Sewer smell: the cause and the solution of nasty sewer odor!

All information you want to know about sewage smell

What does sewer smell exactly mean?

Sewer smell is always annoying to experience. It is extra when you expect visitors on that day or guests in your restaurant. The air from the waste water can be experienced as unbearable and anyone who has ever had to deal with it understands that too well. No one is waiting to be confronted with the smell of faeces from the sewer.

the identification of the cause of the sewage smell

A catering establishment can miss out on sales as soon as there is a sewer smell. Customers will soon be looking for another place to spend the time. We are regularly called to ask if we can come by urgently. Fortunately our team is always ready to provide emergency services.

On this page we have described a number of important aspects about sewage smell for private individuals and companies. Here you will also find a number of frequently asked questions that we have answered. With this information you will be well on your way if you want to collect information on this subject as a precaution and if you want to make sewer smell disappear as quickly as possible.

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Table of contents

General information about sewer smell:

The cause of sewer smell

Sewer smell is in most cases caused by a defect in the sewer system. This defect can consist of a blockage or breakage. In both cases, the situation is that the sewage can reach the surface, causing unpleasant odors.

If the problem cannot be found in your own sewer system, the nuisance is most likely caused by the neighbors’ premises.

It can happen that when you return from vacation, there is suddenly a sewer smell present in the house. This is because the sewer system has not been used for some time, as a result of which the water has stood still in the sewer pipe. When there is warm weather you will notice that the sewer smell occurs earlier in this case.

The effects of sewer smell

The consequence of sewer smell is that there is a nuisance, because nobody likes to be in a sewer air. Your neighbors can also suffer from the sewer smell and therefore it is important to ensure that the underlying cause of the problem is solved as quickly as possible.

Sewer smell can occur suddenly

When there is a weak spot in the sewer pipe, there will come a day that this place will crack. The sewage water then spreads at a rapid pace and it is inevitable that you will come into contact with the nasty sewer air.

Sewer smell due to heat

Due to the heat, the water in the sewer system can evaporate and the unpleasant odors end up in the air. This type of sewer smell is present in all types of buildings and does not have to be a cause for concern. The flushing of the pipes in the house usually helps, but you may not have this option when the sewer smell is in the general hall of your apartment building. In consultation with the manager, you can see if there are possibilities in this area if the nuisance becomes too severe.

Sewer smell after rain

Once it has rained, it is the task of the sewer system and the drain to drain the water mass. However, this is not always without problems. Certainly not after a heavy rain shower. The sewerage can, for example, only process a limited amount of water per hour. Too much water leads to flooding with all its consequences. After rainfall, sewer companies and the emergency service of the municipality are active to be able to solve sewer problems as quickly as possible.

The gooseneck in a trap

Many people do not know that there is a special piece underneath the sink to prevent sewer smell: the siphon. As soon as there is a problem with the aeration of the siphon, its function will be lost and you will be in direct contact with the waste water in the sewer system.

the gooseneck of a trap

This is one of the most common causes of sewer smell that we can solve for you quickly.

Sewer odor trap

In most sewers, a stench trap is present to prevent you from coming into contact with nasty sewer air. When there is a problem with this part, this almost immediately causes a nuisance.

If you do not have a stench trap yet, it is best to have a sewer specialist come by to perform the required work. A stench trap is in fact indispensable, but it is not found in all buildings. Old buildings in particular do not have this essential valve.

The importance of venting with sewer smell

Venting plays an important role in the prevention of sewer smell. Venting the sewage system ensures, among other things, that the sewage water does not come up from the sewage system. Moreover, it helps to ensure that waste water can flow away without any problems. If there is a problem with the vent, it is inevitable that you will have to deal with sewer smell in the house.

A number of tips that you can implement yourself

Before you contact a sewer company, it is useful that you check a number of things first. We are happy to give you some tips that make it possible in some cases to solve the sewer smell yourself.

1. Flush all pipes in your building for 5 minutes.
2. Ask the neighbors whether they are also experiencing sewer smell, because their problem may be due to their sewage system.
3. Open the siphon (this is only suitable for people who are technically skilled) and check whether water is present. As long as the water level is correct, you are sure that it is not due to a defective siphon.
4. Check whether the aeration of your sewer system is blocked. If you have access to the aerator of the sewer system, you can open it and check for blockages. Dust or other dirt (such as grease) can often be easily removed. Once you have cleaned the aerator (with all-purpose cleaner, for example), attach it again.

Sewer smell at different locations:

Sometimes the sewer smell is not found everywhere in your house, but only in certain places. Often this location is close to the source of the sewer smell and perhaps the sanitary facilities present are the cause of the smell because there is a defect in the sewer or drain pipe. When one first experiences a sewer smell in the house, it is thought that the sewer smell will disappear after a day. It may be that the sewer smell disappears for a day, but that it returns shortly afterwards due to certain factors. After a few days, someone usually calls in help, since then all the house, garden and kitchen supplies have been tried to make the sewer smell disappear without any lasting results.

Sewer smell in the shower

The shower is used daily by one or more people and the water in the shower room can only be drained away through a drain with a small diameter. Clogging can occur and, moreover, the shower drain uses the same main drain as the kitchen. This way, bad odors can arise.

Sewer smell in the bathroom

The bathroom has the most sanitary fittings in your home and the risk of blockages and sewer air is, therefore, greatest in this room. To be sure where the sewer smell is exactly caused, an inspection can be carried out on site. In a modern bathroom with sufficient space, a bath, toilet, shower and sink can be present and all drains must be checked.

Sewer smell in the toilet

The toilet is by far the most frequent cause of sewer smell in the house. This is also not surprising because of the faeces that are washed away here and the direct connection to the sewer system. Sewer problems are almost always accompanied by sewer smell.

Sewer smell from the drainpipe

As soon as the drain pipe drain is clogged, this can lead to sewer odor. However, it can also happen that the drainpipe has not been used for such a long time due to drought that the air rises directly from the drain.

remedy sewer smell from the drainpipe

This usually happens when it is hot and the water can evaporate. If it is possible for you to reach the drainpipe, it is best to pour some water into the drainpipe during these times. This keeps the risk of sewer odor limited.

Sewer smell outside

This can be caused by the neighbors’ premises or, for example, by a nearby sewer well. In a number of cases, there is a problem with municipal sewerage. As soon as you have been in contact with your neighbors, it becomes clear whether you should contact the municipality.

Sewer smell from the meter cupboard

The meter cupboard is usually located at a place where many pipes come together. It is therefore not strange that you suffer from sewer smell as soon as there is a sewerage problem. As soon as you notice that a sewer odor is coming out of the meter cupboard, it is advisable to call in a sewer specialist immediately.

Sewer smell by the washing machine

When washing textiles, more dirt is released than you might think. Over time, grease and oil residues attach more and more to the inside of the drain pipe. When the washing machine is not being used, the dirt can give off bad odors. The discharge problem must be solved to get rid of this air. Possibly there is even a blockage somewhere in the pipe, as a result of which the water does not drain properly. In the worst case, there is a break in the drain. In any case, contact a specialized company as soon as the sewer smell lasts longer than a day.

Sewer smell at the front door

The hatch of the crawl space is usually located at the front door and that is precisely the location where most sewer and drain pipes come together. Leakages from sewer systems can be detected relatively easily in the crawl space, since there are then sewer flies and you cannot escape the sewer air.

Sewer smell from the crawl space

The pipes of the sewer system are usually located in the crawl space of the building. As soon as a leak occurs, the wastewater causes a terrible smell in no time. If you suffer from a sewer smell in the house, it is therefore best to immediately inspect the crawl space. Do you notice that there is water in the room? Then the crawl space must first be pumped empty. We can also assist you with this.

When treating the crawl space, it should also be checked whether there are moisture and mold spots on the walls, as this can also cause a musty odor. If you want to do the treatment of these places yourself, then there are various means available.

Sewer odor at the central heating boiler

If you smell strange odor at the place where the boiler is located, this does not necessarily have to be sewer odor. It can even be dangerous if a certain smell is hanging here because this can just be a gas smell! Our advice is therefore: do not first investigate yourself but call a resume specialist as soon as possible. Our plumbers can also be of service in this case.

Sewer odor in the kitchen

The sink in the kitchen is intensively burdened with waste disposal every year. Even if you pay attention, it can happen that harmful substances accidentally end up in the drain pipe. Over time, therefore, definitely caked remains are visible on the inside of the kitchen drain. This can have unpleasant consequences, of which sewage odor is an example. By having the drain cleaned professionally, this problem will soon be a thing of the past.

Sewer odor in the attic

In a number of cases the aeration comes out in the attic and that has consequences as soon as the aeration does not work properly. Certainly, when you sleep in an attic room it is terrible to stay in this room with sewer smell. Fortunately, we can help you in this situation because our emergency service is available 24/7 throughout the Netherlands.

Frequently asked questions about sewer smell:

What can you do to prevent sewer smell?

Everyone gets to deal with sewer smell. Fortunately, you can do a lot to minimize the risk of sewer odor.

Make sure that you regularly run all the pipes in your house through with water. Sometimes a second toilet in the house is seldom used, but we recommend that you flush the toilet at least once a week.

You could choose to have the sewer system cleaned regularly by a professional company. This way the pipe can be sprayed under high pressure and you prevent blockages.

Make sure that you flush as few things as possible that can lead to blockages and can cause damage to the sewer system. As soon as there is a defect in the sewer system, this problem can get worse over time.

preventive inspection of the dishwasher drain

Fat is a substance that you should flush as little as possible through the sewer and drain. The fat will adhere to the inside of the pipe so that the flow of water becomes less and less. When the pipe is not used, the residues present can cause an enormous smell.

You should also avoid sharp objects in the pipeline at all times (not even wrapped in toilet paper, for example). The inside of the pipe is very delicate and the passage is also not suitable for rejection. The risk that the object sticks is very high. A scratch in the pipe is the start of a weak spot that ultimately turns out to be the basis for a break, which means that sewage water can seep through the opening.

The sewer smell problem can sometimes occur regardless of the precautions you take. In the unlikely event that you are faced with this and you do not know exactly what to do, you can always contact us.

Is it the responsibility of the landlord to remedy sewer smell?

It depends on what is stated on your subject in your lease contract. We, therefore, advise clients who rent the property to always approach the leasing party first about this, because you may not have to pay for the costs yourself.

We know from experience that leasing parties usually have already entered into partnerships with local sewer companies that are ready for you as soon as this is necessary.

Does it ever happen that you cannot find out the cause of the sewer smell?

As soon as it has been determined that the cause of the sewage smell cannot be found in your building, a number of options remain. To find the cause, it is important that the expert has access to all locations on site. We sometimes experience that the neighbors are not at home at that time, so that an appointment is scheduled later to find out the cause.

Is it possible to have a sewer smell test carried out at the weekend?

If you indicate this in advance, this is possible as long as there is room for it in the planning. We understand that because of your work you do not have time to meet during the week (it is also possible to meet in the evening).

Does it take a long time to remedy sewer smell?

That cannot be said in advance, because there can be many different causes for the sewer smell. A number of causes can be remedied in a short time (within 30 minutes), but if the sewage smell is caused by, for example, a break in the pipe, a repair must be carried out that can take just one day.

How do you determine the cause of the sewer smell?

We first carry out a sewer inspection at your location. We can use a sewer camera and / or a smoke machine.

Can an investigation into the cause of sewage smell be carried out at all times?

We offer a 24-hour emergency service for individuals and companies. As long as the sewer system is easily accessible for us, the investigation can also take place at any time. You should keep in mind that the solution for the sewage smell is sometimes not available immediately after the examination, because parts may be required that must first be purchased or ordered before the repair can be completed.

construction pipes

If the cause of the sewer smell appears to be a sewer blockage, we can, of course, be of service immediately since the service buses are equipped with all the equipment required to remedy blockages (regardless of where the blockage is located).

What does a sewage smell investigation cost?

You can assume that a sewage smell test costs between € 100 and € 200. The amount is influenced by the number of meters in your sewer system. The greater the distance, the longer the on-site expert is busy inspecting the inside of the sewer pipe.

Is sewage smell harmful to health?

There may be harmful substances in the gases that lead to sewer smell. It is therefore not advisable to wait too long before solving the sewage odor problem.

Sewer smell is often a symptom as a result of a larger underlying problem. Wastewater can lead to sewer flies and mold formation, which can have very adverse health effects.

Our service staff is always there for advice on health consequences.

Can I call on the municipality to remedy the sewer smell?

If you explain the situation to the municipality, an inspection will be carried out at the most at the municipal sewer (the main sewer system). It offers you no guarantee that the sewage smell will be remedied, because the problem may just as well be present in your building or that of the neighbors. The municipality does not conduct the inspection where it falls outside the responsibility.

Help, I want to sell my house and there is a sewage smell in the house. What can I do?

In the situation that you expect potential buyers for your home, it is extra undesirable when there is sewer smell. Do you immediately call in a specialist in this case? Then in most cases, you can make the sewer odor disappear on time.

Are there options for masking the odor from the sewage smell?

There are many remedies with which you can make the odor more pleasant. You can find this type of product in most supermarkets.

PowAir rioolstank maskeerproduct

A number of well-known brands are shown below. When you click on one of these brands, you can view the available products on the manufacturer’s website.

Have a sewage smell repaired by a professional company:

Have you tried anything without success?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We regularly resolve sewage smell at private individuals and companies and it is therefore not something you should be ashamed of.

The importance of experience in a sewer smell investigation

Finding out the underlying cause of the sewer smell is a piece of cake for the sewer specialist. Since there can only be a limited number of causes of the sewer smell, our service representative already knows what the cause is in 9 out of 10 cases without having to use a machine.

The benefits you experience when you have a specialized company do a sewer smell investigation:

  • All the necessary research material is available.
  • Options for performing a recovery such as: unblocking or replacing the sewer system.
  • Years of expertise ensure that the cause is determined in a short time.
  • You can expect that the sewer smell will go away the same day once the work has been done.

From the cause to the solution in a short time

The sewer specialist on-site can quickly remedy the sewer smell based on years of experience and the latest equipment. Afterward, it is best to let the room air through properly. The use of an air freshener in the home is also not a superfluous luxury.

Do you always solve the problems with sewer smell?

We guarantee that the cause is always determined. However, it is possible that the source of the sewage odor is not in your building. In that case, it is necessary that we have access to your neighbors to remedy the problems. We know from experience that this should not be an obstacle in good consultation, as the neighbors are very happy with our assistance in such a situation.

Make an appointment to fix the sewer smell?

As with any sewer problem, we understand that you prefer to solve the sewer odor the same day. Of all the problems, sewer odor is certainly one of the most annoying things to experience, because it is sometimes even impossible to stay in the building as long as the odor is present.

Emergency service is available to both consumers and businesses.

We offer a special emergency service to help individuals and companies in the Netherlands as quickly as possible. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long does it take for you to arrive?

We are usually present within 2 hours to remedy the sewer smell. Of course, we must take into account the traffic on the road and the planning for the day.

Do you have any questions about sewer smell?

We try to tell as much information as possible in this article. If you still have some questions about this subject, you can always reach us by phone and by email.

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