Fix clogged drain

We know how important it is to fix a clogged drain as soon as possible. Have you ever thought how many problems you can have when any of the drains have been clogged? There are a lot. Any clogged drain you have is not something you can ignore. Everybody has experienced issues from a clogged drain in a sink, that the water will stay in and you will be not able to clear it, to a clogged washing machine drain, that will cause a flood in the whole room. It will just cause more problems if you will ignore it so, you may need to have a look at it. Do you want to try it yourself? We will give you easy help and tips, so you can try to sort it out by yourself.

Fix a clogged drain

Does the landlord have to fix the clogged drain?

So you are a tenant and you have drain issues. Since you are a tenant, first thing what you do is to contact your landlord for the problem you are having. But is it really up to him to get it fixed for you? It always depends on the situation. If the issue you are facing is up to the disposed stuff by you down the drains, like pieces of food, hair that went down the drains, or something that has accidentally fallen, then is up to you to get it sorted. It is usually nothing complicated, so you have nothing to worry. If on the other side, the problem you have with drains is due to the appliances provided by the landlord, or the installed drains that after time are causing a problem, then the landlord is responsible of fixing it. If you are sure, the best thing to do before contacting the landlord is to check your agreement. It should be mentioned clearly there.

fix a clogged drain

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Fix clogged drain without chemicals:

Everybody thinks that by pouring strong chemicals down the drains, will guarantee that the pipes will be unclogged and the problem will be sorted. But do you know how strong those chemicals can be? Just think that incorrect use of them will cause serious health problems to you. In the best case, if something will go wrong that will be destroying the surface you have applied the chemical on. Do you want to risk it, or try different ways which will be much easier and safer for you?

Home remedy clogged drain fix:

Have you ever thought what kind of stuff you got available at home and they will help with the clogging problem you are facing? There are a lot of methods when you can have a clogged drain fixed. Some of them are simple as pouring coke or baking soda, using a plunger or a water snake in order to fix your clogged drains.

Fix a clogged sink drain:

Have you got a clogged kitchen sink? That is because the grease and food disposals have gone down the drains and is clogging them. By using a plunger, you should be able to fix it. Let through hot water down the pipes and they should be unblocked. If this doesn’t work you can try the baking soda and vinegar method. By pouring them down the sink and leave them to work, everything that has been built up should be able to come off and your water flow be back to normal.

Quick and easy drain fix:

Most of the times, you want to have the drain unclogged as soon as possible. You have no time to play around and have a deeper look inside. The fastest way of doing that is by applying pressure on the drain. If you have a plunger available, your life will be much easier. Once you cover the drain hole with the plunger, move it up and down, so the things that are blocking the water flow will be moved from their place and the water will be drained. However, this drain fix is only temporary.

Baking soda and vinegar to fix clogged drains:

Another way to fix clogged drains is by using baking soda and vinegar. In order to use the baking soda more effectively, you need to have the water drained. Once the water has been drained, pour down the hole baking soda. Then, pour down the drain vinegar. Soda and vinegar will cause a chemical reaction, that will destroy the stuff that is causing your drain to be clogged. To use this method on its highest effect, leave it like that overnight before pouring down water.

Coke to fix clogged drains:

Have it comes to your mind to use coke to unclog a drain? It will work, but many people will just prefer to drink the coke instead of pouring it down the drains in order to unclog them.

What you need to do, is pour down the drain around a pint of coke. Let it sit for around an hour in it and then pour down the drains boiled water. With the hot water’s help everything that was clogging the drain and got removed with the coke’s help will be completely removed. So, do you want to try it out next time when your drain has been clogged?

Quick fix shower drain:

When taking a shower, hair from your body fall and they follow the water flow going down the sink. Combined with soap it will clog your shower drain. The simplest way to fix it, it is by removing the hair from the drain hole in the water shower. Do it regularly, so it will prevent further issues.

Fix a clogged bathtub drain:

The pipe in a bathtub is narrower than a shower. It is more likely to be clogged cause of body hair. In order to fix it, you need to unscrew the bottom the metal on the hole in the bathtub and remove as much hair as possible. Let hot water to run, so whatever is left to go down the sewers.

Fix clogged shower standing water:

On the clogged shower standing water case, you need to remove the lid on the floor in the shower. You may need a screwdriver for this job. Once removed, have a look inside. It must look horrible. In order to remove all the stuff that blocking the water flow, you can use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

Fix a hair clogged drain:

Have you got a drain clogged and is full of hair? It is very common when people with long hair are living in the house. The hair cannot be decomposed, but they are getting stuck with fat from your body and combined with soap, they get stuck and cause your drain to be clogged. In order to remove them, you may need to disassemble the place where has most likely the biggest amount of hair, which is usually right under the drain hole. Once the hair has been removed, the problem is solved.

Fix clogged bathroom sink drain:

The bathroom sink is also sometimes getting clogged. When you are washing your teeth and your face, that will not usually cause problem. The main issue is coming when you are shaving and rinsing the razor down the drain, which is very common. In most of the bathroom sink is something that you can plug the hole by pressing it. This also works as a trap, where most of the hair will get stuck. Remove it and throw all the hair in the bin.

Fix a clogged toilet drain:

The water in the toilet doesn’t drain? It is very common to happen. But when this happens you need to know what to do. If the water in the toilet has been drained halfway, you need to add a bucket of water to fill it fast to the top. The water pressure should help the stuff that clogs the toilet go down the sewers. If this doesn’t work you need to use a plunger. By covering the hole with the plunger, press it down and lift it up two to three times. This should be able to unclog the toilet drain. If you cannot unclog the toilet in any of those both ways, you may need to ask for professional assistance.

Repair clogged refrigerator and freezer drain:

Every refrigerator has a defrosting system that automatically drops the temperature down and is causing all the ice that has been built up to melt and be removed from the refrigerator. In the past with the old refrigerators and freezers, you had to empty them, unplug them and leave them to defrost. Once defrosted, clean them nicely plug them back in and wait for them to cool before putting the stuff back in.

If you have ice building up all the time, that is a sign that the drain has been clogged. You need to have a look at the back of the refrigerator/freezer where the engine is. What is most common to get clogged is the end part of the pipe, where a gum valve is. This is where the water that has been defrosted is coming out dripping in a place looking like a pan in the bottom of the refrigerator. You have to simple unplug and clean it as much as you can. Is a good idea to soak it in a bowl of hot water and degreaser for a few hours before cleaning it. Once you cleaned it put it back on and this should have fixed the defrosting problem you were having.

Fix clogged dishwasher drain hose:

Is your dishwasher not draining the water? That means that something must be blocking in the pipes. Check where your dishwasher is connected with the main drain that goes down the sewers. Once located, disconnect it from there and check where the problem may be. It is usually coming from the pipes that are under the sink. By using a water snake you will be able to unclog them. Connect the dishwasher back with the pipe and test it. If the problem continues you may need professional help.

Fix a clogged washing machine drain:

Are you doing the laundry and suddenly you realise that the whole place been flooded? Well, that is a problem that needs to be sorted as soon as possible. It may be possible to be clogged in two places. The first one is the pipe that leaves the washing machine, which if it is clogged then the water doesn’t drain at all and you need to replace it. If it is fine, then the problem is down the drains. The only way to be able to unclog it is by using a water snake. By using the water snake down the drains you will be able to remove whatever is inside the drains and cause you a problem with not being able to use the washing machine.

Fix clogged ac line and repair drain hose:

One of the best things to get you cooled at home during the summertime is having an air condition. At some point, you may see overflowing water, which is caused by the line that is clogged. In order to repair the problem, and will be safe for you to use, the best thing to use is a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. It will be able to absorb all the water and whatever was inside the drain line that caused you a problem. Once done that the problem should have been sorted. In order to prevent that from happening, you can use bleach. On the pipe that goes the water which is overflowing you will see a pipe pointing upwards with no lid. By pouring down around a pint of bleach once in a while when you notice that something may start causing clogging, you will be able to avoid water overflowing problems.

Fix clogged gutter drain:

The gutter drain, known also as downspout drain, collects all the rain from your house roof in a drain and pours it down to the sewers. However, especially during the autumn season, leaves will fall down the drain and will block the water flow. When you are having a problem like that, rainwater will be leaking(overflowing) in different places of the drain. What you need to do is simple. Get a ladder and remove the leaves from the drains. If you will ignore it, it can make the walls of your house soaked, which will cause you bigger issues.

Fix clogged French drain:

A French drain is a drain that takes the water coming down from the rain, through the downspout drain and leads it to the sewers. It is also known as drain tile or perimeter drain. At some point, you may see that the water doesn’t get drained at all. What you need to do in order to fix it is to get a good and long water snake. You need to put it down the drains in order to remove the stuff that clogs the drain. There are usually leaves that came through the downspout and have got stuck. Repeat the same thing few times in order to make sure is unblocked properly.

Repair clogged drain pipe:

Depending on where the pipe is located, you may be able to fix the problem. The visual pipes, like the ones under the kitchen sink, are easy to be disassembled in order to have a deeper look inside. In the case that you need to replace the pipe, you will be easily able to do it, by unscrewing the pipe that needs changing and replacing with a new one. Other pipes, like the ones underground, will be not easily unclogged or repaired by you, since you may not possess the right tools in order to do it. Want to give it a try? Use a water snake then down the pipe that needs unclogging to see if you are able to do it yourself.

Fix clogged drain vent:

Have you noticed in the whole house that the water is draining slowly or making bubbles? That is because the drain vent that leads usually on the house roof has been clogged. Depending on how high your house is, it will be a hard challenge for you to do it. The reason is that just by pushing whatever is in there will just make it worse, so you need to pull them out. Another reason is that since you don’t know what place has been clogged, you may not be able to reach it with a home use water snake.

Fix clogged basement floor drain:

You have no problem at home and you go to the basement. You see water on the floor so where can be the issue. If everything looks fine and you have water in the basement, that means that something is not right with the water that is going out. The basement is located in the lowest level of the house, so this is where the water will come right up. Since it will be very hard for you to identify where the pipes have been clogged, you may need professional help. They have much better tools in order to identify and have it sorted for you. Until then a good thing to do is try to use as less amount of water as you can, so you will not make the whole basement flooded.

Fix clogged main pipe drain:

If you are having drain problems in your whole house while the drain vent is fine, that means you have serious problem with the main drain pipes that go down the sewers. This is a very challenging job that requires special tools, with cases that need to dig the ground in order for the main pipes to be fixed. A plumber company will be able to make a full diagnosis also on the pipes and make replacements if necessary. If you want to try it yourself, where are you going to start looking for the problem down there?

Fix clogged septic drain field:

Have you thought how your septic drain field works? All the water that goes down the sewers it goes through a septic tank. Once leaving the tank it goes through special pipes and naturally it leaves them after some time and becomes natural fertilizer for the soil. In what cases the septic field can be clogged? Well, if you haven’t emptied the sludge from the septic tank for a long time, that sludge will go through the pipes and clog them. How to fix them? It is not something that you can do by yourself. You need to get a company to pump through your septic pipes. Another and very good solution is by using living worms down the septic system. They will be able to clean the sludge in there and keep the pipes clean for as long as possible.

How to fix a clogged patio drain:

Have you got a pool at home? It is very annoying when the channel on the patio doesn’t drain at all. It is, of course, depending on how narrow the channel is. The more narrow is more likely to get clogged. In order to unclog it, you need to lift the place where you noticed that has been clogged and clean the channel.

How to fix garage drain:

A garage drain has been designed in order to collect the water when using the garage on rainy days. It is less likely to get clogged, unless it has been designed to narrow. To unclog it you need to remove the lid from the channel and by using a long and hard object (like a broomstick) move whatever is there and is causing the clog down the sewers.

How to fix a clogged ac line:

When you notice weird sounds when using your air condition, it may be because the line has been clogged. You can unclog it very easily even if you are not a mechanic. By using a water snake inside you will be able to remove whatever is clogging your air condition system.

Cost of fixing a clogged drain:

For more information about how much the fixing of a clogged drain will cost, contact us, and we will help you out on your request.

Has this article helped you on how you can fix a clogged drain? If you still have questions on this matter, contact us. We will be happy to help you with the problem you are having.

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