Sewer camera inspection: tips and advice about the sewer camera!

All the information you want to know about a sewer camera inspection

What exactly does a sewer camera inspection entail?

A sewer camera inspection is a modern investigation method whereby the inside of a sewer can be viewed with an advanced camera. The image can then be viewed on the screen on the device.

sewer camera inspection

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General information about a sewer camera inspection:

For whom does a sewer camera inspection offer a solution?

Whoever has to deal with sewer problems where the cause is unclear, a sewer camera inspection can offer a solution. The inside of the sewer system is accurately mapped so that an expert can easily determine the condition of the sewer pipe. In many cases, defects can even be viewed by the customer.

Once the cause of a sewer problem has been determined, you can assume that the specialist will offer a suitable solution on site. In the event of a blockage, the sewer system can be unblocked for you and in the event of damage, the sewer pipe can be repaired (partially replaced or as a whole).

Sewer camera inspection for private individuals

It goes without saying that a properly functioning sewer is essential for your living comfort and health. In case you have one toilet at your disposal, you cannot miss it for a day. If sewer problems occur, you can of course call on us the same day for help, but it would be better to prevent problems as much as possible by having periodic maintenance carried out. The sewer camera inspection is part of the total maintenance required to keep the sewer system in good condition.

Sewer camera inspection for companies

For companies, the (preventive) implementation of a sewer camera inspection can be crucial to ensure that business operations are not endangered. In the hospitality industry, a toilet that functions properly is essential to keep customers happy. In the internet age where reviews are quickly posted online, you as a company do not want to experience that your reputation leads to damage as a result of a sewerage problem. Do not wait too long to engage a professional company.

The sewer camera is also suitable for drain pipes

Although the name “sewer camera” suggests that this camera can only be used in sewers, the sewer camera can also be used in drain pipes.

Sewer camera inspection owner-occupied property / rental property

We are regularly approached with the question of the costs involved in carrying out a sewer camera inspection for a purchased and a rented house. When the house is your own property, the answer is simple: you have to pay the costs of the sewer camera inspection yourself. If you rent a house, the cost aspect depends on what is stated in your lease contract. If in doubt about this, it is best to contact your landlord or the technical service (if there is a property manager). By checking this type of thing in advance you can prevent you from having to pay the costs unnecessarily yourself. Most landlords do not reimburse the costs if you approach a party without consultation.

Frequently asked questions about a sewer camera inspection:

How was the sewer camera inspection designed?

As long as there are sewers, there are problems that occur in the sewer. Sooner or later everyone will have to deal with it. If you think that you are always handling the sewage yourself, it may well be that the previous user, or your visit, for example, has not been so careful. The result is that you have to deal with sewer complaints.

The sewer camera makes it much easier to determine the cause of the sewer problem. In fact, a sewer camera inspection consists of a combination of existing techniques such as an HD camera and a screen. However, the camera is connected to a long flexible pipe that can go deep into the pipe, so that every defect in the sewer system becomes clear. Moreover, a good overview of the overall condition of the sewer pipe is created.

In the ’00s, the use of the sewer camera was increasingly emerging. The techniques required for a sewer camera inspection have become more reliable and cheaper.

How often does a sewer camera inspection be necessary?

We know from experience that a sewer camera is used for around 1 in 50 blockages. This is usually done at the initiative of the customer. You can conclude from this that an experienced company often finds the sewer camera not necessary to solve a sewer blockage.

inspection of the sewerage

When it comes to sewer problems where it is probably root growth in the pipeline, then the sewer camera is used by us, so that we can view the situation together with you. If the sewerage is damaged, the sewer pipe must be replaced and that can be quite expensive. That is why customers appreciate it that they can watch on the screen. That way you know for sure what the underlying cause is. 

Is a sewer camera inspection reimbursed by the insurance?

That of course depends on what is stated in the policy conditions of the insurance regarding this subject. It may well be that the sewer camera inspection itself is not reimbursed, but replacing the sewer system is. In such cases it may be useful that you can show the images from the sewer camera inspection to the insurance company. It is obvious that you should first discuss this with the insurance company before you engage a professional party to perform the work.

How long does a sewer camera inspection take?

This depends on the length of the sewer system. With a sewer camera inspection, it is important that the entire pipeline is inspected so that nothing is overlooked. On average, a sewer camera inspection takes + – 30 minutes. We can imagine that you have a number of questions for the service employee during the sewer camera inspection and that can also influence the time of the inspection.

Is a sewer camera inspection safe?

This depends on two factors, namely the type of equipment that is used for the inspection itself and the expertise of the service employee. With us you can assume that the sewer camera inspection is very safe. Carrying out a sewer camera inspection has never led to damage or other problems with us.

The camera is processed in material that treats the inside of the pipe in a sustainable way. When it comes to the result of a camera inspection, it can even be said that the treatment of your sewer system is actually safer, because the most suitable approach is chosen and you are not unnecessarily hunted for costs (therefore also safe for your wallet;).

Is the sewer camera inspection also suitable for my sewer system?

You can assume that our advanced camera system is suitable for your pipe, since we work with a hose with a very small diameter with which the narrowest pipes can be inspected. Of course it is important that the pipeline itself is freely accessible. We can help you with this on the spot.

Does every sewer company have a sewer camera?

You would think so. However, a sewer camera is a valuable device that is not always present at every company. Moreover, it may well be that a sewer camera is only given to a service employee if a customer specifically asks for it or is only first taken to a follow-up appointment.

the available equipment in the service bus

Unfortunately, plumbers’ work buses are often the target of burglaries, so you can understand that companies prefer to leave as few valuable things as possible in the buses.

It is, therefore, best to ask in advance whether a company has a sewer camera. At our company, you can assume that the service employees have access to a sewer camera when this is necessary for the assignment. You can consult us by telephone about the usability of the sewer camera.

Is it possible to only have the sewer camera inspection carried out?

If you appreciate it, we can only perform a sewer camera inspection for you. This can be useful, for example, when you want to have a report drawn up for your insurance or when selling or buying a home.

Is it possible to perform a sewer camera inspection yourself?

We believe that a professional judgment of the images is required to maximize the benefits of a sewer camera inspection. The assessment of the condition of the pipeline forms the basis for the follow-up steps that are needed to restore the sewer system. This is the best thing to leave to the specialist. Experience is therefore essential since it is not just a matter of just viewing the camera images on the screen.

Is there a difference in sewer camera inspections?

The sewer camera inspection will usually be carried out in the same way at every company. The difference will be at most that a different kind of sewer camera is used, whereby the quality of the brand influences the sharpness of the image and the possibilities to study the images further.

What types of sewer cameras are there?

There are a number of manufacturers in the field of sewer cameras. The quality of the equipment varies greatly. We therefore only work with renowned brands such as: RIDGID®. This way we are sure that you will receive the highest quality service.

rioolcamera van het merk RIDGID

Every sewer camera has a number of options available to be able to zoom in on the images and with a number of types there is even a recording function. This can be a solution in case your landlord or insurance company asks for proof.

Below is a list of a number of well-known sewer camera brands:

Different types:

Within the different types of sewer cameras, a distinction is made in terms of the possibilities that each device offers. For example, all sewer cameras are waterproof, but not all sewer cameras have a transmitter. A transmitter enables the sewer expert to determine the exact location of the sonar sewer problem.

Although the sewer camera greatly helps with the visual inspection of the inside of the pipeline, the eye of the expert is still indispensable. There will be damage spots in every pipe, but a quick solution is not required at every location. Only someone with the required experience can estimate when a repair must be made.

Can a sewer camera inspection be carried out at any location?

In principle, it is possible to perform a sewer camera inspection at any kind of location, since the sewer camera can be used for tens of meters and can easily be used in narrow pipes. For example, the sewer camera can be used in narrow spaces such as crawl spaces.

How do I know if a sewer camera inspection offers a solution for me?

A sewer specialist often knows in advance whether it is useful to use the sewer camera when analyzing the sewer problem. That is a matter of experience that you do not have to worry about. The cause of the sewer problem is always clear with the camera. A sewer camera offers certainty and that can bring all sorts of advantages with regard to making a choice about the work to be performed: unclogging, repairing or replacing.

What are the costs of a sewer camera inspection?

The costs for inspecting the sewerage system with a camera vary from € 100 to € 200 at sewerage companies, depending on the length of the sewer pipe. Inspecting the sewerage is part of keeping your pipes in good condition and can, therefore, be called a wise investment. The advantage of a sewer camera inspection is that you have certainty about the cause and can have the best possible solution applied to solve the problem.

Have a sewer camera inspection carried out by a professional company:

It is possible to perform a sewer camera inspection throughout the Netherlands

Our service employees are active 24/7 throughout the Netherlands and can always help you perform a sewer camera inspection. To schedule an appointment, you only need to call the telephone number below.

On-site we can check whether a sewer inspection with a camera is necessary or whether it is possible to inform you of the cause of the sewer problem without using a camera. This way we prevent you from incurring unnecessary costs. Unfortunately, we regularly experience that other sewer companies incorrectly advise the sewer camera inspection.

A sewer camera inspection offers certainty

When you have a sewer camera inspection carried out, you always know – guaranteed – the cause of the sewer problem. The costs certainly outweigh the result, because there is a big difference in price between having the plugs unblocked or replacing the sewer system. The sewer camera prevents the wrong choice from being made and you will eventually see that reflected in your wallet.

sewer camera inspection in progress

What is the method for having a sewer camera inspection carried out?

  1. First of all we would like to get in touch with you: this is possible by telephone and by e-mail.
  2. We will then schedule an appointment with you at your location.
  3. A service employee comes by and analyzes the sewer problem. It is possible that the sewer camera does not have to be used, because the problem can be determined on the basis of expertise. When there is doubt about the cause, the sewer camera will of course be used for the investigation.
  4. The camera is brought into the pipe via a special flexible tube, after which the inside of the pipe becomes visible on the screen.
  5. The expert will then determine the location of the problem and inform you as soon as the cause is found.
  6. When the cause of the sewer problem has been determined, a suitable solution will be discussed in consultation with you that best fits the requirements and your budget.
  7. If you appreciate it, a report can be drawn up afterwards about the cause of the sewerage problem, so that you can submit this report to third parties.

Do you have questions about the sewer camera inspection?

If you cannot find the answer to your question in this article, you can contact us at any time. An employee will answer all your questions about the sewer camera inspection. If a specific question is asked to us several times, we will add the question and the answer on this page.

May we be of service to you when performing the sewer camera inspection?

With more than 15 years of experience, you can be sure that you will receive the quality services that are necessary for the proper execution of the sewer inspection. The services that we offer are intended for individuals and companies. We have a suitable solution for all types of sewer problems (large or small).

the service bus of our plumbing company

The advantages if you let us perform the sewer camera inspection:

  • Years of expertise in sewerage research.
  • Access to the best techniques and sewer cameras.
  • You know exactly what the condition of the sewer is and what the most suitable approach is to repair the sewer.
  • You receive a report for the insurance.
  • Standard one-month warranty on the inspection.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The solution to a sewer problem can certainly not be delayed. By hiring an expert on time you prevent the problems from spreading. Don’t wait any longer and call us on the telephone number below so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.

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