Leaky water heater?

We all know the importance of water heater; especially in winter season when it’s too cold outside home, and you just arrived to your home and need to take your hot shower. I know how much disappointment you would feel if you noticed some leaking in your water heater, however do not be afraid if you are one of our company’s customers.

leaky water heater

We are there to fix a leaky water heater.

Your water heater will be fixed

Please do not worry about such leaky water heater, we know how much it’s important for you, thus we will run to fix it for you. Once we receive your notice about your leaking water heater, we will send you one of our plumbers who will examine it and determine the reason behind this leaking in addition to how much it effect you, then our plumber will deal with it promptly and fix it all. At the final stage some tests will be done in order to make sure that everything is in order. One more point, our plumbers are expert in all kinds of water heaters, so do not worry if you have uncommon brand of water heaters.

24 hours availability

As we mentioned before, we do understand how urgent such matter for you, that’s why we are always available to receive your requests throughout our 24 hours / 7 days customer service. We always aim to meet your expectations.

Leaky water heater

Once you notice any leaking in your water heater, just contact our company.

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