Sewer problems: the cause and the solution of sewer problems!

All the information you want to know about sewer problems

What exactly do sewer problems mean?

Sewer problems occur when the sewer does not function properly. The sewer problems manifest themselves in forms such as blockages and sewer smell. Anyone who has to deal with sewer problems is severely hindered when working in the building. In extreme cases, such as a flood caused by a sewer blockage or a break in the sewer pipe, it is sometimes not even possible to stay in the building.

an excavated sewer pipe to be able to determine the sewer problem

All types of sewer problems are described in this article. Every sewer problem is provided with a number of tips that you can use to try and solve the problem yourself. By providing images with as many defects as possible, we hope that you will be able to notice the symptoms of a sewer problem in time so that a suitable solution can be offered quickly.

The cause of a sewer problem cannot always be determined with the naked eye. Fortunately, there are a number of tools with which the cause can be made clear. Over the years, the machines for carrying out a sewer inspection have become increasingly sophisticated. A number of these inspection methods are listed on this page.

Anyone who has to deal with a sewer problem has a lot of questions. The most frequently asked questions are answered on this page by a sewer specialist. Hopefully, you can avoid the consequential damage of sewer problems as much as possible. Of course, the question and answer section can also be used to prevent sewer problems, because there are enough recommendations to keep the sewer pipe in optimum condition.

Most individuals and companies that are confronted with a sewer problem call in the help of a sewer expert. You can always contact our company to find out the cause of the problem and to realize a sustainable solution for your specific sewage problem as quickly as possible.

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General information about sewer problems

Sewer problems with private individuals

The living pleasure in a home is largely determined by the operation of the sewer system. Being able to use the toilet, the shower or the sink without problems is generally taken for granted. Until suddenly the toilet is clogged and everything is overflowing. Then you are suddenly confronted with the indispensable sewer system.

a clogged toilet is a common sewer problem

A sewerage problem regularly occurs with private individuals. It is inevitable that you will have to deal with it once. No matter how well you maintain the sewer pipe, every pipe has to do with wear. A pipe can last more than 50 years and in old houses, the pipes are usually at the end of their life.

In addition, the material used for the sewer pipeline is important to determine how often maintenance is needed to minimize sewer problems. In a number of cases, there is no alternative but to replace the old sewer pipe with more durable material.

Sewer problems at companies

The sewage system is used more intensively by companies than by private individuals. As soon as a sewerage problem arises, the consequences are generally greater at companies, since it will cause staff and customers a nuisance and it will be difficult for the company to stay open. In fact, it may be better to stay closed when, for example, the company is a restaurant, because sewer problems can result in bad reviews.

People generally handle the sewer pipe at home better than anywhere else. In extreme cases, the toilet is even deliberately crammed with too much toilet paper, so that a blockage occurs. We regularly encounter situations like these at cafés.

Fortunately, the risk of sewer problems can be limited if companies regularly call in a sewer company for periodic maintenance. That is still cheaper than the loss of turnover caused by a sewer problem.

Sewer problems at authorities

A sewerage problem at a care organization creates extra work pressure and nobody is waiting for that. Confused people sometimes flush everything through the sewer pipe that does not belong there. This creates blockages and even sewer fractures. The risk of sewer problems is high in the service industry. Most parties therefore conclude a maintenance contract with a sewer company to reduce the risk.

What kind of sewer problems are there?

The hindrance that can be experienced by a sewer pipe that is not functioning properly is very varied. Below you will find a number of common sewer problems.

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Sewer smell

As soon as a sewer pipe is blocked or torn, the wastewater no longer flows into the sewer system properly. This entails unpleasant consequences such as a sewer smell. This nasty air will linger as long as the defect is not remedied.

Dissolving the sewage smell is not an easy job to do yourself. The equipment and expertise that are required are crucial to making the sewer smell disappear forever. Usually, a sewer expert must come to the site to find out the cause of the sewer smell and to solve the problem professionally.

Sewage breakage

A crack in the sewer pipe can arise in many ways. Tree roots are often the culprit. The roots are so powerful that they effortlessly pass through PVC pipes. In this case, there is no alternative but to have the sewerage repaired. The easiest way for you is to call in a sewerage specialist so that you can be sure that the problem is resolved quickly. In such cases, the sewer system is first dug up, after which the broken part is replaced.

Sewer blockage

Sewer blockage is by far the most common sewer problem. Sewer clogging can occur in many ways.

Causes of a clogged sewer

A clogged sewer or drain can become a nightmare and therefore it is important to ensure that you maintain good piping. If you have a certain type of sewer problem, it is important that you tackle this problem as quickly as possible. Whatever you do, don’t postpone the solution to the problem. Waiting can make the problem worse than it actually is. To deal with a clogged sewer, you must first know the things that can cause a blocked sewer. A number of them are described below.


One of the first reasons you need to know is fat. When washing dishes or clothes, things like grease, hair, and foam can find their way through the drain. It is difficult to avoid these things because it is part of daily life. This sewer problem does not happen suddenly, but instead, the blockage occurs over time. The fat begins to accumulate in the sewer and it begins to collect other things such as hair, dirt and food particles. After a while, you will discover that your sewer is clogged.

Tree roots

Another reason for a clogged sewer system is trees and in particular the tree roots. If trees have been planted near the sewer pipe, chances are that the roots will grow deep in the sewer. As the roots in the sewage system begin to grow, they will impede the flow of water and waste. Removing the tree roots from the sewer is a difficult process and in some cases, you may even have to replace the sewer pipe completely.

Tree roots have the habit of going wherever they can find water because that is essential for survival. The sewer system contains a lot of water and there is a good chance that different tree roots will try to penetrate the sewer. Although that may be good for the tree, it will be devastating for the sewer system. Sometimes the tree roots can even crush the sewer pipe and the amount of damage it causes depends on how quickly you identify the problem.


One of the most common reasons for a clogged sewer is an object that has fallen down the drain. If you live with young children, one day you will have to deal with this problem. Children have the habit of throwing small objects down the drain and over time these objects can completely block the sewer. As soon as these foreign objects find their way down the drain, they can also collect other remains, which can make the blockage worse.

The above options are the most common causes of sewer blockages. By following the advice of the sewer specialist and having the sewer system regularly maintained, you reduce the risk of blockages considerably.

Sew flies

When your sewer is torn, the wastewater flows into the (crawl) space. With a small leak, it sometimes takes months before the consequences become noticeable for you. You will probably have to deal with sewer smell first, which does not have to be constantly present, and sewer flies that can develop optimally under the circumstances that wastewater is present and sufficient heat (which is emitted by pipes).

It makes little sense to use pesticides against the sewer flies because as long as the sewer problem is not solved, the sewer flies keep coming back. Our team specializes in repairing sewer pipes so that the sewer flies quickly become a thing of the past. As soon as the sewer repair has been carried out, the sewer flies often disappear completely after a few days.

Bubbling noises from the sewer system

When you hear bubbling noises from the sewer system, this can have a number of reasons. In most cases, it is a blockage. It can happen that when you flush the toilet, the drain in the kitchen starts to bubble. There is nothing else to do but let the drainpipe be unclogged.

However, a bubbling sound from the pipe may also indicate that a problem has arisen with the aerator. In this case, it is best to hire a specialist to analyze and solve the problem.

Construction errors

When analyzing the inspection results, it is possible that a construction error is detected. The sewerage system is by no means always installed by people with the required expertise. As a result, the wastewater cannot flow away effectively and all kinds of sewer problems can occur. A construction error can only be corrected by replacing the part where the error is located.

the tracing of a construction fault in a sewer system

Determining the cause of a sewer problem

First it is important that the underlying reason for a sewer problem is made clear. Various inspection methods are available that can be applied depending on the type of sewer problem. When there is sewerage congestion, the experienced eye of the sewer expert on-site is usually sufficient to determine the cause.

For more complex sewer problems, use can be made of:

A sewer camera

With a sewer camera, the inside of sewer pipes (and also drain pipes) becomes visible on a screen. In this way, large, but especially small, defects in the pipe can easily be recognized. The advantage of a camera inspection is that you can also see what the problem is. A sewer camera also offers the possibility to show the video clip to an insurance company or to your landlord. In view of the claim settlement, this is therefore not a superfluous luxury.

Smoke detection

When special smoke is blown into the pipe, it is possible to detect the smallest cracks. The smoke flows out through the crack on the outside of the pipe so that the location where the damage is located is visible to the naked eye.

The smoke machine that is required for this inspection method can be found at most sewer specialists. It is a device that is often not owned by private individuals due to the high purchase costs.

Do you want an expert to perform smoke detection? Then please contact us

Prevent sewer problems

By using the sewer pipe properly, sewer problems are avoided as much as possible. Only flush out items for which the sewer pipe is intended and have an expert carry out periodic maintenance. In this way, you are on time when sewer problems are likely to occur and you are always provided with the correct advice about the use of the pipes in your building.

Periodic maintenance

You can compare your pipe maintenance with your car that is regularly checked for defects at the garage. Can you continue to use the pipes without worry? Then approach a sewer company to conclude a maintenance contract. This way you can be sure that periodic maintenance takes place, whereby the pipes are thoroughly cleaned. The risk of sewer problems can be considered minimal under these circumstances.

Although periodic maintenance is currently most common among companies, more and more private individuals are committed to a well-maintained pipeline system. You can always contact us to receive more information about periodic maintenance.

Proper use of the sewer pipe

It is by no means known to everyone how the sewer pipe should be used correctly. Fat residues should be placed in the waste bin as much as possible. A dishwasher removes the fat from your pans, but the fat will stick to the inside of the pipe.

Over time, the drain pipe will become more and more closed, resulting in drain problems such as a blockage. Periodic (preventive) maintenance is, therefore, the only way to keep the pipe in proper condition.

Have risk areas inspected

The risk of sewer problems is mainly determined by the use of the toilet and the kitchen sink. A sewer specialist knows better than anyone what state the drain and sewer pipe are in. A sewer camera and a smoke machine can be used for inspection.

Inspection when you move into a new home

An inspection of the sewer and drain pipes taking place prior to the purchase of a home may save you high costs. How annoying is it if you first have all defects in the sewer pipe resolved after you have bought a house? This can sometimes amount to thousands of euros that you can better spend on renovating the house itself. We offer a special inspection service for parties who intend to purchase a home. The results lead to great satisfaction among potential buyers because an inspection report creates a fairer negotiating position. It goes without saying that if defects are found that were not mentioned in the property description, this leads to a lower selling price.

Having an inspection carried out is, therefore, an investment that in many cases more than pays for itself!

An inspection report can of course also be prepared if you intend to purchase a business premise.

Feel free to ask us about the possibilities in this area.

Frequently asked questions about sewer problems

We are regularly asked questions about sewer problems by telephone and e-mail. To help you get started, a number of frequently asked questions are listed below that are provided with answers from the sewer specialist.

What should I do once I have identified a sewer problem?

If you have the impression that you cannot solve this problem yourself, it is advisable to call in the help of an expert. The sewer problem can then be solved as quickly as possible and consequential damage is prevented or remains limited.

Where can sewer problems lead to?

Sewer problems can lead to a nuisance in the broadest sense of the word. Depending on the type of sewer problem (as you could read earlier in the article), the consequences vary from not being able to use the toilet to nasty sewer air, so that you would rather not receive your visit at the property.

If a flood or leakage has occurred as a result of a sewer problem, it can have consequences for the floor, walls and your belongings. Mold may even form on the walls, causing you to have stale air in the house. It is terrible if your dear possessions are damaged as a result of the flood since the items are often not recoverable afterward. So many possessions are lost every year. After reading this article you are wise to put the items in a safe place as much as possible. By placing the objects off the ground, for example on an elevation, a lot of misery can be prevented in most cases.

Is a sewerage problem harmful to health?

The consequences of a sewer problem can be harmful to health. The aforementioned mold formation on walls can spread in the air and can, therefore, be inhaled. This can lead to allergic reactions and in extreme cases can even be fatal. Always contact a doctor if you suffer from (sudden) symptoms such as stuffiness and make sure that you make an appointment with a sewer specialist for an inspection to take place.

When sewer flies are present, this can also have a negative effect on health, because the sewer flies bring bacteria from the sewer and these bacteria can end up in your food and drink.

Can I fix a sewer problem myself?

If you have a blockage you can try to solve the blockage in the pipe with hot water and soda. Flush the pipe several times in succession. In many cases, the water continues to flow better and you can use the pipe again without any problems.

try to fix a blockage yourself

With other types of sewer problems, you can usually not apply the solution yourself, due to the required equipment and expertise. Then it is best to call in a professional party to solve the problems.

What is the procedure for sewer problems?

  1. First, identify all the symptoms of the sewer problem.
  2. Determine if any issues have been flushed in the pipeline that could cause problems. Record the cases that constitute a risk.
  3. Contact a sewer company and explain as clearly as possible what the problems are.
  4. A sewer specialist comes to your site to carry out an inspection so that the sewer problems can be solved as quickly as possible.
  5. After the problem has been solved you will receive advice on how to properly maintain the sewer pipe.

Have a sewer company remedy sewer problems

Every day thousands of sewer problems are discussed in the Netherlands with private individuals and companies. In most cases, a specialized sewer company is involved to remedy the defects in the pipeline.

The benefits if you have an expert fix the sewer problems

  • You can often use the sewer pipe again without problems the same day.
  • The solution that is offered is effective and sustainable.
  • A sewer expert uses safe materials and machines.
  • You receive a standard one-month warranty on the work (unless, for example, there is root growth or a construction defect where the pipeline has not been repaired by us).
  • A solution for all types of sewer problems is available 24/7.

Years of expertise in the field of sewer problems

With more than 15 years of experience in the sewer industry, you get the experience that is needed to permanently solve sewer problems. Determining the cause of a sewer problem is a piece of cake for our sewer experts.

The latest techniques for solving sewer problems

Every year the machines are renewed so that the work can always go as smoothly as possible. Only the best brands are purchased by us so that quality and safety are always guaranteed.

Available for rush orders

The sewer system is indispensable in the home. Without a good sewer pipe, it would be difficult to live comfortably in a house. The piping system consists of an extensive connection of drains and pipes. One of the most important components of any sewer system is the main sewer system. This is because it is the main sewer task to remove all wastewater from the house. If the sewer system starts to experience problems, you may experience a sudden change in your routine that is never welcome.

If you notice that there is something wrong with the sewer pipe, it is best to call a plumbing service immediately to make sure that the problem can be solved as quickly as possible. Many people want to solve their problems themselves, but it is not always possible. This is because the sewer is not easily accessible and you need a few different types of tools and equipment to solve the problem.

The costs for remedying sewer problems

If you want to know what it costs to have a certain sewerage problem solved, it is best to contact us via the telephone number below. In a number of cases, it is possible to give a price indication in advance, but it may be that we first have to come on-site for inspection. For example when you want to have a repair carried out.

Sewer problems can be solved throughout the Netherlands

Thanks to the national sewage service that we offer, you can be sure that a solution to a sewer problem is always close by. Usually, an employee can be at your site within two hours.

the equipment inside the work bus

Contact a sewer specialist directly?

Then wait no longer and call us on the telephone number below. We ensure that you can use your sewer pipe again carefree the same day.

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