowly or none at all the water from the sink. It is very annoying, testing your patience for how long you will be able to ignore it, and every time when the problem is not fixed to pop up again and piss you off. It is very import for you also to know that every time you ignore it, it will not get any better at all. Just more food from the plates will go down the drains and will pile up making the problem bigger and harder to deal with. So, what is the point of waiting? Just do it as soon as possible and you will have one less thing to worry about in the future.

Kitchen drain clogged

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The causes of a clogged kitchen drain:

Food clogged kitchen drain

Every time when you are doing the pots by hands or ringing them and putting them in the dishwasher are some pieces of food left. Those pieces of food will go down the drains and together with grease, it will start getting built up on the pipes’ walls. Once the walls have been piled up enough, the water draining flow in your kitchen sink will start slowing down, with result causing a clog. No matter how good the food has been removed from the plates, it will always something stay there, so the drains will eventually get clogged. In most of the times, it is unavoidable, so you better be prepared on knowing what to do when you see even the smallest difference in water flow.

kitchen drain clogged

Kitchen drain clogged with rice

Not many people notice when pouring rice down the drains is one of the worst things they can do. The rice, thanks to its sticky nature is able to easily stick together with other waste that went down the sink causing a serious clog. You do you want to know what is the best thing about the rice down in the drain? It cannot be broken down easily even after using strong chemicals down the drain. What you are going to face when pouring rice the sink can be permanent damage in your drains, which in order to be fixed, they will cost you an unpleasant amount of money. So, would it be worth by pouring the rice down the sink or you would rather chuck it in the bin?

Kitchen drain clogged by grease

Another thing that may cause permanent damage in your kitchen sink drains is by pouring grease down the sink. Everybody knows how hard is to remove oil and lard from the pots. You need to apply hot water and liquid soap. Once leaving from your sink drain, the fat will stay in the grease trap. However, in order for the grease to get there, you must apply hot water. If you rinse it with cold water the oil will materialize and get stuck on the walls of the drains. The small pieces of food that will go down, they will stick on the oil and it will be not able to go down the sewers. So what you need to remember in order to get rid of grease is that your best assistant will be hot water.

The symptoms of a clogged kitchen drain:

Kitchen drain clog vent

There are cases when you will notice that the water from the sink doesn’t drain properly. There are bubbles coming to the surface like somebody is blowing from the other side of the drains and it is just making you a mess in the kitchen. What is causing this problem is that the air vent in the kitchen sink drain has been clogged. It is not very often for this to happen, but when it happens you need to know what is causing it. Check under the sink and you will see a small pipe that gets connected on the side of the sink. What you need to is to remove it in order to examine it. You can remove it very easily by unscrewing the connections of the pipe by twisting reverse-clockwise. Clean the pipe through nicely, and put it back on. The water should be getting drained normally, without any bubbles coming out of it.

Double kitchen sink clogged drain

It doesn’t matter if you are using a single kitchen sink or double when you are having clogging issues. You think to yourself that since one side of the sink is clogged, you can use the second in order to have the clog ignored. That would be good if the clog would be right under the sink and before the two pipes get connected. If the clog is further, the wastewater will back up on the other sink and will be on the same level as the first one. The fastest way to unclog it is by using a plunger. Before applying on one of the holes, you need to make sure that the other drain hole is sealed, so the pressure will be applied properly. Move the plunger up and down in order for the drain to get unclogged. Once you will see that it worked, unseal the next hole in the other side of the sink. The water should be drained normally since the problem has been fixed.

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Kitchen and laundry clogged drain

Are your kitchen and your laundry drain clogged? Then you are facing a more serious issue. It is not very common that the only two drains clogged are the one from the sink and the one from the laundry. In this case, the problem lies deeper in the pipes, where most of the times will be out of your reach. The only way that you can have it fixed, is by using a water snake if you have one available. You need to put it inside the pipes in order for whatever is inside causing the clog, to be removed. Well, if you do not have a water snake, you can rent one or call for a plumber in order to have your problem with the clogged drains sorted.

Kitchen drain clogged badly

There are cases when the kitchen drain is clogged badly. This is caused because the clog was ignored for a long time, or every time when was fixed it was not fixed as it should be. What can you do now with this problem? Should you hire a professional or give it another go? Before going to fast conclusions, try to unclog it by using a plunger. If the plunger is not able to help you, you need to open the pipes under the sink in order to have a deeper look inside. You can easily remove the pipes by unscrewing them, twisting them reverse-clockwise. Make sure you use an empty bowl under the sink in order to avoid the mess. If the pipes look fine, then you need to put down the drains a water snake in order to remove whatever is inside. Once done put the pipes back together and have a test. If the clog continues, the problem is more serious than anticipated. You need to get professional help in order to have it sorted since there is nothing else you can do.

Kitchen sink slow drain but not clogged

There are cases when the water is draining slowly in the sink but is not clog down the drains. What can be the issue here? Before you take further actions have a look at the rest drains at home. If they are also draining slowly, that means the air vent on the roof s clogged. Sometimes leaves may fall inside the air vent clogging it with the effect that the water is draining slower from the drains. What needs to be done is that the thing inside the air vent needs to be removed. In most of the cases, this is not something you can do by yourself, since you will be not able to identify the exact location of the clog and you may need a long cable, depending on how high your house is.

Kitchen drain frozen or clogged

During very cold weather conditions, you have noticed that the water is not draining properly. What can be causing it? Is it possible for the drains to be frozen? In order for the drains to be frozen outside of the house they need to be filled up with water, which it never is. What is the best way to double check it? Pour boiling water down the drains. No matter if is frozen or not, it should melt the ice in order for the water to be drained properly. Still nothing happening? Then your drain is clogged.

Kitchen drain keeps getting clogged

Does the clogging in your kitchen sink drain occur quite often? That means you are still keeping pouring down food in the drains, or you are not using hot water in order to do the pots. Of course, there are cases where the pipes are too narrow in the kitchen sink, so it is easier for the food disposals to get stuck. The best thing to do in order to minimize the clogs in a kitchen drain sink is by wiping off as much as you can the plates before you put them in the sink. You cannot clean them for 100 percent, but by pouring down the drains fewer things as possible, you will avoid clogging problems.

Kitchen sink clogged and draining into dishwasher

You are rinsing the plates in the sink and when is time to close the dishwasher you notice that is full of water from the kitchen sink. That means that you have a clog in the drains. The clog is definitely below the connection of the dishwasher pipe to the drains, with effect to back up inside the dishwasher, instead of you noticing that has been clogged.

inspection of a dishwasher drain

Since you do not know how bad the clog is, you need to have a look in the pipes below the place where the dishwasher is connected with the sink drain.

Kitchen drain clogged past trap

So you checked the drains and you realized that the drain is clogged past the grease trap? Well, that means one thing. The grease trap is filled and needs to be emptied. As soon as a grease trap is filled up with fat and food disposals, the pipe that the water is exiting the trap is getting blocked automatically. This is all done in order to prevent further clogging damage in your sewage system, which will be harder to be dealt with. So, the first thing to do is empty the grease trap. Once you emptied and cleaned it through properly, clean also the pipe the water is exiting the grease trap. If the problem continues, contact a professional to come to have a look at the problem you are having.

Kitchen drain clogged septic system

You have a septic system at home and you do not know what can you use to fix a clogged drain in the kitchen that will not cause damage to it. Small and fast methods like using a plunger, or pouring down the drains baking soda and vinegar will definitely not cause any problem to your septic tank. However, incorrect use of a water snake may cause a bigger issue to it, since you do not know how many feet deep long you will be able to use in order to not cause problems. If you are not sure you can have a look at the sewage system plan and you can estimate how deep you can put the snake in the pipes.

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Clogged kitchen drain and garbage disposal

Do you have a garbage disposal in your sink? It has saved you many times from getting the sink drains clogged. Unfortunately for you, something has dropped inside and clogged your garbage disposal. What to do now? Well, you need to remove the thing that is blocking your garbage disposal, so make sure you unplug the garbage disposal from the contact. Have a look under the disposal and you will see a place in the middle where you can enter an Allen wrench. You will see also a red button. Press the button in and then enter the right Allen wrench inside the hole. Move it forwards and backwards and the garbage disposal should be unblocked. Remove whatever is blocking the hole but do not put your hands down there. Once removed plug the garbage disposal back in and try it. The problem should have been sorted.

Clogged kitchen drain in a condo

In a condo, you think that the pipes are much larger and they are harder to get them clogged. Well, it depends on the pipes that go down the sewers and most important on your neighbours. Sometimes, the neighbour from upstairs or downstairs will be pouring down the drink a lot of waste that will block the pipes. In many cases the pipes are connected to save space, but when something like a clogged central pipe happens, everybody can feel the problem in their sink. The water that goes down the drains is backing up, bringing everything that is inside the pipes clogging them. It is not something that you should do with fixing it, unless it was your fault, since the person who should fix the problem is a plumber with a long water snake, but you can report the issue in order for something like that not to happen in the future.

Possible solutions to unclog a kitchen drain:

keep a kitchen drain free from clogging problems

Maintain a kitchen drain properly to avoid clogging problems.

A cheap solution to unclog a kitchen drain

One of the main things that bother in a small issue like a clogged kitchen is the money you need to spend on fixing it. You are wondering to yourself if you should call a plumber. If you’re going to hire a plumber, you think to yourself what he needs to fix, what to change and how much he will charge you. If you want to try it yourself by pouring strong chemicals how much they will cost and if they will have any effect. So, we will give you answers to everything that worries you about the cost.

DIY clogged kitchen drain

What is a better feeling than you being able to have something fixed yourself? If you can do it, why not? If you do not know that you will be able to do it, why not try it? You will be surprised by the results that you will get. It will cost a few minutes from your time, it will save you money and most importantly you will be able to learn something new that is always useful. So, why not give it a go? If you will be not able to fix it, contact us and we will be glad to assist you further.

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Clogged kitchen drain home remedy

Most of the people think that is most effective to use strong chemicals in order to get your kitchen drain unclogged. It is not true. In order to unclog your drain in the kitchen, you can simply use stuff lying around at home. Some of them can be from a boiled kettle of water to a tin of coke lying in the fridge, baking soda and vinegar or even a plunger. You ask yourself, how can those things help me out in the kitchen drain clog? Well, what you need to remember is that most of the times when the kitchen drain has been clogged the problem is right under the sink, where the pipes are much tighter than the rests and full of corners. So, in order to get those drains unclogged, you do not really need much of an effort, do you?

Best clogged kitchen drain cleaner

One of the fastest and easiest ways to unclog the drain in the kitchen sink is by applying pressure. Make sure you do not use a big plunger, like the one from the toilet, because it can cause the pipes under the sink to dislocate and cause leaking. So, by applying the plunger on the hole you move it upwards and downwards. It should unclog the drains temporary. Right once it is unclogged, pour down boiling water from a kettle and do the same with the plunger. Be careful not to get burn. With this method you will be able to have removed whatever was inside the pipes, causing the clog to be removed and have them cleaned at the same time.

Kitchen clogged drain baking soda

have you ever thought how baking soda can be used in order to unclog drains? You will be surprised by how easy and effective is this method. This is best effective of course on clogged drains, which are draining water even slowly. So, how will you apply the baking soda? Once the water has been drained all you have to do is pour down the drain baking soda. Once you have poured the baking soda, then you need to pour vinegar down the drains also. The combination of those two will cause a chemical reaction that will be able to remove what is inside the drains clogging them. In order to get a full effect of this method, the best to do is leaving it overnight before pouring any water down the drains. So, the next morning when you will be making your coffee, boil a kettle of water and pour it down the sink in order for whatever has been removed to go down the sewers.

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Opening kitchen sink drain

There are cases when you will be not able to fix easily the clogged in the kitchen’s drain, so you may need to have a deeper look inside the pipes. In order to have a deeper look in the drains, you need to unscrew them. You can unscrew them with your bare hands by unscrewing the connection rings reverse-clockwise. Disconnecting the drains is not as hard as putting them back together.

Unclogging a double kitchen sink drain

Make sure you take a photo of how it looked like before, so you will be able to reassemble the pipes back together like they were once you have finished your job. You need to keep in mind that the most commonly clogged parts of the pipes are the corners, which are tighter than the normal ones.

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