Kitchen clogged? The cause and the solution!

Kitchen clogged? Everything you need to know!

Having a clogged kitchen:

Having a clogged kitchen can be very annoying. You will be not able to wash your pots neither in the sink not in the dishwasher. So, what you need to do is try to sort it out. Ignoring the issue for the moment, will not make the situation any better. Also, because you probably have no idea what may be causing the problem, where the problem is located or how you can fix it you are getting professional assistance straight away. Below you will find different topics regarding your clogged kitchen which may be helpful for you.

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A clogged kitchen sink:

The kitchen sink is the main appliance in your kitchen that can a clogging issue occurs. On an everyday basis when you will be washing the pots, pieces of food together with grease will go down the drains. This will be slowly building up and eventually you will get your sink clogged. The problem you will be facing with your kitchen sink may be a small one, so you can have it sorted within a few minutes. However, there can be cases where the problem is more serious and it will be harder to deal with. Therefore, the main reasons your kitchen sink can get clogged from are:

  • With food.
  • With grease.
  • With eggshells.
  • With flour.
  • With rice.
kitchen sink clogged

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Kitchen sink clogged with food:

A clogged sink with food is the most common reason for your kitchen to get clogged. After every meal, you are washing the pots in the sink. Otherwise, you are rinsing them and you are placing them in the dishwasher. In any case, pieces of food left on the plates will go down the drains. Those leftovers combined with soap and not very hot water can get your sink easily clogged. In order to avoid something like that from happening, try to wipe off the plates as much as you can before using the sink. By doing that you will also extend a possible clogging in your dishwasher.

Kitchen pipes clogged with grease:

It doesn’t matter what kind of food it is, it usually contains grease. This is because grease is used for cooking in order to make the meals tastier. As well, a small amount of grease will help you digest your food better. However, when you are washing the pots and they contain grease, the grease will go down the drains. Under cold temperatures, the grease will get solidified get stuck in the pipes’ walls. Then, the leftovers will be very easily piled up on the fat, causing a very serious clogging problem. Therefore, emptying the fat from the fryer straight into the sink is forbidden. Unless you wanna spend quite a lot of money on replacing the pipes. In order to avoid that, try pouring as less grease down the drains as possible. Also, when doing the pots, make sure you use hot water.

Kitchen sink clogged eggshells:

The most common reason to throw the eggshells in the sink is that you are having the garbage disposal. You think that since the eggshell is an organic object and very fragile it will be blended without a problem by the garbage disposal. Well, you’re thinking at the moment may be a little bit wrong. Although the eggshells are softer than a T-bone and they can be easily broken into smaller pieces, the eggshells will be never like normal food. The membrane that holds the eggshell and the eggshell itself will pass through the hole of the garbage disposal without being broken completely. At some point, combined with some grease it will become water draining hazard in the pipes. With this happening, you may face a more serious clogging problem with your drains than you anticipated.

Kitchen sink clogged with flour:

Since the flour is a powder, you think that is not easy to make a clogging issue in your kitchen sink. Before putting flour in the sink ask yourself one question. What are the main ingredients of any dough? The answer to that is water and flour. When you will pour flour in the sink, this is what it will become. However, it is not a hard dough like the one used for cookies. Although, it will be quite sticky and in solid form. It will be working as a leftovers’ collector and at some point, your kitchen sink will get clogged. That’s why you should be trying to avoid pouring flour down the sink under any condition.

Kitchen sink clogged with rice:

So, you were pouring rice down the sink in the past? Then, a clogging problem from rice shouldn’t be a surprise for you. The rice is rich in carbohydrates and therefore its nature is sticky. It doesn’t matter how well the rice has been washed, it will remain slightly sticky. With this happening, it will get stuck inside the pipes and it will be very hard to deal with it. Therefore, even if you have a garbage disposal, your kitchen sink will get clogged. When the rice will be blended by the garbage disposal, it will become more sticky than grease.

Kitchen drain frozen or clogged?

There can be cases when there are freezing temperatures outside. With this one happening, you are noticing that the water in your kitchen sink doesn’t drain. What makes you wonder at the time is if your drains are clogged or frozen. There is a case where the water inside the pipes is frozen and it doesn’t drain. The most common area will be the grease trap right outside of the house. Well, this can be fixed easily by pouring down the sink boiling water. Do not pour too much water in order to avoid a possible overflow. If the clogging still occurs, make a check on the rest taps in your house. If they are able to be drained normal, then your kitchen sink is actually clogged.

Clogged kitchen sink landlord:

So, since your kitchen sink is clogged and you are a tenant, you are thinking if you should ask the landlord to have it fixed for you. However, clogging issues is not something that your landlord should be bothered with. This is because most clogging cases are caused by the user itself. So, since it may be your fault for the clogged kitchen sink, you gonna need to sort it out by yourself. If you are not sure about who should be fixing each problem in the house, you can check your tenant’s agreement. It should be clearly written in there more information on this matter.

Fixing a clogged kitchen sink:

Fixing a clogged sink can vary in every situation. It can be very easy and fast to sort out your clogging issue in your kitchen sink. For example, all you have to do is using a plunger. By fitting it on the kitchen’s sinkhole and apply pressure you will have the problem fixed. Also, it can be more complicated to be dealt with it which you may need to put more effort. There can be also a case where you will be not able to nothing else apart from seeking professional assistance.

Clogged kitchen sink easy fix:

Just like mentioned earlier, the clogging in your kitchen sink usually can be fixed easily. It may be just a small issue that you have to spend a few minutes on fixing it. By doing that it will save for from the problem and money that you would have to spend on a plumber to come and do that for you. The easiest and fastest way to unclog your kitchen sink is by using a plunger. In order to have a good effect, the sink needs to have standing water. Once you fit it in the hole press the plunger down and lift it fast up. By doing it a couple of times, the problem should have been fixed.

Clogged kitchen sink home remedy:

In order to unclog your kitchen sink, you may need to to use just things that you have already in your house. You may have them and you don’t know that you can use them in a different way. Those things can be:

  • Hot water. Pouring boiling water down the drains it will help whatever is in there to find its way down the sewers.
  • Baking soda and vinegar.
  • A kitchen plunger. The one for the use in the kitchen is slightly different than the one used in the toilet.
  • An air compressor.
  • A snake. This is the main plumbing tool.
  • Special unclogging chemicals. The most commonly used is bleach.

Kitchen sink clogged baking soda vinegar:

Baking soda and vinegar are used in baking and salads. However, this may be able to help you unclog your kitchen sink. Before you apply, you need to make sure that there is no water in the sink. If you have standing water, this method may not take effect. What you need to do is:

  1. Pour down the baking soda from the hole. Two tablespoons will be more than enough.
  2. Pour down the vinegar. You do not have to use any special one. The cheapest one will work just fine. Make sure you pour it slowly because some foam will be created. You need to use around half a pint of vinegar.
  3. Make sure you leave it overnight for it to work and remove everything from inside the pipes.
  4. The next morning pour down a couple of pints of boiling water in order to remove whatever has come off.

Clogged kitchen sink compressed air:

If you have an air compressor, you can use it very effectively to unclog your kitchen sink. The air compressor compresses air and releases it at once. In other words, it works like the plunger. The difference is that you are not putting any effort apart from pressing the trigger. Also, the air compressor is pushing the air instead of pulling. In this case, it may just move the clog further inside and be harder to remove.

Kitchen sink clogged chemical:

The easiest thing to do is go to the shop and buy some strong chemicals for unclogging the sink. However, they may be dangerous and for you and your kitchen’s sink surface. Therefore, before you decide on using them, you need to read very well the instructions and take the right precautions. However, one strong chemical that you have at home and may help your drains is the bleach. By pouring bleach with hot water down the drains, not only will disinfect and get rid of the smell, but it will unclog your kitchen sink.

Troubleshooting a clogged kitchen sink:

Before you take any further actions on your clogged kitchen sink you need to make a quick diagnosis. Once you will be able to identify what is the problem, you will be able to sort it out more effectively. Since you will know what is the problem, you will be able to act accordingly. For example, you will not use the snake, unless you see that the problem may be further inside the pipes and a plunger is not helping. You will be doing an unnecessary job that will not give you a better result since you had put more effort.

My double kitchen sink is clogged:

If you have a double kitchen sink at home and is clogged, the clogging issue may vary. The usual clogging is where both pipes are connected under the sink. The pipes are having a T-shape in the area where they are connected. With this happening, the water will be backing up on the other side of the sink. This will have a result your sink to get filled with dirty stuff that you poured down the drains. If you decide to use a plunger in order to unclog the drains, you need to seal the hole on one side of the sink. If you do not, the pressure will not be applied as should be and it will make your effort useless.

Clogged kitchen sink one side:

If the kitchen sink is clogged on one side, you should look for the area right under the sink. This is the area where the pipes are slightly narrower and is right under the hole. Because of that, it will easier to collect leftovers and will cause you a clogging problem. In this case, it will be easier for you to deal with it. Since is right under the hole in the sink, using the plunger will work fine. Also, if you will use baking soda and vinegar you will be able to clear the area there. As well, this will have a result to delay other possible clogs in the future.

Clogged kitchen sink with sitting water:

Is your kitchen sink clogged with sitting water into? That means that you need to sort it out as soon as possible because you will be not able to use the sink at all. The first thing you should try in order to unclog is using a plunger or an air compressor. If they don’t work you need to be ready to have a look in the pipes under the sink. Make sure you place an empty bowl to collect the water under the pipes unless you wanna collect it from the floor. Unscrew the connection of the pipes at the lowest part under the sink and get all the water that is inside. Run the tap with water in order to check the water flow on the upper part of the pipes you have disconnected. If the water will be coming out normal, that means that you need to use a snake to access deeper in the pipes.

Kitchen sink clogged after using garbage disposal:

So, you used your garbage disposal and the kitchen sink got clogged. You are not the first one facing a problem like that, so there is no reason to panic. The garbage disposal is stopping immediately when a hard object is inside which is not able to be shattered. This will cause your garbage disposal to get clogged.  With the garbage disposal not working, the water from the tap will be not drained. Since it will be not getting drained you will end up with a clogged kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink clogged garbage disposal not working:

Just like mentioned earlier, when the garbage disposal will be not working, you will get a clogged sink. There are a few reasons that your garbage disposal is not working. The mains reasons that your garbage disposal is not working are:

  • There is no power supply. If the garbage disposal doesn’t have electric supply it will not be working.
  • The garbage disposal is clogged. For safety reasons, when a metal spoon or a glass will fall down the garbage disposal, the garbage disposal will stop working.

Clearing a clogged kitchen garbage disposal:

In order to unclog your garbage disposal, you need to remove whatever is in there clogging it. There are some certain steps which you need to follow for clearing you clogged garbage disposal. In order to clean your garbage disposal you need to:

  1. Turn off the power supply to the garbage disposal.
  2. Press the red button from underneath the disposal.
  3. You need to fit an Allen wrench in the hole in the middle.
  4. Move the Allen wrench forwards and backwards in order to unclog your garbage disposal.
  5. Make sure you remove whatever fell down the drain and clogged your garbage disposal.

Kitchen sink clogged no garbage disposal:

If you do not have a garbage disposal, you will be having more often kitchen clogging issues. This is because the garbage disposal is blending the leftovers before they take their trip to the drains. With this happening, you will be facing less clogging issues with your drains. But having garbage disposal doesn’t mean that your drains are safe. If you will have a clogging issue it will be further inside the pipes. Therefore, you may need much more effort to sort out the problem.

Kitchen sink keeps getting clogged:

If your kitchen sink keeps getting clogged, that means that something is not right. That means that probably you are not maintaining properly your drains. There can be a few reasons why your kitchen sink is getting often clogged. The main reasons are:

  • You are often using cold or warm water in the sink. The low water temperature will help the grease and other stuff to get clogged inside the sink.
  • You are pouring too many leftovers down the drains.
  • You are not using enough soap to wash the pots. The soap doesn’t only help to clean the pots, but also to take the grease down the drains. At the same time, using an excess amount is not a good idea.

Clogged kitchen sink air vent :

When your air vent in the kitchen sink is clogged, you will notice that the water doesn’t get drained properly. Also, you will notice that bubbles are coming from the hole of the sink. The kitchen’s sink air vent is located on the side of the sink. It is also connected to the pipe right under the sink. It is very easy for this pipe to get clogged since is much narrower than a normal one. You do not want to have this one ignored since it will affect a case of overflow in the sink.

Kitchen sink overflow clogged:

The air vent in the kitchen sink is also preventing an overflow problem. This is for safety reasons when the sink will be filled up and you are not around, the water will get out of the sink. In other words, when the air vent is not clogged, your kitchen sink will not be filled up more than the overflow hole level. In order to unclog the pipe, you need to unscrew it from the pipe that is connected under the sink. You can put an elastic metal brush from the top of the hole in order to clean through the pipe and remove everything.

Kitchen sink clogged and leaking underneath:

Having the kitchen sink clogged and leaking underneath is a very common problem. This is because of past vibrations and water pressure the connection on the pipes have become slightly loose. It is happening after using a plunger many times or the vibration from the garbage disposal. Because the water was being drained normally in the past you didn’t notice, but now that is standing water in the pipes you will see that is leaking. What you need to keep in mind is that the clogging is not located before that spot. So, you need to look even further inside the pipes. It is recommended to use a snake from that spot. Since you will disconnect the pipes to use a snake, you will be able to fix the leaking at the same time. Clean the connections where the leaking was properly and then apply Teflon tape around in order to secure other possible leaks.

Kitchen sink trap clogged:

If you do have a grease trap under the sink, this is the first thing you should look at when you have your kitchen clogged. You will see an oval tube under the sink on the drains. Before you do anything, make sure you place a large bowl under the sink to collect the water that will come off. You can easily disconnect the trap by twisting it reverse-clockwise. A lot of dirty and black stuff will be coming out that were collected there. Clean the trap nicely and the area around where is placed. Once you cleaned it through, screw it back on its place by twisting it clockwise.

Clogged kitchen sink not p trap:

Once you cleaned the trap and the problem has not been fixed, you need to look further inside. The problem is deeper in the pipes and you need a special tool to sort it out. At this point, the best thing to use will be a snake. In order to use the snake, you need to disconnect the horizontal pipe that goes to the sewers. You need to put the snake inside the pipes in order to take everything out that may be causing a clog.

Kitchen sink clogged and backing up into the dishwasher:

Is water from your clogged kitchen sink backing up in the dishwasher? The main reason for this to happen is that the draining valve in your dishwasher is clogged. The draining valve in the dishwasher is preventing water from entering or draining when is unnecessary. You will locate the draining valve in the bottom of your dishwasher right under the filter. The draining valve in your dishwasher may be clogged or broken. In any case, this is the first thing you should look at. Once the water going into your dishwasher has been sorted, you can have a better look at kitchen clogging.

Kitchen sink clogged behind the wall:

If the clogging issue is not under the sink, it may be behind the wall. In order to reach these pipes, it will be very hard for you, since you cannot get direct access to them. Unless you wanna break the wall, which will make no sense. The only way to access those pipes and get rid of a clog in there is by indirect contact. You can get rid of the clog from there by fitting an air compressor in the hole and pressing whatever is clogging there. Another indirect way to reach that part is by using a snake in order to remove whatever is inside there.

Kitchen sink clogged after snaking:

So, you have been using a snake in order to unclog your kitchen sink. You were able to remove a few pieces, but you are not satisfied with the amount of junk you have cleared from inside the pipes. Once you check again you notice that the kitchen sink is still clogged. This is because the clogging issue is deeper inside the pipes and your snake is too short. By renting or borrowing from a friend a longer snake, you will be able to reach deeper. By doing that, you can take off whatever you were not able to take before.

Kitchen sink clogged  deep in pipe:

When your kitchen sink is clogged deep in the pipe, you may need to use some professional tools. Therefore, you may need to rent a professional snake in order to get rid of the clog. It can be very hard even by using good tools to unclog the sink that is clogged very deep. If you will be not able still to do nothing about it, you have the last option to call a professional. He is more experienced in that kind of jobs, so he will do it for you.

Clogged kitchen sewer line:

Is your sewer line clogged because of the kitchen? That means that you can have a very serious problem. Since the problem is in the main sewer line, it means that you are having probably clogging issues in your whole house. With this one happening you may need to get a professional plumbing service. Because the clog is that deep inside the pipes, it will be very hard to find out where exactly and how bad that is. Therefore, plumbing companies have special cameras which they can identify for 100% of the problem. They have longer and water-powered snakes that will do a very good job on the clogging issue you are having.

Kitchen sink clogged but pipes are clear:

If your kitchen sink is clogged and at the same time the pipes are clear it means that something is wrong you have missed. Therefore, the common areas that a clogging problem can be located are:

  • The air vent in the roof.
  • The septic tank. If your septic tank is full you will be having a clogging issue in your house.
  • The grease trap outside the house. The whole point of the grease trap is keeping the pipes clean in order to avoid grease problems in your sewer lines.

Kitchen sink clogged roof vent:

How do you know that your air vent on the roof is clogged? The clogging caused by the air vent in the pipes is unique. When water will be poured down the drains, apart from having the water flow slower, you will also have bubbles coming out from the hole. The reason your air vent is clogged is that some leaves have fallen inside the air vent and are blocking the air supply in the pipes. What you need to do is to pull them from the top of the vent on the roof by using a snake. The problem will be not fixed by pushing whatever is in there downwards. It will just make the situation worse. However, you may not have such a long snake, so you may need to find one that will do the job.

Kitchen sink clogged condo:

If you are living in a condo, there can a few things go wrong with the kitchen sink drain. The block apartments are having the main draining lines connected and they are larger than normal at the same time. With this happening it will be prevented serious problems with the drains in the main draining lines. Can you imagine what would happen if the people living in the bottom apartment are throwing stuff and causing often clogs? The whole block would have draining issues. So, in order for something like that to be avoided, the pipes that are going through the walls are wider than in a normal house. However, it doesn’t mean that you will be having no clogging problems at all. The problem will be much easier to sort it out because it would be right under the sink. So, it would be hard to have standing water in your sink. With this happening, you may need to use only baking soda and vinegar in order to clean the pipes under the sink properly. If you are still having a problem, then you may need to disconnect the pipe under the sink. If everything looks fine, the problem may be more serious and other apartments will be affected as well. In this case, you need to inform the landlord or the management of the block.

Kitchen sink clogged nothing works:

Have you tried every single option and solution with your clogged kitchen sink? That means that something is not right with the clogging issue you are facing. There may be a reason that you are missing or you have not identified as you should. With the wrong identification, you will end up putting wrong efforts, with no results. So, if you are not sure you can double check where the problem may be. If you cannot come up with a solution, you may need to ask for a professional to come and have a look.

Clogged kitchen sink help:

Just like mentioned earlier, when there is nothing else you can do, you need to get professional assistance. A professional will come to your place and help you with the clogging problem you are having in your kitchen sink. He will easily identify where the problem is and what has caused it. Also, once he will have it fixed, he will give you a few tips in order to avoid a possible clogging issue in the future.

Clogged kitchen sink tips:

If you want to avoid future clogs in your kitchen sink, you need to maintain it. There are a few things that you can do in order to maintain your sink effectively. We can give you a few tips in order to avoid a clogged kitchen:

  • Wipe the pots as much as you can before you put them in the sink.
  • Always use hot water in order to wash or rinse your pots.
  • Use your garbage disposal only when is necessary and not every once in a while.
  • By doing those, you will be able to extend the time for your kitchen sink to get clogged.

Clogged kitchen sink youtube:

If you are not sure about how something is done, fixed or how the situation may look like, you can always check the youtube. On youtube, people are sharing their experiences every day. Also, you can see step by step how a kitchen sink can get unclogged. You may find the right thing that you were looking for in order to have your clogged kitchen sink fixed.

Kitchen sink clogged cost:

Fixing a clogged kitchen can be costly. It always depends on how big is the problem you are having, how long time it will take and what needs to be replaced. If you would like to know more about pricing, you should contact us. We will give you the best service you are looking for at the best price.

Cleaning a clogged kitchen sink:

If you have a clogged kitchen sink and you wanna have it looking like brand new, to need to clean the pipes from underneath properly. If you will be using the right methods to do that, you will be having the drain in your kitchen sink working like is brand new. However, to do that you may need to put some effort into that. You need to remove the pipes and clean them properly before you will reinstall them.

Unplugging a clogged kitchen sink:

So, in order to clean the pipes in your clogged kitchen sink properly, you need to unplug them. Before you do anything, you need to make a fast drawing of how the pipes looked like and also take a photo with your phone. You can easily unplug the pipes by twisting reverse-clockwise the rings that are mounting the pipes and pulling them. Also, when you will be putting them back together, you need to apply Teflon tape. By doing so, you will give extra isolation to the connections.

Kitchen sink clogged black water:

When you will be unplugging the pipes you need to be prepared. There will be water inside the pipes. that will come out.  Also, it will be black stuff stuck on the inner walls of the pipes and strong odours. Therefore, the best thing is to place a large empty bowl under the drains. This is for the reason to collect the water that will come out from the pipes once you opened them.

Clean a clogged kitchen drain:

Just like mentioned earlier, the best way is to disconnect the pipes in order to clean them properly in your clogged kitchen sink. Once you have them unplugged, you can use an elastic strong brush and together with some good degreaser, clean the pipes inside properly. In this way, you will be able to make the pipes under your sink looking like brand new. With this happening, it may take a while before you will have to worry again for a clogged drain in your sink.

Clogged kitchen faucet repair:

Have you noticed something not right like before with your faucet in your kitchen sink? Is the water not coming out with the same pressure as it used to? That means that something may be inside the faucet in your kitchen and is causing a clogging problem. Therefore, these can be the reasons your kitchen faucet is having low water flow:

  • The water supply at home is low. There may be some works on your main water supply and you are having low water coming from your faucet. You can double check it by opening the rest taps in your house.
  • The faucet’s aerator is clogged.
  • The faucet’s hose is clogged.
  • The faucet’s cartridge is clogged.

Read further to find out how you can fix your clogged kitchen faucet.

Clogged kitchen faucet aerator:

The aerator is located in the last part of the faucet where the water is coming out. The faucet’s aerator is controlling the water flow and also it filters the water coming out from the main pipes. However, dirt and hard water can block the aerator’s holes with a result to be clogged. The water flow will be decreased and you need to fix it in order to have like before. This is nothing complicated to do by yourself and it may take a few minutes. All you have to do is use a pair of pliers in order to unscrew it. Once you unscrew it, use a needle or a thin metal cable to unblock the pipes in your kitchen faucet. Rinse it well in order to remove whatever has come off and put the aerator back on its place. The water flow in your faucet should be back to normal.

Clogged kitchen faucet hose:

Another reason why your kitchen faucet is clogged is because of the hose. The hose is connected underneath the faucet at the base of the sink. Before you do anything further, make sure you cut off the water supply in your faucet. After you have done that, unscrew the hose that connects to the faucet. Open the water supply into a bowl in order to see if there is no problem with the water coming out. The usual place where it can be clogged is right at the place where the faucet is connected to the hose. Make sure you clean it properly and reconnect the hose back to the bottom of the faucet.

Kitchen faucet clogged cartridge:

Another reason why your kitchen faucet is clogged is that the cartridge is broke. The cartridge is located inside the faucet right where the handle is located. You can access it by removing one Allen fitted screw from the back of the faucet. By removing the handle and the sprout of the faucet, you can finally get access to the cartridge. Check the cartridge if is just dirty and needs cleaning. You can use a small brush to clean it through nicely. However, if by cleaning the faucet will be still clogged, you need to replace the cartridge. Before you buy a new one, take the old one with you in order to get an identical one. Otherwise, it will probably not fit in your kitchen faucet.

Clogged kitchen sink in mobile home:

Having a clogged kitchen sink in your mobile home will be not that complicated to have it fixed. This is because the pipes are too short in your mobile house. Also, they are more narrow than is a normal house. With that taking place, having clogging issues with your sink should be a big surprise for you. However, the main area that will be more often clogged will be right under the sink. Therefore, using a plunger or baking soda with vinegar will do the job just fine.

Was this article helpful with your problem in your clogged kitchen? If you still have questions on this matter, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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